Thursday, April 16, 2015


N Chandrasekaran, CEO and MD

FOR Q4 FY 14-15

Strong customer additions, holistic growth
helps TCS take market leadership in FY15;

Investments in Digital, Platforms , Automation provides ideal growth springboard for FY16

§ Annual revenues at Rs.94,648crore; up 15.7%; CC 17%
§ USD Revenues of 15.5billion; up 15 % Y-o-Y

·Q4 Revenues at Rs.24,220crore up 12.4% Y-on-Y & (1.1%) Q-on-Q; 1.6% CC Q-on-Q
·*Q4 Net Profit at Rs.5,773crore up 7.7% Y-on-Y & 8.4% Q-on-Q

Annual Highlights for 2014-15

·*PBIT (before Other Income) at `25,311cr
·Volume growth at 16.95%
·Gross addition: 67,123employees
·Net addition: 19,192employees
·Total employee strength: 319,656
·*EPS at Rs.111.87
·Total Dividend at Rs.79per share including proposed Rs.24 as Final Dividend

Highlights for 4thQuarter 2014-15

·*PBIT (before Other Income) at  Rs.6,439cr
·Volume Growth: 1.42% Q-on-Q
·Gross addition: 14,395professionals
·Net addition: 1,031employees
·Attrition rate: 14.9% LTM
·Utilisation Rate (excl trainees): 85.4%
·Utilisation Rate (incl trainees): 81.5%
·*EPS at Rs.29.47in Q4 from Rs.27.20 in Q3

*Figures are excluding One-time Special Employee Reward of Rs.2,628 crore in Q4; 

Commenting on the performance in 2014-15, N. Chandrasekaran, CEO and MD said:“We are living in a world where technology is not just becoming integral to business but to our daily lives. TCS is playing a leading role in this ongoing revolution, helping our clients navigate and leverage Digital to help grow their businesses. Our deep relationships with our customers, our domain expertise and strong rigor in operations have helped us continue to show growth leadership in FY15.” 

Looking forward to financial year 2015-16, Mr Chandrasekaran added : “We have laid a strong foundation for growth in FY16. Our investments in Platforms, Digital and Automation are gaining traction with clients and together with our market investments in USA, Europe and Japan, we are upbeat that the coming quarters will bring more opportunities to partner with customers across multiple industries. We remain focused on remaining relevant to our customers, our employees and the community.” 

Rajesh Gopinathan, Chief Financial Officer, said: “We have maintained our profitability in a challenging operating environment, where currency has been a strong headwind for some time. Despite these and other macro challenges, our goal has been to support business growth while ensuring we continue to invest in a calibrated fashion for the future.” 

There was holistic growth across markets and industries during the financial year. Europe led growth in major markets, while UK and North America continue to grow in line with the company average. All major industry verticals grew in double digits led by Retail, Manufacturing, Life Sciences & Healthcare and BFSI during FY15.

Human Resources

: “During FY15, we have trained and integrated over 67,000 professionals who joined and with business demand continuing to be robust, we have made 25,000 offers on engineering campuses for trainees who will join us from the second quarter of the new fiscal year.” said Ajoy Mukherjee, Executive Vice President, Head, Global Human Resources. 

“Our attempts to build a next-gen organization that is social, mobile, engaged and collaborative continues at great speed and we are extending the model of using social and platform based collaboration tools to connect with students from colleges across India and globally.” 

TCS also crossed the milestone of employing over 100,000 women in FY15 with gender diversity of 33% as well as 122 nationalities represented in its global workforce.

 Innovation and Intellectual Property:

As of March 31, 2015, the company has applied for 2277 patents including 173 applied during the quarter. Till date, the company has been granted 206 patents.

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