Sunday, September 28, 2014




The conviction awarded in the case of Ms.J.Jayalalithaa and the subsequent events in Tamilnadu  underscore many important aspects of India’s Political system.

i.           People tolerate corruption – because there is no alternative. They choose the lesser evil all the time. If they have a non-corrupt, Efficient, unifying leader – they will certainly choose him, like in the case of Narendra Modi at the Centre. Modi was chosen by the people, precisely for throwing out a corrupt Government, which was dividing people will all sorts of secular, communal debates. Modi is now clearly seen by all the people as the Most secular , Unifying Politician in India.

ii.         JJ stands convicted; but almost nobody believes that she is THE MOST CORRUPT POLITICIAN in Tamilnadu. Most people believe that many other politicians should have been behind bars for corruption, long, long ago. Why are they still FREE? Why is the system so inefficient? People wonder.  Many people also wonder that the Judgment has come long after the corruption case started and especially when JJ was governing reasonably well.

iii.        I do not agree with many things that Dr.Subramaniam Swamy says and does; but, I do agree with the cases he lodges against corrupt Politicians. Painfully, he picks and chooses – probably on personal or political basis; He must pick on MOST CORRUPT basis impartially. I also agree that we need more Lawyers and investigators like him. Kudos to him for sending shivers down the spines of many corrupt Politicians.

iv.       How did CBI succeed against JJ when so many other Politicians are still being only investigated? We wish CBI to be faster and efficient in all cases involving Politicians. We also wish Judges to be much faster in cases involving Politicians. In this respect, all kudos to John Michael Cunha, the special Court Judge.  We don’t want to see corrupt Politicians becoming CMs, Governors etc – and then being punished as in this case. The country needs clean governance. All states need clean Governance. We want to see spotless people occupying the top Political posts.

v.         Did the Special Court Judge over-step, under-step or right-step? The High Court and Supreme Court will now sit in Judgment ,on this question. Probably JJ will come out on bail. Probably , the punishment will come down. Probably, the case will now drag on for decades again. Or it may also be decided in the Higher courts expeditiously. All possibilities exist. Jethmalani and Subramaniam Swamy may have their opinions but each of us can have our own opinions on all these aspects.

vi.       Personally, what I feel is, in all such cases, assets got through corruption should all be confiscated by Government and sold through auction. This should be the UNIFORM RULE IN ALL CASES.

vii.     There was no Jethmalani before John Michael Cunha. There is no John Michael Cunha beyond that Special Court hearing JJ’s case. Who will argue against JJ now in the Higher Courts? Will Politics matter in his selection? Who will be the Judges hearing the case? All actors will change now. While TRUTH will not change, all perceptions about it also will change – one way or the other. Time will tell.

viii.    People must demand for speedy trial and speedy Judgments in all cases involving Politicians. If Political leaders are corrupt, the whole country will be corrupt. The Supreme Court must come down heavily on DELAYS in all such cases.

ix.       We don’t want corruption at the level of Ministers. We don’t want it at the level of the Police Constable. We don’t want it at any other intermediate levels. Right now – corruption exists at all these levels.

x.         Modi at Madison Square was speaking for Clean Ganga as the best Gift to Mahatma Gandhi. I say, a clean, corruption-free India will be the best Gift to Gandhi. Let the war on corruption start from the schools. Let the young Minds become steeled against Corruption. Then, corrupt elders will change. Let there be war on corruption at all levels.

xi.       Bharat Mata ki Jai !  (a la Madison square)

Thursday, September 25, 2014


If Not This...What Else ...
To Appreciate??

(2 Great news to appreciate)

There are some Great news which the whole world applauds. Like the Mars Orbiter Mission. India has done it in the first attempt ! And, in a fraction of the cost that other nations spent on such Missions to Mars !


And to all others who facilitated this great Triumph of Indian Science and Technology.

We also wish ISRO many more of such extraordinary achievements in the days to come. 

ISRO should be more famous and more effective than NASA and any other Space Research Organization.

There is yet another heart-warming News which should be a Trend setter and Fore-runner in India.

Hanumangarh District and sessions Court has completed the trial and awarded LIFE SENTENCE to a rapist within 15 days of the start of the trial. The rape occurred on August 26th. The accused, aged 65 was arrested on August 27 for raping a 2 year old Child. The charge sheet was filed on August 29th.The case first went to a lower court and then was transferred to the District sessions court on priority basis on September 9. It appears, daily hearings were held and the court awarded the sentence on Wednesday (24 Sep). – as per News.

If this is the speed and Seriousness with which the Police and Magistracy approach rape cases, the confidence level in public mind about the Police and Magistracy will certainly rise sky High. 

It is a New record as of today; but we wish that Police and magistracy all over India will take this as the Norm and work towards wiping out this heinous crime towards our women-folk in India.

Our Gratitude and thanks to all the Police personnel and the Magistracy who achieved this record.

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