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Acts and Rules and their implementation must be Pragmatic and marching ahead with Times.

If they stagnate ,they become dogmatic.Actually, every Rule and every Act must be subjected to thorough review once in 5 years. They will need change - to march with changing times and conditions.

This is not happening in India.

Look at the way, the Election code is getting implemented. Some times, it is bordering on the ridiculous. Some times, it is too lenient. some times, it is too Harsh. Some times appropriate.

We can't blame individuals enforcing the election code or the polling code - if the code itself has stagnated for decades. Yet, some pragmatism should prevail.

Some years ago, when there were assembly elections in Tamilnadu, somebody captured Rajnikanth casting his Vote inside the booth. 

And, the Media took up and said - Rajnikanth voted for a particular party and thus embarrassing the Actor. If I remember right, the Actor had then said, no I voted for some other party. But, as far as I remember, the Election Commission, at that time, did not invalidate Rajnikanth's vote and did not penalize the persons who capturing his voting or the media who showed it.

Now, Shri Chandrababu Naidu is understood to have said that he voted for his party for the assembly elections and for BJP, which is his ally, for the Parliament Elections. The News is, the EC is likely to invalidate Naidu's vote. This, to my mind, looks ridiculous. Who, on earth, does not know that this is how Naidu would have voted - unless he had suddenly gone mad after entering the Polling Booth?

Dr.Manmohan Singh, Sonia Gandhi, Priyanks Vadra, Rahul Gandhi , Digivijay Singh, Mr.Chidambaram have all voted for Congress - unless they too had gone mad suddenly - after entering the Polling Booth. Likewise, Advani, Jaitley, Sushma and others of their Party had voted for BJP - unless (again) something happened to their brains on entering the Polling Booth.

These are plain, transparent, simple, honest Facts. These were their well Known Positions and not something New. I don't think any of these worthies can deny that this is the factual position regarding their voting. 

Who on earth does not know that this is their voting pattern? How will that influence some other X or Y to change his decision?

How can anybody think that these statements would influence others and make them change their own, already decided, Voting pattern? And, Naidu has only said, this is how, I have voted. 

It is up to others, for whom they would vote. Do we think that KCR and Jagan (or any of their followers) would have suddenly changed their mind and voted for TDP?

Also, let us, for argument sake, assume, 1 lakh partymen of X political Party wantonly, falsely and OPENLY say that they voted for Y political party; Will the Election Commission invalidate 1 Lakh votes polled for Y Political Party? is this not ridiculous to go by OUTSIDE SPOKEN WORD, when the vote itself was cast in SECRET?

It was OK and sensible to prevent the Press and Media from conducting surveys and declaring the results before Polls. These can certainly influence Polls in many ways. But, to say that party leaders should not say that they have voted for their party - is plain ridiculous - and to invalidate their vote is meaningless. These rules should change.

Likewise, Modi voted and went back from the Booth. At a far away place, press people meet him impromptu and ask him questions. Election commission is not preventing the press and Media from meeting leaders and televising their statements. I think, all the Press and media should have been prevented for 3 days - the previous day, the Polling day and the next day - from airing / writing any views of any political leader. 

The Election commission did not do that - which was the most effective and practical way of implementing its election code. 

Modi may have taken off the Lotus symbol from his shirt or Pocket during the impromptu press conference. The Media is particularly highlighting the symbol, just to embarrass Modi. Then, whose fault is it? The Media who have highlighted it immediately all over India should have been gagged. They should have been ordered not to telecast 'anything' for next 3 days. Then the election code gets implemented. 

Otherwise, how can you prevent Lotus symbol from being everywhere. It is there everywhere as of today - not just in the hands of Modi. If everywhere it is there, why it should not be in Modi's Hands in a private place? The press and Media must adhere to the code and not Televise it. If they violate the code, why Penalize Modi?

Can we say, that day, there should be No Lotuses in any Pond or in any Market?

Somebody's symbol is CAR. He and all his party men come only in CAR, vote, and then leave in a CAR, going all through the city, displaying their CAR. Are they not showing their Party symbol to the entire town and even within 100 metres of the Polling Booth?

Somebody's symbol is CYCLE. They all come on CYCLES only on polling day - even if they all own cars. Then, they go back after voting, pedalling their CYCLES all through the city. Have they not violated the Polling Code?

One Party's symbol is the 'Hand'. All of their leaders are prominently showing their Hand Just like the PARTY SYMBOL just outside the Polling Booth - AND  NO ONE can mistake their obvious reference to their HAND SYMBOL. They are showing the HAND as the SYMBOL to all those who are in the Queue - for voting. Many of their Party men are doing it, not just leaders.

Were there no JHADUS even inside any of the Polling Booths? If so, Why was the Election commission showing a Particular Party symbol to all Voters inside the Polling Booths?

Was nobody showing the HAND SYMBOL inside the Polling Booth?

How can Election commission slap FIRs on one and not do so on the others who have shown their Election Symbol right before the Polling Booth!

The Election commission has done nothing to leaders who called their opponent party leaders as Butchers and Saitans. Is there no Election Code applicable to them?

All this looks a little odd - all these things which must change.

This said - out of all actors in this Election Fray - it is the Election commission, which, despite some omissions and commissions, emerges as really clean and efficient. Its hands need to be strengthened. But, the Election code itself needs thorough revamp.

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Secularism and communalism are two much abused words in Indian Politics. Some people are abjectly communal. Some people are strictly secular. Some people are strictly secular but are much maligned as communal - merely because, they are the greatest source of strength of the party they are in. Some people are abjectly communal but project themselves as secular. These people should be called communal and not by other names such as pseudo-secular etc. These terms are not understandable at all for common people.

The two national Parties, Congress and BJP both,  have secular and communal elements. But, BJP gets branded as communal often. Partly, BJP itself is responsible for this mess. There are a few in BJP who support the inclusion of Mandir Construction as a cultural Agenda in its Political manifesto. There are one or two such insane items in its Political Manifesto under a so called cultural agenda. Why can't BJP see that these are insane things and they reflect a strong suicidal instinct on the part of the BJP and the Sangh Parivar.

In respect of Governance, Most BJP Governments have proved themselves to be head and shoulders above their Congress rivals - even in respect of religious matters. But, Governance also involves keeping wagging loose tongues in check. 

Ms. Umabharati , even before getting elected, shoots out her tongue - to put in Jail Robert Vadra. She didn't speak of legal action, legal procedures and due process of Law - but only of putting him in Jail. Arrogance of authority must not come even before authority comes. A Saffron clad person must be much more balanced than all others in making such statements. Mr. Giriraj and a few others make highly provocative statements which are clearly indefensible. VHP's Togadia is as usual uttering whatever comes to his mouth. Most Hindus I know resent these provocative statements. BJP must issue stern instructions to these hardliners to keep their minds and tongues in check. Not only that; they must be made to make peace overtures to the same people against whom they are issuing such statements.

At the Helm, Narendra Modi, Rajnath Singh and Jaitley seem to be battling out the negative effects of these loose tongues. The recent Interviews from Modi - are Highly impressive. They reflect a real, statesmanlike attitude on the part of Narendra Modi. The interviews from Rajnath and Jaitley are also impressive. I wish to see similar interviews from Sushmaji as well.

With all this happening, yet, in my view, Narendra Modi needs much greater support from Rajnath Singh, Arun Jaitley, Sushma swaraj in countering the so called anti-muslim Image of Modi - being assiduously built by Congress and some of its supporters,to trounce the BJP. Their strategy is simple. If Modi's Image is dented, BJP suffers. It will be left friendless. Congress seems to be succeeding in this to some extent.

This is partly due to the lackadaisical support from other BJP stalwarts to Modi in battling out this Image-Damage. They should have and should - even now, come out strongly in support of Modi's secular credentials and how he will take care of Minorities much better than Congress and its cronies.

I have been following Modi's public utterances and public actions for the last 3-4 years myself. In my view, Modi has been the MOST SECULAR LEADER in India all these years up till now. I have not an iota of doubt in this.

But then, a small skull cap has been blown so much out of proportion by Congress - and they will do so - as long as Modi gives them the opportunity. There are good reasons for not wearing the skull cap. I agree. Will the Muslim leader offering him the skull cap, be ready to wear Tilak or Vibhuti if offered to himsimultaneously? This is Logic. The Muslim leader may not, though I wish both Modi and the Muslim leader must agree to do it, reflecting excellent brotherhood thereby. But, what if Modi wears the cap - even if the Muslim leader does not - if only to silence his critics? 

Some times, to do or Not to do - is not decided by logical reasoning alone but by emotional reasoning as well.

I am a strong supporter, admirer and Fan of Modi; but,I would suggest to all in BJP to look at the emotional, even if illogical reasoning, that has been taking a toll on Modi's Image and correct it neatly, Gracefully and skillfully. Small things are becoming Image builders and Image destroyers as well.

If the MOST CORRUPT  government will stage a come back again, in some disguise, BJP will have to blame itself for allowing such small, silly lapses and small Ego issues. BJP can and must correct these things - even if Election is mostly over.

BJP needs it. The Nation needs it.

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Granules India Limited - RESULTS - For - Q4 FY 14 and FY 14 - Impressive Performance - Net Sales up 43% in FY 14; Net Profits up 131% in FY 14;



Granules India Ltd has delivered excellent results for the quarter and year ending March,2014.
Highlights for FY 14

Net Sales Rs.1096 Cr; an increase of 43% compared to Rs.764 cr in FY 13.Net Sales was Rs.318 cr in Q4 FY 14 against Rs.204 cr in Q4 FY 13 and Rs.284 cr in Q3 FY 14.

EBITDA :Rs.163 cr; an increase of 87% compared to Rs.87 cr in FY 13

PBT :Rs.112 cr, an increase of 143% compared to Rs.46 cr in FY 13. The same was Rs.33.2 cr in Q4 FY 14 against Rs.18 cr in Q4 FY 13 and Rs.33.6 Cr in Q3 FY 14

Net Profits :Rs.75 cr; an increase of 131% compared to Rs.33 cr in FY 13.The same was Rs.23.63 cr in Q4 FY 14; against Rs.12.41 cr in Q4 FY 13 and Rs.21.8 cr in Q3 FY 14.

Basic EPS :Rs.37.20 per share compared to Rs.16.21 in FY 13. The same was Rs.11.68 in Q4FY14; against Rs.6.18 in Q4 FY 13 and Rs.10.80 in Q3 FY 14. (against Face value of Rs.10). 

If Q4 EPS of Rs.11.68 is annualised, it will stand at Rs.46.72. At the current Market price of Rs.315.25, the Price Earnings Ratio will stand at just 6.75 which leaves good scope for price appreciation.

Paid up Equity is Rs.20.28 cr and share of public holding is 51.14%.

Q4 Sales amounts to Rs.317 cr, its highest revenue in a quarter., 55% higher than Q4FY 13 – and it marks the sixth consecutive of Higher Sequential Sales.

Consolidated Q 4 Net Profit surged 90.33% to Rs 23.62 crore on 55.33% growth in total income from operations to Rs 317.47 crore in Q4 March 2014 over Q4 March 2013.

The Net profit Margin improved by 261 basis points to 6.9%.

Granules India has recommended a final dividend of Rs 3.50 per share for FY 2014. 

Revenue growth Pattern : 

On a standalone Basis, the finished dosage business contributed the largest share of Revenue  at 35% while PFI and API contributed 33% and 32% respectively. 

In addition to strong Revenue Growth, profitability margins expanded in the fiscal year. EBITDA grew 87% to Rs.163 cr in FY 14. The margin expanded 345 basis points to 14.8% During Q4 FY 14, the EBITDA Margin was 16.2%, the Highest for the year and an improvement of 227 basis points as compared to the corresponding quarter in FY 13.

The growth in FY 2014 was driven by strong performance across all manufacturing facilities including the company's Chinese JV. The primary growth driver in FY 2014 was led by the company's commercialization of its PFI and Finished Dosage expansion at the Gagillapur facility. The company improved utilization in the newly expanded facility throughout the year and expects to continue improvement utilization in the future. In addition, the API facilities continued to increase production which contributed to strong sales, the company said in a statement. 

Commenting on the company's financial performance, Krishna Prasad, MD, Granules India said, "The past fiscal year was exciting for Granules. We were able to increase sales while improving profitability due to our relentless focus on delivering high-quality material at a cost-effective price. We believe our product portfolio offers compelling opportunities and we will continue to strengthen our leadership position. In addition to growing our core business, we have been looking at opportunities to diversify our sales by leveraging our core competency of efficient manufacturing. In FY 2014, Granules made its first acquisition by purchasing Auctus Pharma. The acquisition of Auctus fits into our strategy of being a fully integrated manufacturer while diversifying our product portfolio by adding high-value products with significant market demand. In the short-to-midterm, we will focus on selling APIs from the Auctus portfolio to customers in the regulated markets. Over the long-term, we will add value by offering finished dosages from select APIs in the same portfolio. While we're certainly happy with the progress we made in FY 2014, we have our eyes toward the future. We will continue to strengthen our model and build systems that are sustainable as we continue to scale-up". 

Granules India has recommended a final dividend of Rs 3.50 per share for FY 2014. 

On a standalone Basis, the finished dosage business contributed the largest share of Revenue  at 35% while PFI and API contributed 33% and 32% respectively. 

In addition to strong Revenue Growth, profitability margins expanded in the fiscal year. EBITDA grew 87% to Rs.163 cr in FY 14. The margin expanded 345 basis points to 14.8% During Q4 FY 14, the EBITDA Margin was 16.2%, the Highest for the year and an improvement of 227 basis points as compared to the corresponding quarter in FY 13.

About Granules India Ltd :

Granules India is a fast growing pharmaceutical manufacturing company with world class facilities. The company produces finished dosages (FDs), pharmaceutical formulation intermediates (PFIs) and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). 

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TIME TO CHECK TONGUES - And Bring UNITY - Modi,Rajnath must speak more on Unity



& Bring UNITY 

Many people, including me, are fascinated with Modi. I have listened to what Modi says in many of his speeches. He is extremely reasonable and straightforward. More than 12 years he ruled Gujarat as its CM, but he was not vindictive towards his political opponents or any others. 

When Congress and some others were carrying on severe Political and moral vilification campaign against him, he went on administering the state as well as he could and paid no heed to criticism. 

In principle, this is good, but, I always felt, that undue criticism must be met head-on. Just criticism must be heard and respected and thanked for – this is what Bill Gates Used to say. Even Unjust criticism must be heard – but must be countered. 

My reason for this is – before Truth can just get up and stand, untruth will go round the whole world a hundred times. It is more true in respect of India and in respect of some Political Parties and their cronies in disguise.

Speaking untruth, creating rumours, spoiling a person’s public image and such other things are precise means – by which these parties have been beating their Opponents with. And, it has worked in the past and there is no reason why it will not work in future. It will. Modi’s public Image was spoiled considerably only because of such devious tactics of others.

The only negative image on Modi is his stance on Muslims. Modi has of course amply clarified the Position in many interviews. And, his position is extremely satisfactory – in my view.

Yet, as I earlier said, Untruth has travelled round the world a thousand times. Therefore, wearing of all other caps – but not the skull cap, is unnecessarily spoiling his Image. India is a pluralistic country and Muslims are the Biggest Minority. No doubt, Modi has Governed Gujarat very impartially – and will do so in respect of India too.

But, there are other angles. In the whole world, Hindus are the most secular – and this is what I very strongly believe. Adi Sankaracharya , when he found the Saivaites and Vaishnavites quarreling – and these were the only two major religions in India at that time – he openly ridiculed both and said – Yeko devah Kesavova Sivova – Sivaya Vishnuroopaaya, Vishnurppoaaya namah Sivah. He said, God is one – call him by any name. If in Sankara’s times, the names of Allah and Yehovah were known in India – he would have included those names also in his slokas. He was one of the most broad-minded and realistic Hindus ever born in India.

India is a land of such Broad-minded people. It won’t allow a skull cap to come in between the Unity of People. 

I do think the following method must be adopted to silence this controversy.

In open meetings – Hindu and Muslim leaders, who are respectful of each other’s religion, must come forward and in presence of all, the Muslim leader must adorn the Hindu leader’s head with the skull cap and the Hindu leader must adorn the Muslim leader’s face with a beautiful Tilak. 

Will it happen? Some Moderate Muslim leaders must come forward for this also -  otherwise, the feeling that Muslims want only Hindus to be secular and they themselves won’t  want to be secular – and won’t be interested in Unity will be there in the minds of many.

Reality is that many Muslims are willing to be as secular or even more secular than any others. I have seen Muslims participating and assisting in Hindu religious festivals. Hindus participate actively in Muslim religious festivals. This already existing spirit of Unity must be carried forward – to bring people together. Even if religious heads frown, a hundred Hindus with skull cap on their heads and a hundred Muslims with Tilak on their foreheads should stage a ‘FLAG MARCH’ in their towns and forge bonds of unity. This will be a Great Message to the world at large – even if it is only symbolic. General Public want to be secular. But, initiative must come from leaders of both sides.

If a Muslim is offering a skull cap to a Hindu, he must be willing to accept a Hindu symbol from the Hindu also. And, vice versa. Personally, I wish, this process should start in some small way somewhere – just anywhere will do.

After these symbolic Gestures, or simultaneously, another process of giving less importance to symbols and more importance to real friendship should also start IMMEDIATELY at the same inter-religious meets.

Most BJP leaders have come more than HALF WAY (much more than that) towards Muslims. It is time for Muslim leaders to respond likewise, instead of harbouring unnecessary suspicions. Unity can only happen if people meet. Skull caps and Tilaks are not important for Unity. But, friendship and mutual respect is. All of us need them. India needs them. India needs to show other countries how people can remain united and how religion need not be a hurdle to humanism.

So, wherever possible, BJP leaders, like Rajnath Singh and Modi must come forward, to build these Bridges. Both of them can do it in the best possible way. They must. The unseen ICE must melt.

This said, away from religious unity, there are also other matters. Political atmosphere today is most vitiated. Many people do not follow or respect, in their speeches, the basic Rights of others. 

One leader says, I will cut up Modi! One leader says, some people should go to Pakistan. One leader says, we will Jail Vadra if we come to Power. This leader obviously doesn’t care for any due process of Law. Words such as revenge find free flow among all Parties. This is Election time and Election commission is looking at and must look at all these things. But, after Elections what? Who will discipline all these people?

The leaders should. They should do it now. Yes. Vadra’s deals are not above Board. But then, DUE PROCESS OF LAW was never there in respect of him. What Congress Government did in respect of Modi was too, too, too much beyond the DUE PROCESS OF LAW. It was vindictiveness. It was vilification. It was sheer misuse of political clout and administrative powers. 

But, Modi has very clearly said – he will never adopt vindictive attitude towards any political opponent. That is the right thing to do. He and Rajnath singhji must publicly impress on others also not to use such intemperate language at any time. This amounts to arrogance of Power – even before Power has come. The top leaders must also impress on other leaders to strive actively for religious Unity.

While BJP has mellowed a lot and will mellow a lot more under Modi and Rajnath – some Hawks are there and this is my emphasis that, these Hawks must change their ways. No one must be allowed to come in the way of UPTO GRASS ROOTS LEVEL religious Unity. Positively putting it, the very same hawks, along with a few Moderates, must be given the task of bringing such Unity and be held responsible for it.

No one is born in a particular religion, or particular caste or place by his own volition or Option. Muslim is a Muslim by an accident. Hindu is a Hindu by another accident. Ditto for Christians, Sikhs and all others. We didn’t choose our parents, sex, colour, place of birth, date of birth or anything at all. We are an accident. 

But, being good, compassionate, loving, helpful, truthful, trustful – is our personal choice. If you are not that, to whichever religion you may belong, you are not going to any heaven, nor can you live happily on earth. 

Hatred doesn’t take you to heaven. Love does. Wearing Saffron clothes or skull caps is not an insurance cover for going to heaven, or, for living happily, on earth. I heard that in a certain country, bill Boards like “ we,...., are all going to heaven. Are you missing out?” are there. Nothing can be more ridiculous than this.

Siva,Vishnu, Allah and Ehovah – whatever other names are there for the almighty must be laughing at this ridiculousness of people.

=Sarve Janaah Sukhinobhavanthu



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RESULTS FOR Q4 & FY 2013-14

TCS strengthens global market position in FY14; Growth momentum continues; 

Ø  Annual Revenues up 29.9% at Rs.81,809 crore
Ø  FY14 Net Profit at Rs.19,164 cr; up 37.7% Y-o-Y
Ø  Q4 Revenues at Rs.21,551cr up 31.2% Y-on-Y &1.2% Q-on-Q
Ø  Q4 Net Profit at Rs.5,358cr up 48.2% Y-on-Y & 0.5% Q-on-Q


Ø  Total Income Rs.81,809 Cr (Rs.62,989 cr in FY 13)
Ø  Total Expenditure : Rs.56,656 cr(Rs.Rs.44.949 cr in FY 13)
Ø  Profit Before Taxes : Rs.25,402 cr (Rs.18,090 cr in FY 13)
Ø  Net Profit Rs.19,164 cr (Rs.13,917 cr in FY 13)
Ø  PBIT (before Other Income) at `23,803 cr
Ø  Volume growth at 17.39%
Ø  Gross addition :  61,200 employees
Ø  Net addition: 24,268 employees
Ø  Total employee strength: 300,464
Ø  EPS at Rs. 97.67 ( Rs.70.99 in FY 13)
Ø  Total Dividend at  Rs.32 per share including proposed Rs.20 as Final Dividend

Highlights for 4th Quarter 2013-14

Ø  Total Income Rs.21,551 Cr (Rs.16,430 cr in FY 13)
Ø  Total Expenditure : Rs.14,862 cr(Rs.Rs.11,813 cr in FY 13)
Ø  Profit Before Taxes : Rs.7,023 cr (Rs.4,751 cr in FY 13)
Ø  Net Profit Rs.5,338 cr (Rs.3,616 cr in FY 13)
Ø  PBIT (before Other Income) at `6,314 cr
Ø  Volume Growth : 2.59% Q-on-Q
Ø  Gross addition: 18,564 professionals
Ø  Net addition: 9,751 employees
Ø  Attrition rate: 11.3% LTM
Ø  Utilisation Rate (excl trainees): 83.8%
Ø  Utilisation Rate (incl trainees): 77.9%
Ø  EPS at Rs.27.27 in Q4 from Rs.27.20 in Q3FY 14 & Rs.18.46 in Q4FY 13

Commenting on the 2013-14 performance, N. Chandrasekaran, CEO and MD said:
“We have delivered strong growth and strengthened our competitive positioning in the market. We have maintained our momentum, improved our quality of growth, deepened our relationship with customers and expanded our presence in newer markets like Europe during the past 12 months. Our strategic investments including those in Digital Technologies are providing a compelling value proposition as well as helping us anticipate and shape new market trends successfully.”

Looking forward to financial year 2014-15, Mr Chandrasekaran added : “We are upbeat that the next 12 months will bring many more opportunities for growth across multiple industries and markets. As an organization, we remain focused on disciplined execution of our strategy as well as on energizing 300,000 TCSers to ensure they make a difference to their customers, their colleagues and the community.”

Key Digital Wins in Q4

 Engaged by large Australian retailer for multi-channel enablement of merchandising systems using master data management
 Selected by a major European Bank for a consulting engagement to define strategic roadmap leveraging Big Data for its credit risk transformation program
 Chosen by a leading merchandiser to rollout a field sales mobile application in Asia Pacific
 Chosen by European supplier of photolithography systems to strategize and execute all its mobility projects
 Engaged by North American insurance firm to enhance property casualty management using Big Data
 Selected by a leading US telecom service provider to create a real time ecosystem for data-driven Decision making
 Implementing a customer decision platform to enhance guided behavior for a North America based leading Telecom provider
 Engaged by a global aerospace product manufacturer to develop creative user experience designs
 Engaged by a global Hi-Tech Company to transform their sales and operations Business Intelligence systems using Big Data technologies
 Engaged by a British pharmaceutical and healthcare company to transform its supply chain analytics using Big Data
 Define and execute strategy for Master Data Management programs for North American aircraft engine manufacturer
 Consult on transforming order-to-cash business processes using Big Data for European telecom manufacturer
 Create integrated marketing and technology platform for large global media and information services firm
 Redefining customer interfaces for leading North American Insurance provider for all online platforms
 Develop field force solution for a direct broadcast satellite television provider in India
 Engaged by leading UK Bank for developing a suite of consumer facing mobile applications
 Engaged by European telecom manufacturer to perform consumer analytics using the Big Data platform
 Develop patient survey mobile application for one of the largest US based pharmaceutical companies
 Engaged by a middle-east petrochemical company for mobile application development and testing.

Engaged by leading European Utility to operate and transform customer service processes with an aim to making them a leader in customer satisfaction within the industry.
 Selected by a North American Fortune-500 multi-specialty pharmaceutical company for a multi-year, multi-million dollar deal in the area of core infrastructure operations
 Awarded multi-year engagement by North American global leader in process manufacturing to transform and manage its global infrastructure
 Selected by large European insurer to enhance customer experience by modernizing its IT footprint
 Selected by Middle East based global shipping company to establish a Shared Service Center covering Shipping Documentation and Finance & Accounting processes
 Awarded a contract by a leading retail bank in Middle East to transform & run mission critical systems & operations, leveraging TCS BaNCS and full spectrum of managed services.
 Selected by leading Publisher to consolidate and transform technology infrastructure to accelerate digital transformation
 Selected by a leading European apparel and general merchandize retailer to manage their end-to-end application and infrastructure operations

Human Resources:

“We trained and integrated 61,200 professionals who joined TCS during 2013-14. With business demand continuing to be robust, we have made almost 25,000 fresh offers on engineering campuses for trainees who will join us from the second quarter of the new fiscal year.” said Ajoy Mukherjee, Executive Vice President, Head, Global Human Resources. “We continue to build a next-gen organization that is social, engaged and collaborative and these efforts are having a positive impact with retention rates rising in the last financial year as employees see TCS as an organization that offers them a progressive career path. 

The total employee strength of the company stood at 300,464 professionals. In Q4, the gross employee additions were 18,564 and net employee additions were 9,751 professionals. Of these 7,572 Trainees and 7,401 Laterals recruited in India, while 3,591 employees were hired in international locations. 

High utilization rates have been maintained in the fourth quarter with utilization excluding trainees at 83.8 per cent, while utilization including trainees was at 77.9 per cent. The overall attrition rate was at 11.3 per cent with IT attrition at a low of 10.40 per cent and BPS attrition below 15 per cent threshold to 14.90 per cent on a LTM basis.
The average age of a TCS employee is 29 years while 32.7 per cent of the workforce comprised of women with 118 nationalities represented in the workforce.

Innovation and Intellectual Property:

As of March 31, 2014, the company has applied for 1746 patents including 211 applied during the quarter. Till date, the company has been granted 114 patents.

About Tata Consultancy Services Ltd (TCS)

TCS is an IT services, consulting and business solutions organization that delivers real results to global business, ensuring a level of certainty no other firm can match. TCS offers a consulting-led, integrated portfolio of IT, BPS,infrastructure, engineering and assurance services. This is delivered through its unique Global Network Delivery Model™, recognised as the benchmark of excellence in software development. A part of the Tata group, India’s largest industrial conglomerate, TCS has over 300,000 of the world’s best-trained consultants in 46 countries. The company generated consolidated revenues of US $13.4 billion for year ended March 31, 2014.       

 *  *  *  E  N  D  *  *  *