Thursday, January 31, 2013




Lesson.1: Never Bet  more than  50% of your wealth on a single venture. In fact, 25% is more appropriate. You will possibly need balance 50% / 75% for court cases, for new visas, pass ports etc.

Lesson.2 : You can criticize people who are weak and docile – without reason or with reason. Many films do it routinely. No Law & Order problem ever comes.

Lesson.3 : Censor Board viewing & satisfaction is not ENOUGH. Single Judge viewing and satisfaction also is not enough. Do you Know, what is enough? (I don’t).

Lesson.4 : It is easier to get offended without seeing the movie - than after it.

Lesson.5 : It is easier to fight matters in court and abide by decisions of court. Not so easy to make peace with objecting Groups, whom you can’t even count.

Lesson.6 :  Trouble shooting means – shooting trouble to areas where none existed earlier. 3 to 4 goons seem to be enough, for a  law and order Problem.

Lesson.7 : If you are too much apologetic, many assume that you are at fault. If you have the courage, and the means,  fight. Else, don’t get into the arena.
Lesson.8 : Freedom of Expression is not Free. 

Lesson.9 : Which Group ever came forward to condemn AlQueda or Taliban when they were, are and will be killing- Muslims first, others next – all in the name of religion? Which Group ever came forward when Pakistani terrorists were,  are and will be killing women, children and old people also – Muslims first, Others next - all in the name of religion? Does any reader remember any such protest?

Lesson.10 : So why Kamal Haasan should bother, if Muslim terrorists in Afghanistan and Pakistan are killing docile Muslims there in the name of religion? 

Lesson.11 : You can show any amount of sex, violence or eve-teasing in India. No Problem. Censor Boards do pass them. Each film passed becomes a precedent for more to come in the next film. Nobody bothers, if the same is replicated on the streets and in the buses in Delhi and all over the country. If Minors are becoming more and more violent and sex maniacs – nobody will attribute it to the violence and sex from Films.  From where else is the idea of violence and violent sex coming to children? 

Lesson.12 : But, if you show religious violence in Pakistan and Afghanistan – you are in trouble in India.

Lesson.12 :  Central Government must  find a final authority who can finally decide matters relating to films, Journalists, freedom of expression and so on – since  censor Board and single Judge Benches are not final authorities to hear such matters. There should be no appeal from a final authority.

When I start thinking of what lessons we must all learn from viswaroopam’s troubles, I find, the list is growing and growing. No end. I also do not know if these are the lessons Kamal Haasan or any of the readers want to learn.  As always, there will be supporters, opposers and others. But, we must finally come to a consensus opinion on what lessons we must learn.

After all, Kamal Haasan has to spend his balance Property, left if any, on his next movie. Again, ostensibly, his movie, marudanayagam seams to deal with another contentious issue like religious conversion. If that be so, he must be prepared to lose all of his property (to be earned in future) once again. 

I like his movies  and Kamal as a person too, but not his fragile guts and not his tendency to spend his total property and perhaps more than that, on such contentious movies. . But, it happens – when we don’t know whom we are up against.

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013



Q/E DEC,2012

DENA BANK  has declared its results for the third quarter ending Dec,2012.

Total Income    for Q3 FY 13 stands at Rs.2408.42 Cr; compared to Rs.2327.84 Cr in Q2 FY 13 (+3.46%); and Rs.1810.21 Cr in Q3 FY 12 (+33.05%). The Growth in Total Income is quite impressive at 33% YoY.

Total Expenditure      for Q3 FY 13 stands at Rs.1965.34 Cr; compared to Rs.1890.73 Cr in Q2 FY 13 (+3.95%); and Rs.  1417.04 Cr in Q3 FY 12 (+ 38.69%). Growth in expenditure is more than proportionate compared to total income.

Profit before Interest, Dep. & Taxes for Q3 FY 13 stands at Rs.443.08 Cr; compared to Rs.437.11 Cr in Q2 FY 13 (+1.37%); and Rs.393.17 Cr in Q3 FY 12 (+12.69%).

Interest on Advances for Q3 FY 13 stands at Rs.1742.12 Cr; compared to Rs.1689.58 Cr in Q2 FY 13 (+3.11%); and Rs.1292.77 Cr in Q3 FY 12 (+34.76%).

Income on Investments  for Q3 FY 13 stands at Rs.518.83 Cr; compared to Rs.494.77 Cr in Q2 FY 13 (+4.86%); and Rs.374.83 Cr in Q3 FY 12 (+38.42%).

Interest Earned  for Q3 FY 13 stands at Rs.2263.96 Cr; compared to Rs.2193.97 Cr in Q2 FY 13 (+3.19%); and Rs.1676.24 Cr in Q3 FY 12 (+35.06%).

Net Interest Margin stands at 3.17% for FY 2012; 3.33% for q/e Dec,11;2.88% for Q/E Dec,12.

Other Income   for Q3 FY 13 stands at Rs.144.46 Cr; compared to Rs.133.87 Cr in Q2 FY 13 (+ 7.91%); and Rs.133.97 Cr in Q3 FY 12 (+7.83%).

Interest Expended    for Q3 FY 13 stands at Rs.1649.06 Cr; compared to Rs.1599.96 Cr in Q2 FY 13 (+3.07%); and Rs.1135.04 Cr in Q3 FY 12 (+45.29%).

Employees Cost  for Q3 FY 13 stands at Rs.192.22 Cr; compared to Rs.179.02 Cr in Q2 FY 13 (+7.37%); and Rs.170.84 Cr in Q3 FY 12 (+12.51%).

Other Operating Expenses for Q3 FY 13 stands at Rs.124.06 Cr; compared to Rs.111.75 Cr in Q2 FY 13 (+11.02%); and Rs. 111.16 Cr in Q3 FY 12 (+11.6%).

Operating Expenses for Q3 FY 13 stands at Rs.316.28 Cr; compared to Rs.290.77 Cr in Q2 FY 13 (+8.77%); and Rs.282.00 Cr in Q3 FY 12 (+12.16%).

Total Expdr excluding provisions  for Q3 FY 13 stands at Rs.1965.34 Cr; compared to Rs.1890.73 Cr in Q2 FY 13 (+3.95%); and Rs.1417.04 Cr in Q3 FY 12 (+38.69%).

Operating Profit  for Q3 FY 13 stands at Rs.443.08 Cr; compared to Rs.437.11 Cr in Q2 FY 13 (+1.37%); and Rs.393.17 Cr in Q3 FY 12 (+12.69%).

Provisions for Q3 FY 13 stands at Rs.156.59 Cr; compared to Rs.104.50 Cr in Q2 FY 13 (+ 49.85%); and Rs.124.33 Cr in Q3 FY 12 (+25.95%).

Profit before tax   for Q3 FY 13 stands at Rs.286.49 Cr; compared to Rs.332.61 Cr in Q2 FY 13 (-13.87%); and Rs.268.84 Cr in Q3 FY 12 (+ 6.57%).

Provision coverage Ratio stands at 75.53% for FY 12; 76.56% for q/e dec,11; and 70.57% for q/e Dec,12.

Tax Expense      for Q3 FY 13 stands at Rs.80.05 Cr; compared to Rs. 92.97 Cr in Q2 FY 13 (-13.9%); and Rs.82.16 Cr in Q3 FY 12(-2.57%).

Net Profit  for Q3 FY 13 stands at Rs.206.44 Cr; compared to Rs.239.64 Cr in Q2 FY 13 (-13.85%); and Rs.186.68 Cr in Q3 FY 12 (+10.58%).

Face Value of Share is Rs.10; Paid-up Equity stands at Rs.350.06 Cr.  

Capital Adequacy Ratio stands at  11.51% for Q3 FY 13; 12.05% for Q2 FY 13; and 11.58% for Q3 FY 12. Tier I stands at 8.86% and Tier II stands at 2.65%.

Basic EPS stands at Rs.5.9 for Q3 FY 13; Rs.6.84 for Q2 FY 13; and Rs.5.6 for Q3 FY 12. For 9 m/e dec,12 EPS is Rs.19.56 against Rs.16.45 in 9 m/e dec,11.

Gross/Net NPA for Q3 FY 13 stands at Rs.816.93  Cr; compared to Rs.720.56 Cr in Q2 FY 13 (+13.37%); and Rs.523.97 Cr in Q3 FY 12 (+55.91%).

% of Gross/Net NPA   for Q3 FY 13 stands at 1.31%;compared to 1.22% for Q2 FY 13; and 1.1% for Q3 FY 12.

Return on Assets       stands at 0.87% in Q3 FY 13; compared to  1.01% for Q2 FY 13; 1.05% for Q3 FY 12.

Public Shareholding stands at 44.76%; Share Capital  stands at Rs.350.06 cr

Net worth stands at Rs.4781.35 cr;   B. V. per share is Rs.141.66

Return on Equity is 18.29%.

CASA % TO TOTAL DEPOSITS  stands at  34.46%  in  March,12; compared to 34.90% in Dec,11, and 30.98% in Dec,12.

Aggregate deposits stands at Rs.73840 Cr in March,12; Rs.66329 Cr in Dec,11 and Rs.81360 cr in Dec,12 a growth of 22.66% YoY.

Gross Advances stands at Rs.57,159 cr in Mar,12; 47,928 cr in Dec,11; and Rs.63040 cr in Dec,12; a growth of 31.53% YoY

Business Mix stands at Rs.134326 cr in March,12; Rs.116268 cr in Dec,11; and Rs.147922 cr in dec,12 , a growth of 27.23% YoY.

Bank has witnessed CAGR of 10.84% in CASA deposits ;  18.47% in total deposits ; and 23.36% in Advances over last 2 years.

CD Ratio stands at 74.07% in March 12; compared to 70.13% in Dec,11.

Total Restructured Advances was Rs.1845 cr in Dec,11 and Rs.4797 cr in Dec,12.Out of this Rs.2062 cr is covered by Govt Guarantee.


Bank is targeting a credit growth of 18% and deposit growth of 20%.

Bank expects to maintain NIM around 3% for the whole of FY 2012-13.

Bank has already opened 89 branches up to dec,12 and plans to open total 100 Branches in FY 13 and also open 150 -200 Branches every year.

 *  *  *  E  N  D  *  *  *



and some great quotes


I do tweet frequently on twitter. Though mostly I avoid Political subjects and stick to social and spiritual aspects, My responses to serious National events also form part of my tweets. 

Some tweets reflect thought provoking quotes of others (like OSHO, as indicated at the end). Some are in reply to others’ tweets (Indicated at beginning). Many are ideas of the day, flashing in my brain.

Enjoy all of them. You will find many of them interesting and topical.

1.    If Love and peace are not inside, Rest of Religion is redundant. God has no place inside you- whatever else you do.
2.    If Love and Peace stand rooted firmly inside, Rest of religion is redundant. God is already within.
3.    Love & Peace must be the Religion, which Unites world against Hatred and violence.
4.    Hindus interpret Hinduism, Muslims interpret Islam, Christians interpret C'nity in many ways. And, fight on these differences.
5.    Freedom of Expression is very valuable. But, there are differences of opinion on what it really means, where it stops.
6.    In the beginning was the word. The word was God. And God was LOVE! You don't see God. But, U can see Love.
7.    Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries-says Dalai Lama. Terrorism & Cruelty exist where people with love-less hearts exist
8.    Take away Love & our earth is a tomb-says Robert Browning. Krishna to Gandhi, every Great man said so. Sin & cruelty persist where love doesn't.
9.    Planting millions of trees is a Huge, monumental, incomparable service to India. When will India honor persons/institutions who did that?
(This was with reference to Padma Awards by Government)
10. Yoga is both an Art and Science. And, it is an Indian Science, now widely adopted in world. Why not PADMA AWARDS for popularizing it?
11. For Rape Victims in India, Police Are Often Part of the Problem - says an article in NY Times
12. "If you're a woman in distress, the last thing you want to do is go to the police." VRINDA GROVER, - as quoted in NY Times
13. Peace depends upon Mutual respect. Pak must move to remove Hate-India curriculum from its school Books. It helps more than Trade
14. @TomZiglar Very True. Gratitude must be the governing factor in our life - and make life beautiful-for us and those to whom show gratitude.
15. You are your confinement.-OSHO
16. What is the cause of bondage? Identification....Wherever your identification is, there is your imprisonment.-OSHO
17. If I say I am God, it becomes an offense. I am simply saying that U can also become gods, never settle for less. But U feel offended -OSHO
18. Breath is just like a Horse, and you have not looked at the rider yet. The rider is prana - (OSHO)
19. Mind is a Bad master; but a good slave. Yoga enables U to master the mind.
20. Jesus said-Love thy enemies. But, we actually like Having Enemies.(says, Eckhart Tolle).When one enemy dies, we search for another.
21. No one can differ from me in this one thing: You & I both want 2 be Healthy & Happy. Being Happy is easier-U Can be happy without any thing.
22. Good Health and Good humor are contagious, while, not every illness is contagious.
23. @sardesairajdeep Education must start teaching the Need to respect parents& respect between Boys & Girls. Else, Coed becomes risky.
24. @sardesairajdeep :Let people tell their opinions. All opinions do not matter. But freedom of expression must be there.
25. @DeepakChopra :Yes. A healthy body and Healthy mind -are both essential for Yoga also - says Lord Krishna in Gita
26. @washingtonpost If parent fails to control/spank in time - Cops will do it much more later in life
27. @washingtonpost :Within reasonable limits, it is Good Parenting. Beyond it, it is abuse.
28. @ibnlive :Time to review where society is grievously wrong in respect of children & turning them into Criminals. INTROSPECTION is needed
29. @BarackObama :Good Economics cum Good Politics - ensuring Good living for the 98% of people
30. @ndtvfeed If U respect woman, as mother, sister or daughter, U R Bharat; not if U want 2 look at her as sex object.
31. @IndianEditorial :If even a juvenile commits a big crime - fault is on us and the system. We must introspect.
32. @thekiranbedi India did respect mother, sister, daughter. Others as Mother. Not encouraged Pure friendship of current day type, though,
33. @sagarikaghose When we promote public drunkenness, of either Men or women, drunkenness leads to crimes. Most Rapists are DRUNKEN.
34. @thenewshour : We need to implement existing Laws effectively. We don't need new laws. Fences are eating crops. That is the problem.
35. @sagarikaghose : Not new law. Implementation old laws FAST. We go overboard always. To right one wrong, we commit another.
36. @ndtvfeed It is high time for social psychologists to examine cultural degradation-find remedies. Individual cases are just symptom.
37. @thekiranbedi Girls and Boys who have become disciples of Sadhguru Jaggi, Sri Sri etc are far more peaceful and happy. Take such counsel
38. Until Education starts inculcating strong morals & ethics into Boys, Girls & Grown-ups, we will continue to be immoral & Unethical
39. LAW changes people very little. Education is the only way by which people become either GOOD or BAD; Humane or Cruel
40. Freud says, he could never understand a single woman in his career. Situation seems same for all Men till today.
41. Majority is Never RIGHT. Minority is never RIGHT. Only the wise man is right. Seek his COUNSEL.
42. 1st sloka of Gita epitomizes our twin faults. I and MINE are our blindness from that day to this. They make us commit all sins & tell Untruths
43. For any action, GOAL is important. PATH is more important. CLARITY is even more important. Without Clarity, there is No Path & No Goal
44. Do not tolerate ANY LIES - especially from those in Power. Condemn the lies UNEQUIVOCALLY
45. Truth and Trust go together. When trust is broken too often, no one can believe our words as TRUTH.
46. Jesus Christ sacrificed his life - for Truth. His resurrection is out of compassion.
47. Truth is one. Lies can be many. Those in Power can turn truths of others into Lies
48. KNOWLEDGE & STUPIDITY co-exist. Each has boundaries but may overlap with the other.
49. There are REFLECTORS all around. EYES and EARS merely absorb these reflections. Even Darkness is also a reflection.
50. Brahman is - when we experience our self all around us & also experience total UNIVERSE within us. When difference dissolves, Brahman appears
53. @ibnlive Half clad Heroines, Item Numbers, extramarital pursuits/eve-teasing by Heroes on screen, rape scenes-what do they do in Males?

Well; these are my recent tweets. As I said, You and I can agree, or disagree – but we must think of the social ills all around us, debate on them and come to some mutually acceptable solutions. Democracy is - finding such mutually acceptable and beneficial solutions.