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In our Childhood, we were taught the story of the 4 Bulls, which, when united, fought and won over even Lions. But, when divided, each of them was killed and eaten away by the Lions, in the very presence of other Bulls. The truth of that story, the way our teachers told, rings in our ears always.

But, 66 years after Independence, we are more divided and fighting than ever, thanks to the wrong policies, we followed during the last 66 years by us. Our Education has systematically abolished all stories , all lessons and all teaching promoting Unity. We have abolished pride in our Nation, in our National symbols, in people. In the name of Freedom of Expression, we have promoted all sorts of so called literature, whose sole purpose has become - to promote division and hatred.

The JNU incidents were therefore not very surprising. Who is Guilty is to be decided by the Judiciary. But, some body is Guilty of promoting SEDITION. It is a stupid argument to say that until some violence is there, it is not sedition. What happened at JNU is anti-national and Sedition. If your wife is being abused, will you wait until the other fellow rapes your wife actually and then go to court? Why do people give such insensitive arguments in such important matters? But, the general mood in India is -until it happens to me, why should I bother?

The next issue is the way Congress behaves. It was squarely responsible for the Hanging of Afzal Guru, Yakub Menon etc. But, no one must blame Congress because, it was the right thing for it to do. The case of Afzal Guru went through  three layers of courts, for decades and all courts held him the culprit. After Supreme court also, it was further examined by Ministry of home affairs, before the President of India  gave assent to it. Then only, he was Hanged. Now, Rahul Gandhi and Congress are behaviong as if BJP and RSS are responsible! How, my dear Sir? Please explain to the nation, what you feel about the issue and what you told at JNU. This dirty Politicking over sensitive national Issues must stop. 

We want to see a Rahul who went to Maharashtra and challenged Shiv Sena when its Supremo said, they will not allow Biharis, etc in Mumbai. We want that sort of Positive leadership initiatives from Rahul, to unite people, not divide people. We want a Nationalistic Congress not one supporting JNU type of slogans. I have not seen a single statement condemning these anti-national slogans. Sir, You must again rise, but as a strong, uniting Nationalist.

Whenever the nation is faced with a very serious incident like the JNU anti national slogans, for instance, the fringe elements and a few unthinking stupids in BJP, always tend to neutralize its seriousness by creating a stupid, contrarian incident like the Patiala Court incident. This incident needs to be condemned by all including BJP. There is no case for prevarication in it. Otherwise, BJP is giving unnecessary room for some mischievous elements to equate JNU with Patiala and worse, project Patiala as worse than JNU.

Amit Shah especially should sternly warn the BJP men and the fringe elements not to show intolerance and not to indulge in violence of any kind under any small provocations. He is a great leader. he must be addressing BJP men and fringe elements more frequently on restraining them and channeling their energies into creating harmony in the nation.

The time now is - to unite all Indians, irrespective of caste, religion and region. The time now is also - to unite all Hindus irrespective of caste and region. It is never the time to rake up stupid fights, based on non-sensical, out of date, intra-religious issues.

People like Kanhaiah Kumar must desist from using terms like Brahman Vaad, when word like Casteism is more than sufficient. He must focus on uniting people of all castes and religions and not divide people on caste basis.

That only is leadership. The definition of Brahman is - one who identifies himself with all people and all people with himself. Everybody is not really qualified to be called a Brahman. And, we definitely need Brahmans who really fit this Definition. But we don't have them in sufficient numbers. That is the real problem.

We can definitely make CASTE voluntary, or, one's own choosing, say at the age of 16, based on one's aptitudes and attitudes and not based on Birth. Every Hindu must be taught at least 100 slokas spoken by Lord Krishna from Bhagavad Gita, with meaning. This only can make us realize the greatness of What Hinduism is, and what Lord Krishna is. No one can dislike Hinduism if this happens.

To qualify to be a Brahman, one should know and understand all slokas spoken by Lord Krishna in Gita, and the Mahavakyas (of Upanishads, say, the famous 6) and actually practice them. No one can dislike a person who does that. We need persons like that. And, we need to protect them. I don't think, we can find one in one crore also like that today. We need about 5% of people in this category.

To be a Kshatriya, one must be determined to ensure Dharma or righteousness, must learn martial arts, and must be strong and extremely courageous like, say, BAHUBALI. We need at least 40% of all Hindu Males to be Kshatriyas. In fact, all Males must be like Kshatriyas. I do not like to see our Males, weak, weak-willed, weak-charactered and lacking in courage. They must also be well versed in state craft and be extremely Nationalistic by Nature. This nation is never safe, if we don't have at least 40% of all Males as Kshatriyas.

To be a Vaisya, one must learn economics, Business ethics, computers and be creating prosperity in the whole of India, for all people. All people, Brahmins, Kshatriyas and Vaisyas also must learn some science, some business or other profession and create knowledge and prosperity in that branch. This category can be the balance of people.

We really don't need the fourth caste structure as it exists, especially because, it has fallen into a cloud. My strong feeling is - the feeling that we are of LOW CASTE or of HIGH CASTE should be got rid of today, right now. All work done for the benefit of society is great Work only. This feeling must be imbibed by all of us right now. This should be done by each individual for himself in himself. No one can make anyone feel LOW, except with his consent. If you feel LOW, don't blame others. Come out of it immediately, by yourself. Socially or politically, no one should foster and promote this High-Low feeling. It is bad, it is wrong, it is totally untrue.

At the same time, poverty is one condition that creates lots of hurdles for progress. Every middle and Upper class Indian must adopt a very poor child and fund their education and other expenses.Each of us must do it. I am doing it for 4 poorest children as of today and hope to do it for more in future.

Likewise, in class rooms, each brilliant boy must be tagged with a dull boy and made responsible for his better performance. Every child must be responsible for another child. This creates great unity and patience among children. This must be enforced in every school and college. 

Do not create caste based unions and federations. Others are afraid of such caste based unions and federations and have no reason whatsoever to love its members. The existing Laws are Bad, creating One sided provisions for misuse especially. They should go and be replaced by Positive provisions like these.

In short, Make CASTE voluntary. Make Help mandatory. Do away with penal laws.

The Habits of Drinking, Drugs, verbal and physical violence must be avoided by all. Unfortunately, these evils are responsible for many families to rot in poverty and internal strife. Caste is much less responsible, compared to these other evils. I have great friends among the SC,STs who have all come up by their merit and by avoiding these evil habits. I see some others suffering because of these habits. These habits make you suffer irrespective of your caste or religion.

UNION means ONE. If there are four or five, they are Groups, not unions. 

Thank you. Please take all these positively. 


Let us realize this motto of Hinduism.

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