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As we witness the devastation that has struck Japan through the multiple catastrophes of - tsunami, earth quake and nuclear explosions – all of us start empathizing with the Japanese. But we also remember that Japanese, as a Nation, are one of the most resilient people, who can come out of this devastation quickly and strongly.

Nature is proving again and again that it is more powerful than man.  Nature, by definition, includes, not only earth, sky and the seas, but also, people / beings other than the SELF.

There are millions of such powers that are active all over the Universe, all the time. What is their NET EFFECT on each of us individually and collectively,  is difficult to predict, much less, arrest.

A Bigger moon is coming on the sky TONIGHT. What it will do, either today, or in due course, is not known to us. Man doesn’t have all answers to all riddles – and will never have.

The Polar ice is melting. We know it is. But, what it is doing to the weather, we don’t know accurately.

The weather is changing now. In 2010, we had the hottest summer and coldest winter at many places. How will 2011 be? Expect the Best and be prepared for the Worst.

Tough Times Never Last, But Tough People Do!

Robert H.Schuller said that in 1988.

It is a Great Book to read. Especially in Tough times.

Schuller says – “When you’ve exhausted all possibilities, remember this: You haven’t!

This is - Especially valid for tough times.

When there is a problem – everybody is fixing the blame – nobody is fixing the problem. This is the problem, in most of the problems. But, it definitely is not so – in Japan. In Japan, everybody is busy fixing the problem, and almost nobody is fixing the blame for any failures. It would have been different in many other countries.

Schuller had said – Nobody is a total failure if he dares to do something worthwhile.

Japan won’t fail, in containing the problem on its hands. So, this too – will pass.

Japan will fix the problem. Japan will come out of the problem in flying colours. Japan will regain its earlier Glory – or, probably rise to greater glory this time. It is working overtime – to fix the problem. Japan always dares to do some thing worthwhile.

No doubt, the lives lost cannot be brought back. But, it is always so, in a war or a holocaust.

We pay our homage to the departed souls. And, we wish Japan all success in quickly coming out of its present problems.

Japan is a Unique Nation. It has been a friend of almost all Nations. All Nations remember it as a Friend.

Now, this Friend of all Nations is in problems. And, possibly in some need! What can other nations do for Japan?

Does Japan need any of the following urgently?

(i)                 Protected, uncontaminated, nutritious Food supplies.
(ii)               Radiation protective clothing – as much as possible, so that more people can be pressed into this important activity of controlling radiation safely - without damage to Japan’s work force.
(iii)             Clean water – not only for drinking but, possibly, for cooling the power plants.
(iv)              Urgently needed technologies, equipment and ideas for controlling the radiation hazards.

Yoshi Domoto, executive director of the Japan-America Society of Georgia, has said “The people in Japan historically have been resilient. They are proud; unless they need it, they hesitate to ask for help from the outside.”  

Quite Naturally. Japan is a great Nation – and a Proud Nation. Others understand it. Therefore, I have not mentioned money as a need. Japanese may not need money. But, today’s immediate needs may be different. Some one with some expertise needs to analyze and assess their needs and mobilize the help. There is no need for others to wait till Japan asks. Others should go out and offer Japan what Japan needs urgently.

This said – I wish to briefly review Schuller’s book “Tough Times Never Lost, But Tough People Do.” For Individuals or Nations, the ideas Schuller has presented in his Best seller are worth while – especially in tough times. This Book is good for all of us – who face tough times, some time or other. Incidentally, it may also be good for any one trying to face the tough times,  in Japan.

Now – the Brief Review of the principles stated by Schuller follows:  

Any references to Japan’s current tough times is just an example.

Tough people adopt a path – which Schuller calls as “The Possibility Thinking Path”. This path has great Potential to lead people to solutions to the toughest problems they may have.

It’s impossible to fail totally if you dare to try”, says Schuller. But try, one must.

The Principles of Possibility thinking have worked for many people earlier; they are working for many now. They will work for any one who dares to try in future.

But, it works only for those – who stay in control, control the problem, manage it, and find solutions.

Never let the problem become an Excuse for failure in life. Remember the following :

1.      Every living human being has problems.
2.      Every problem has a limited life span.
3.      Every problem holds positive possibilities.
4.      Every problem will change you
5.      YOU can CHOOSE - what your problem will do to you
6.      There is a negative and a positive reaction to every problem.

The vast majority of problems can be solved if you believe so. A few may not. When you can’t solve the problem, manage it in the best possible way!

Here are Schuller’s 12 principles to manage problems creatively and constructively :

1.      Don’t underestimate (the problem)
2.      Don’t exaggerate  - the depth, length and breadth of the problem. The one battle, most people lose - is the battle over the fear of failure. Try; Start; and be assured, you have won the first round.
3.      Don’t Wait! Many problems have the built-in capability to grow more serious with the passing of time. To wait is to waste time and opportunity.
4.      Don’t aggravate. Self pity, jealousy, cynicism, hatred, anger, or plain lack of positive faith in the future aggravates the problem several fold.
5.      Illuminate your mind; Ask and answer all necessary questions. Identify the problem clearly. Predict consequences and possibilities, Decide on action / solutions and Execute them! It’s called the IPDE method.
6.      Motivate yourself! It takes guts to leave the ruts. Find all possible opportunities; list them according to their Potential.
7.      Bait! How do you catch a mouse (or, a lion)?  It’s by putting the appropriate Bait before it.  How do you attract all the radiation in the air back to a safe place? I don’t know how. But, the world must find the way. Today, the Japanese are facing it – due to a cause not in their control. But, tomorrow – can any one else face the same problem? This is the time – to fix the problem for the world, for ever.
8.      Date! You have a Chance to find the solution. Go, Find it. Woo it.
9.      Sublimate. Try finding ALL POSSIBILITIES. Every time, one door closes, another will open. Every adversity holds within it the seeds of an undeveloped possibility. Turn the stumbling block into a stepping stone.
10.  Now, Dedicate! Most people fail, not because they lack intelligence, ability, opportunity, or talent, but because they haven’t given their problem all they’ve got! Unexpected sources of help come from unpredictable quarters to the person who remains positive and enthusiastic and cheerful.
11.  Communicate. Seek Help. You need it. Don’t excommunicate yourself from the help that is available.
12.  Insulate – yourself from Negative forces and negative personalities. Remember, you can control your moods – even if you can’t control the problem right now. Feel Great. That helps a lot. Nothing is a Terminal problem. The problem is terminal and ends if you keep trying.

All this means that you must Take charge and Take control,  and never surrender leadership of your life! To whom / what, should you not surrender your Life’s leadership?

1.      To outside (limiting) forces – such as (a) Property, buildings, locations (which limit certain possibilities (b) lack of money (c) inflation, recession etc on which you have no control etc. You have perfect control on your own  ideas and decision, Today’s decisions are tomorrow’s realities
2.      To faces  - like your audience reactions, criticisms etc
3.      To Farces – such as being told that your sex, religion, caste, region etc are inferior. It is simply Farce and not Fact.
4.      To Fences – limiting concepts such as I’ve no education, no skills, no right organization etc. Get the. Build them.
5.      To Frustrations – reaching a seeming point of no return. There are always ways.Find them.
6.      To Negative Fantasies – like, I may be rejected…
7.      To Fears – of failure. Get rid of it NOW.
8.      To Fatigue  - because, in Fatigue, we can make Bad decisions.
9.      To (Finding of)Faults – by you or by others in your Ideas.
10.  To Facts (statistics, interest rates, facts etc) – Attitude is more important than facts.
11.  To Frenzies – Frantic situations need coolness, not doing just some thing!
12.  To Fate (fortune, stars etc)
13.  To (Negative) Forecasts – Don’t stop effort because of them
14.  To your Foes (and their criticism)
15.  To your Friends ( Differences with Friends are OK, Understand and agree on them mutually)
16.  To Fracturing experiences of Life –It was - but it won’t be so always
17.  To flattening-out experiences of life; never Give up.
18.  Do surrender - To Faith ( in your self and the Almighty)

Never throw away an idea because it is impossible. Give it a Chance. Schuller gives ten commandments for possibility thinking. Never reject a possibility  -

1.      Because you see something wrong with it . Every good idea has some thing wrong  in it  also. Better to do some thing imperfectly than to do nothing flawlessly.
2.      Because, you won’t get the Credit – i.e., just because your Ego is not getting satisfied.
3.      Because it’s impossible. Many impossibilities of yesterday are today’s possibilities!
4.      Because your mind is already made up – specially if it is made up on a bad / wrong Idea.
5.      Because it’s illegal – if you feel it’s good, try to make it legal.
6.      Because you don’t have the money, man power, muscle, or months to achieve it.
7.      Because it will create conflict.
8.      Because it’s not your way of doing things.
9.      Because it might fail.
10.  Because it’s sure to SUCCEED! Yes. Many people are afraid that their Ideas may just SUCCEED!

How many ideas, and how many possibilities will you list – before you select one. Schuller says – count to Ten; and win! Make a list of ten ideas or possibilities first – and then select one. Your Decision making becomes easy, if there are no contradictions in your value system.

You must then Begin. You won’t win if you don’t begin! Beginning is half Done!

Every Beginner is a winner!

Faith can move mountains. Prayer helps a lot in pulling together everything towards your success.

The me I see .  .  .  is the me I’ll be!  I will be a winner, if I see my self as a winner.

Therefore, see YOUR SELF as a winner. You will be a winner.

I hope, readers now have a good idea of what Schuller has to say. Robert H.Schuller has said many things to motivate us in this remarkable book. One needs this sort of motivation especially for TOUGH TIMES. One can Grab the book and give it a good reading, any time, and especially, when there are tough times.

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