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HCL Technologies Limited
NSE Symbol     HCLTECH

HCL TECHNOLOGIES has declared its third quarter results (Non-consolidated / stand alone) ending March, 2011.

Net Sales has increased to Rs.1697.73 cr  in Q3 ending March,2011 – up by 2.95% compared to Q2; up by 13.31% from Q1 ; and up by 31.9% from the Q3 of last year (corresponding Qtr).

Total Expenditure for q3 also has increased to Rs.1399.04 cr – up by 3.37% from Q2; Up by 8.17% from Q1; and up by 38.82% from Q3 of last year.

The Profit from Operations for Q3 has gone up to Rs.298.69 cr – up by 1.06% from Q2; Up by 45.78% from Q1; and up by 6.95% from Q3 of last year.

Profit  before tax has increased to Rs,312.04 cr – up by 1.09% from Q2; up by 41.44% from Q1; and up by 8.07% from Q3 of Last year.

Net Profit  has increased to Rs.331.81 cr – up by 16.03% from Q2; up by 70.26% from Q1; and up by 26.37% from Q3 of last year.

On a face Value of Rs.2, the basic EPS is Rs.4.84 for Q3; Rs.4.19 for Q2; and Rs.2.87 for Q1. Thus. There is a good improvement in overall profitability in the last 3 quarters compared to last year.

The consolidated Position of the company, is also given below:


(Regarding its consolidated Results)

Ø  Announces dividend of Rs.2 per share, our 33rd consecutive quarter of dividend payout
Ø  Net Income crossed $100mn / qtr milestone to reach $103 mn, up 35% YOY & 16.5QoQ.
Ø  Q3 Revenues at US $915 mn; up 5.8% QoQ; and 33.5% YoY.

Highlights for the Quarter (in INR )

Ø  Revenue at Rs. 4,138 crores; up 31.5% YoY & 6.4% sequentially
Ø  EBIT at Rs. 597 crores; up 17.3% YoY & 16.8% sequentially
Ø  Net Income crossed $ 100 mn/quarter milestone to reach Rs. 468 crores; up 33.0% YoY & 17.1% sequentially
Ø  Company revenues in last 12 months exceeded INR 15,000 Crores with 58 new customers added during this period
Ø  Gross & Net Employee addition of 7,534 & 1,153 respectively taking total headcount to 73,420.
Ø  HCL signed 11 transformational deals this quarter across service lines, verticals and geographies. 8 of these deals have been won from existing customers.
Ø  Total number of Active clients has increased from  404 in March 2010 to 434 in dec,2010 to 453 in March 2011.

Thus, both on stand alone basis and consolidated basis, the company’s performance is good and is quite promising for the Future.

The Rs.2 share is currently quoting at Rs.512.25.

The Basic EPS (Consolidated) – in INR for Q3 FY 10 was Rs.20.8, compared to Rs.23.6 for Q2 FY 11 and Rs.27.3 for Q3 FY 11 reflecting Good Progress. Thus, annualized EPS (Consolidated) should easily cross Rs.100. The share is a good buy for medium to long term Investors.


03-06-2011        press release dated June 02, 2011, titled "Dex One and HCL Technologies to optimize Digital Platform Development".

25-05-2011        press release dated May 25, 2011, titled "HCL becomes the first global IT services company to Join Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP) Working Group".        

19-05-2011        press release dated May 19, 2011, titled "HCL AXON Named a Leader Among SAP Services Providers by Independent Research Firm".        

18-05-2011        press release dated May 18, 2011, titled "HCL and Cforia Partner to Improve Clients' Accounts Receivable Portfolios."

13-05-2011         press release dated May 13, 2011, titled "First Horizon National Corp. Selects HCL to Automate Commercial Lending Operations".

10-05-2011        Hcl Technologies Limited has informed the Exchange regarding a press release dated May 10, 2011, titled "Madras University accords First-Right-to-Placement to HCL Technologies".

09-05-2011        press release dated May 09, 2011, titled "Etisalat signs MOU with HCL Technologies to offer collaborative ICT services to customers".   Click Here

28-04-2011        press release dated April 28, 2011, titled "HCL Technologies Signs Master Global Alliance Agreement with JDA Software."

20-04-2011        press release dated April 20, 2011, titled "R Srinivasan joins HCL Technologies Board".

20-04-2011        Investor release dated April 20, 2011 titled "Third Quarter Results FY 2010-11".

20-04-2011        Hcl Technologies Limited has declared an interim dividend of Rs. 2/- per equity share of face value of Rs.2/- each of the Company. The payment date of the said interim dividend shall be May 04, 2011.

20-04-2011        standalone Results for the quarter ended on 31-MAR-2011 as follows: Net Sales of Rs. 169773 lacs for quarter ending on 31-MAR-2011 against Rs. 164906 lacs for the quarter ending on 31-DEC-2010. Net Profit / (Loss) of Rs. 33181 lacs for the quarter ending on 31-MAR-2011 against Rs. 28597 lacs for the quarter ending on 31-DEC-2010.

06-04-2011        "HCL Technologies certified as one of Britain's Top Employers".

17-03-2011        "HCL Technologies announces expansion to Smart Grid Partner Ecosystem".

14-03-2011        "Leading Management Experts and Thought Leaders to select winners of World's First Management Innovation contest for MBA students".

08-03-2011        "New Trend in BPO talent acquisition".

21-02-2011        "HCL Launches ACE (TM) SmartCare(C) Solution at HiMSS".

17-02-2011        "HCL Technologies Launches CataLOG(TM)".

15-02-2011        "HCL Opens Global Enterprise Mobility Lab in Singapore".

27-01-2011        press release dated January 27, 2011, titled "Lippo and HCL Sign Landmark Memorandum of Understanding In presence of Indonesian President".

27-01-2011        "HCL enters into a strategic partnership with Tangoe".

19-01-2011        the Board of Directors of the Company at its meeting held on January 18-19, 2011 has approved the amalgamation of HCL EAI Services Limited and Intelicent India Limited, wholly owned subsidiaries of the Company, with the Company by way of a Scheme of Amalgamation under Section 391 to 394 of the Companies Act, 1956. The Board of Directors has also approved the draft Scheme of Amalgamation for the merger of the said companies. The approval of the Board is subject to requisite approvals that may be required, including those of shareholders, creditors, any regulatory authorities and the sanction of the Scheme of Amalgamation by the Hon'ble High Courts of Karnataka and Delhi.       

19-01-2011        standalone Results for the quarter ended on 31-DEC-2010 as follows: Net Sales of Rs. 164906 lacs for quarter ending on 31-DEC-2010 against Rs. 149832 lacs for the quarter ending on 30-SEP-2010. Net Profit / (Loss) of Rs. 28597 lacs for the quarter ending on 31-DEC-2010 against Rs. 19488 lacs for the quarter ending on 30-SEP-2010.

19-01-2011        Hcl Technologies has declared an interim dividend of Rs. 2/- per equity share of face value of Rs.2/- each of the Company.

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