Saturday, November 24, 2012



Arvind Kejriwal's Political Party is named as the “Aam Aadmi Party” and it now has a constitution for itself.

Nearly 300 founder members met at Delhi for the naming  ceremony and adopting the constitution.

It is understood that the party will put in all safeguards to avoid ‘One Family domination’ as prevalent in certain other parties.

We will all soon be witnessing how different will be the Aam Aadmi Party – in comparison to other Political Parties and what  difference will it make to the Parliamentary Democracy in India – what with nearly 1450 Political Parties already registered in India.

A Political Party, to succeed as an effective participant in the National affairs, needs certain pre-requisites.

These are the ones I feel, Arvind & Aam Aadmi Party as a whole, need to definitely adhere to – to achieve Success in their Journey :

Ø They must recognize some friends at least, in order to survive. Aad Aadmi cannot be against every Political Party in the country. Also, If Arvind and the Party cannot adjust with any one, this “Holier than Thou” attitude itself will wipe out the Party in a single Election.

Ø It must integrate with other like-minded parties like the Lok satta Party of Jayaprakash Narain, and maintain warm relations with the Swabhiman Manch of Swami Ram Dev. I would prefer the three – Aam Aadmi, Lok Satta and Swabhiman – to come under joint leadership of Swami Ram Dev and Arvind Kejriwal. If you can’t adjust even with equally sincere and like minded leaders – You may represent a few ideals – but, you will not really represent Aam aadmi (outside the Party).

Anna Hazare
Swami Ram Dev


Having heard all anti-corruption leaders, I find, RAMDEV is one who always speaks on behalf of all Indians, irrespective of caste, creed, religion and region. He has always ensured participation of all religions in his Yog Sibirs and in his Swabhiman movement. Arvind can move honest Intellectuals with his speeches and efforts and he can speak English. But, Ram Dev can really ‘move’ any Aam Aadmi from the core of their hearts – but he does not speak much of English. And, he doesn’t make many enemies - which is a huge Plus for a Swami and for a Politician.

Ø Anna Hazare must be made to bless the COMBINED OUTFIT. Anna does have a charisma and Mass appeal which members of Team Kejriwal do not possess. Not as yet, at least. If Anna cannot bless Kejriwal, he may soon bless Ram Dev’s Swabhiman. At some level, One must enroll Kiran Bedi too. If Kejriwal cannot do it, she may join Swabhiman.

Ø We have examples like the Left front, whose partners remain as different parties – but, fight together in Elections. Either that, or as a single Unit – both should be explored as options.

Ø  Arvind Needs to recognize the reality that in the way India stands today, no one is allowed to remain CORRUPTION FREE, either as Giver or taker or onlooker. If the system limps back to corruption free atmosphere, Left front partners will come out of it voluntarily. I have no doubt about it. BJP also will far reduce its present levels of corruption and throw out the most corrupt, out of their party, if the Political atmosphere permits it. Many Industrial houses also will heave a sigh of relief if corruption comes down. So, there is just no point in making everybody an enemy and adopting a HOLIER THAN THOU attitude always towards everybody.

Ø  BE, BUT NOT SAY. Seek co-operation, seek changes, seek amendments, seek reforms – all in a spirit of co-operation. You can a see a lot of progress even before 2014 – in the general atmosphere of corruption in India.

Ø  Some Parties may be wedded to corruption and to caste based, family based rule and so on. Keep arms-length from them.

Ø  There are many Good Politicians in each Party – and many corrupt Politicians too in each Party. Choose, Pick out, eulogize and go out to make friends with such NON-CORRUPT POLITICIANS in each party, even while crusading against  the corrupt Politicians.

Ø  Majority can reform. Majority will reform.

Ø  Corruption cannot be the only Agenda.In my view, the other, Main agenda has to be as follows :

Ø  All Indians need  Good, Uniform Education. All people below Poverty Line must get FREE EDUCATION up to degree level.

Ø  The Education must promote Nationalism, Unity and Honesty – as an integral part of it. The lack of these three Goals in our education system is the worst calamity happening every day to India as a country. These common Goals of Education, if not adopted, India will always have corruption, terrorists, Naxalites, rapes, murders and all sorts of social ills. In my view, this is priority No.1 – even over Corruption.

Ø  We must set an Agenda to abolish birth-based caste system within 10 years time, absolutely completely, by law,  including caste based reservations. It is possible, desirable and essential. No one shall have a caste after 2020 and no one shall know his caste thereafter. But for caste, our ancient culture will continue with equal respect for every one.

Ø  Creation of Jobs and entrepreneurship among Indians must be the next priority. There should be encouragement for mass employers through Income tax, GST and other tax rebates. What state has to do, they are doing now.

Ø  Next, electoral reforms are very urgent. Minimum of degree for all electoral Posts, and PG for Parliament must be prescribed. OK. It can take effect from, say, 2015 or 2018. But, we must make this a Law. It is scandalous to swear by constitution without knowing a word of it. It is also scandalous for a person to become MP without having seen at least all state capitals and mingled with persons from all states. Many ills of India are due to Politicians who have never stayed outside their state even for 2 years.

Ø We must have strong relations with friendly countries and ensure strong defence ties also with them.

Ø Every Party functionary at state and apex level in Aam Aadmi Party must travel throughout the country – see all districts, meet people of all states, know their culture, their sentiments, their problems and so on. The last Politician who did it was None other than Mahatma Gandhi. Nehru did it to some extent and then Indira and Rajiv slightly less. No one else in any party is doing it after these leaders. We just don’t have a single NATIONAL LEADER  in India today. Regrettable, but this is the fact. At present, among all Politically active people, only Swami Ram Dev has done it – and is always doing it – despite not speaking in English. But, this is a prime necessity for all Political Parties in India.

Arvindji- and all other members of Aam Aadmi Party –

When People look at a white wall with a Black spot, most people stare at the Black spot and can't recognize that the wall is essentially white. That is wrong. Please do also look at the predominantly white wall. That is Bharat. Then, you will see that it is easy to wipe out the Black spots.

India is watching you more seriously than you think. India wants change. Progressive, Positive change from You. India wants Unity along with Progress. Not either this or that. 

I wish You all - wholeheartedly - all the success,




  1. How many educated people are in India? Whatever the number be. I urge all indians who are fed up of being taken for granted or are too lazy to give a fitting reply to the uneducated so called leaders in the parliament, please stand up now and at least give his party a chance. Its better than electing the scoundrels again. Do your bit this time, we have social media, please encourage others to give kejriwals party a chance so that India may finally see a good governance. Thanks.

  2. While AAP seems a good alternative, unfortunately Kejriwal & Co have not said anything beyond corruption. Removing corruption is one part; promoting efficiency, competence and development is the other. Having an anti-industry stance is not going to help (from where did he get the figure of 5L crore tax sops). For capital intensive projects, like infrastructure, power, telecom etc.; no one will invest without incentives that will help them to break even in a reasonable time frame. And finally everything is inter-related; if the big business man is squeezed, he in turn will squeeze his suppliers, employees (aam aadmi) and so on. We live in an interconnected world, so the “we against them” stance doesn’t help.