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I like the News that Narendra Modi has been finally declared as PM candidate. 

Modi is a No-nonsense, good governance advocate. No one else seems to be that – in other Parties like Congress. That one qualification is good enough for making him the PM of India for the next five years. 

Indian Electorate should decide to give him the unqualified Mandate – without unnecessary dependence on support from allies. Some of the ills of UPA II are necessarily to be blamed on allies – though Congress itself fared no better in its own Ministries.

We have seen UPA rule for 2 terms. Healthy democratic traditions require that there should now be a change, even for this one reason. Let there be change. Let there be Modi. If he doesn’t perform well, we can always change again.

Will the Gujarat Model be good for India? This talk is meaningless. Every village has its specific needs – and supporting the fulfillment of those specific, genuine needs is what Good Governance is all about. But then, there are specific economic goals which are common for all states.

Industrialization is the foremost. Agriculture is another. If these two are promoted without any reservations or corruption, India can become better than China in next 5 years. I have no doubt about that.

Land acquisition Bill is at least 50 years late. So is Food security Bill. Food security must be ensured for all BPL families. That said, Government must make people perform some productive work – before giving either food or money to them. This requires careful planning. India has so many actual needs that this planning can be actualized with some expert Help. Coupled with some productive work, both NREGA and Food Security Bills could be excellent measures for India. Otherwise not. It is not to say that BPL families do not require support. They do. That is the foremost duty of any Government. That said, this support must come along with productive work too.

Promoting LAZINESS in any one, including BPL families is dangerous for India’s Growth. Therefore, both Food security Bill and NREGA need to be fine tuned to achieve National prosperity. The golden rule is always – produce before you consume. Without production, mere consumption will halt all progress of the country.  Narendra Modi and BJP must look at this aspect. Make every Indian a Proud, honest and Hard working Indian. Let there be work for all. Let there be no Lazy man or woman in this country.

This said – I have no great respect for those who talk of the 2002 riots in Gujarat.  It is very obvious that Modi did not try to protect even his own Ministers from being punished. He did not interfere with the legal process. Many other governments, including the Congress, are openly protecting their own men and women from legal process. This fact deserves kudos of the Highest order for Narendra Modi. Those who criticize him for 2002 must remember the Anti-sikh riots of 1984 – in which no reasonable prosecutions or convictions have taken place so far. The contrast between the two legal processes gives Modi the best Image and the best foot forward as  the Better Leader.

Having said this, I feel, the persecution of the Police personnel by CBI for killing the terrorists needs to be within certain limits. CBI should not be interfering with state Police action in such matters to this level. The abject failure of India in eliminating the Naxalite menace is solely due to such contradictory policies of  governments at the centre and in the states. You can’t deal with Terrorism with kid gloves. The centre is unwilling to even reveal if Ishrat Jehan had or did not have terrorist links. Every encounter is and extra0judicial killing only. That is true. But, how many such encounters took place in Andhra Pradesh, a congress ruled state then under YSR? It used to come in news Papers almost daily. Now, not a single case is taken up by the CBI in these encounter cases so far, though most of these were stated to be done in cold blood, by deceit and are clearly extra-judicial, as per these news paper versions. This differential treatment for what happens in Gujarat vis a vis the congress ruled states does not augur well for Federalism.

Is Modi secular or communal? He is religious. But, he is not communal.  Many people who call him communal are communal themselves. They always look at every Indian from the religious and caste angle only. Secularism consists in desisting from looking at any governance issue from these angles. Justice for all. Progress for all. But, if some people are steeped in religious fundamentalism and do not want to come out of it – they will remain backward in other spheres. We can’t be apologetic that someone who has read only religious scriptures is not becoming collector or commissioner. That is his own doing. Main Stream Education is open for everybody and everybody who goes for it – will progress economically.

But, what are the Pit falls for BJP and Modi? VHP mainly seems to be one factor, both BJP and Modi must be vary of. Their agenda is never above board. VHP also must stick to non-controversial religious agenda.

The Mandir Issue – is another pit fall. It is in fact a senseless Political issue. When the matter is before courts, and only courts can clear Mandir Construction, it is essential for all to leave the issue outside Political arena. Mere political comments on the Mandir Issue only add to suspicion and derision both. They don’t bring votes. They don’t bring development. Modi never talks of such issues. But, others in BJP must also stop talking of it. 

The Hindutva slogan is another meaningless slogan which some people raise. When other religionists do not like to be branded as Hindu – how can someone say, no, no, you are all Hindus; or, must be Hindus? If I write in all my records as belonging to Hindu religion, and others too write their respective religions as Christian, Islam, Sikh etc – let that be so. Let each practice his religion peacefully. Let every Indian be an equal to every one else in these matters.

But, these are all minor aspects – when compared with Good Governance. Modi will surely give India Good Governance. He is definitely not communal. He is definitely not a wavering administrator – whether in economic or Naxalite, or terrorist areas of governmental action. He will deal with all of them firmly. He will deal with friendly states as friend and enemy states as bold, firm, no nonsense negotiator. Where firmness is called for, Modi is the Best choice for India.

And, India needs these qualities now.

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