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FOR OCT’10 - UPDATE DT 16.11.10

Tata Motors Group Global Sales

The Tata Motors Group global sales, comprising of Tata, Tata Daewoo and Hispano Carrocera range of commercial vehicles, Tata passenger vehicles along with distributed brands in India, and Jaguar and Land Rover, were 86,705 nos. in Oct’ 10, a growth of 18% over Oct’09. Cumulative sales for the fiscal (April ‘10 – OCT ‘10) are 598,639 higher by 44% compared to the corresponding period in ‘09-10.

Sales of all commercial vehicles were 40,750 nos. in Oct’10, a growth of 20%. Cumulative sales for the fiscal are 274,323 nos., a growth of 52%.

Sales of all passenger vehicles were 45,955 nos. in Oct’10, a growth of 17%. Cumulative sales for the fiscal are 324,316 nos., a growth of 39%.

Tata passenger vehicle sales, including those distributed, were 27,110 nos. for the month, a growth of 20%. Cumulative sales for the fiscal are 193,184 nos., a growth of 41%.

Jaguar Land Rover global sales in Oct’ 10 were 18,845 vehicles, higher by 12%. Jaguar sales for the month were 3,219, lower by 19%, while Land Rover sales were 15,626 higher by 22%. Cumulative sales of Jaguar Land Rover for the fiscal are 131,132 nos., higher by 35%. Cumulative sales of Jaguar are 32,999 nos., higher by 21%, while cumulative sales of Land Rover are 98,133 nos., higher by 41%.

Maruti Suzuki
Sales in OCT ‘10
India’s car market leader Maruti Suzuki India Limited sold a total of 118,908 vehicles in Oct’ ‘10, growing 39.2 % over the same month last year. This includes 11,353 units of exports. In Oct’ ‘09, the company had sold a total of 85,415 vehicles including 13,864 units for export markets.
For the first time, the company crossed 1 lakh units sales mark in the domestic market in OCT ‘10, touching 107,555 units. The previous highest domestic sales was 95,148 units in September ‘10.
The OCT ‘10 sales marked the highest ever numbers in all large volume segments:

A2 segment: 77,502 (previous highest 68,921 units in Sep10)

A3 segment: 11,621 (previous highest 10,883 units in May10)

C segment: 15,379 (previous highest 14,157 units in Aug10)
In Oct’10, sales in A2 segment grew by 50.7 % while in A3 segment, sales growth was 32 %, as compared to Oct’09. Sales growth in C segment was 91.8 % while sales in B segment were up 151.2 % over Oct’09.
Sales figures for OCT ‘10 are given below:

Auto sales up 34% in OCT
Mahindra & Mahindra (M&M) reported 34.38 % jump in its total sales in OCT at 34,495 units. The company had sold 25,670 units in the corresponding month of ‘09, M&M said in a statement.

In the domestic market, the company registered a rise of 32.41 % at 32,491 units compared to 24,538 units in the year-ago period, it added.

Total sales of M&M utility vehicles, including Scorpio, Xylo, Bolero and Pick-Ups, stood at 15,908 units, as against sales of 13,114 units in Oct’ ‘09, up 21.31%.

Sales of the Logan sedan went up by over two-fold to 1,079 units during the month, from 401 units in the same month a year ago.

The company said sales of three-wheeler Gio and Maxximo mini-trucks during OCT jumped by 30.96 % to 5,410 units from 4,131 units during the same month last year.

Light commercial vehicle sales from Mahindra Navistar Automotives Ltd during the month, however, stood at 817 units, as against 841 units in the same month a year ago, a fall of 2.85 %.

M&M's exports during the month jumped over two-fold to 2,004 units, as against 882 units during OCT ‘09.
Auto major Mahindra & Mahindra's Farm Equipment Sector (FES) division  reported a 29.35 % increase in tractor sales in OCT to 24,281 units. It had sold 18,772 units during the same month last year, the company said in a statement.
Domestic sales grew by 31.37 % to 23,378 units as against 17,796 units in the year-ago period, it added.
Exports during the month, however, declined by 7.48 % to 903 units from 976 units in the year-ago month
Bajaj Auto reported a 32 percent rise in sales for the month of OCT at 370,816 units against 280,455 units in the like period of ‘09. The company said the OCT sale's figures were the highest ever for the motorcycle and commercial vehicles segment in a single month.
Total motorcycle sales last month rose by 32 percent to 329,776 units against 249,681 units in OCT of ‘09.
The period also recorded the highest ever sales of the Pulsar brand of motorcycle in a month at 94,598 units.
According to the company, the commercial vehicles sales grew by 35 percent to 41,040 units as compared to 30,481 units in the corresponding period of previous year.
The two-wheeler major's export in OCT rose by 31 percent at 110,387 units as against 84,012 units in OCT ‘09.
The company also reported a year to date (April to OCT) sales rise of 52 percent which stood at 2,299,722 units, compared to 1,514,844 units in the like period of ‘09.
The festive fever is really catching on! HHML, the world’s largest two-wheeler manufacturer, celebrated the festive mood by reporting record despatch sales of over half a million two-wheelers in just one month – in OCT this year. The despatch sales of 505,553 units of 2 WHEELERS in OCT’10 is a healthy 42.7 % growth over the corresponding month in ‘09, when it had sold 354,156 units. The previous record of highest-ever monthly sales was in May this year when Hero Honda sold 435,933 two-wheeler units.

Commenting on the record sales, Anil Dua, Sr. Vice-President (Marketing & Sales), Hero Honda Motors Ltd said, “This record of over half –a-million sales in a single month created by the company is extremely encouraging as it clearly demonstrates the confidence our customers have in our brands. Sales of over five lakh units in a month with a 42.7 % growth over the large base of the previous year is a testimony to the winning strategy that we have been following over the past few years.  A refreshed product range coupled with innovative branding and marketing initiatives – particularly revolving around the Commonwealth Games Delhi ‘10 - can duly be attributed to this success.

“FY’ 2011 has been a magnificent run for Hero Honda as we have been consistently scaling new heights. The company has been on a record sales run of over four lakh units each month since May, capping it off with the 5-lakh plus mark in OCT. Going forward, we are hopeful of continuing the momentum by staying true to the same winning strategy.”

The last six months have witnessed 6 new launches from Hero Honda comprising a mix of new models, variants and refreshes. Earlier this financial year, the refreshed models of Glamour and Glamour FI were introduced to strengthen company’s leadership in the deluxe segment. Besides the launch of the new Super Splendor and Hunk, the festive season also witnessed the launch of a new bike from Hero Honda, the Splendor Pro.

Splendor Pro has brought in the biggest-ever change in Splendor since its launch. It comes with APDV engine with Advanced Pro-Series Digital Variable Ignition System. Yet another attraction has been the launch of Passion Pro Commonwealth Games Limited Edition. The bike was designed as a collector’s item in order to celebrate Hero Honda’s association with the Commonwealth Games Delhi ‘10 and spread the flavor of games amongst the sports-loving youth.


TVS Motor sells 195,271 units, posts 48% growth in OCT ‘10. Scooters grow 58%; Motorcycles up 49%; Domestic Sales up 47%; Exports grow 45%;
Robust demand for its products across all segments of the two and three wheeler industries has enabled TVS Motor Company to post a total sales growth of 48% in OCT ‘10. The company registered total sales of 195,271 units in OCT ‘10 against 131,941 units in OCT ‘09. Cumulative total sales for the period April to OCT ‘10 therefore stood at 1,184,065 units.
Two Wheeler
During the month, total two wheeler sales of the company grew by 46% with sales of 191,822 units against 131,029 units registered in OCT ‘09.
Cumulative two wheeler sales for the period April to OCT ‘10 increased 34% with sales of 1,162,861 units over 868,509 units in April to OCT ‘09.
Domestic sales of the company grew significantly by 45% with sales growing from 118,563 units in OCT ‘09 to of 173,771 units in OCT ‘10.
Scooter sales led the growth quotient with a substantial increase of 58% from 28,301 units in OCT ‘09 to 44,659 units in the current month. Motorcycles sales too grew by an impressive 49% with sales increasing from 56,465 units in OCT ‘09 to 84,233 units in OCT ‘10.
Exports registered a growth of 45% with sales increasing from 12,466 units in OCT ‘09 to 18,051 units in OCT ‘10.
Three Wheeler
The company sold 3,449 units of three wheelers in OCT ‘10 against 912 units in the comparable period of the previous year. Cumulative three wheeler sales for the period April '10 to OCT '10 stood at 21,204 units, a growth of 232% over the same period of the previous year.
Sales jump 7% in OCT
Hinduja Group flagship firm Ashok Leyland today reported 7.48 % jump in its commercial vehicle sales at 5,732 units in OCT compared to the same month last year.
The company had sold 5,333 units in the same month last year, Ashok Leyland said in a statement.
Domestic sales stood at 4,628 units in OCT as against 4,934 units in the same month last year, down 6.20 %, it added.
Exports increased by nearly three-fold to 1,104 units in the month compared to 399 units in the year ago period.
The company also reported a 5.40 % fall in total domestic sales of medium and heavy commercial vehicles at 4,589 units from 4,851 units in the same month last year.

As we can see from the OCT sales figures released by ALL MAJOR AUTO MANUFACTURERS in the 2,3 and 4 wheeler segments, the whole Industry has enjoyed a highly buoyant sales in OCT,’10 and also all through the year so far up to OCT,’10.
The domestic sales of Ashok Leyland is the only exception, with a slightly lower OCT figure. But then, Ashok Leyland has huge order Book on hand for current and next years and is likely to report exceptional sales for current and next years both. Overall, Ashok Leyland also has posted good growth in OCT.
TATA MOTORS SALES – BOTH DOMESTIC and EUROPEAN have improved excellently. Cumulative sales for the fiscal (April ‘10 – OCT ‘10) have grown to 598,639, higher by 44% compared to the corresponding period in ‘09-10. The turn around of its European operations is very, significant. Its latest car Brands seem to be attracting huge attention of Buyers. Despite its significant turnaround – TATA Motors is quoting at a PE ratio of around 8 now – which seems to be ridiculously LOW.
Maruti has produced 3 consecutive months of over 1 lakh vehicle sales – which is an extraordinary performance. Its export performance also is improving very Fast. In 2-3 years time, its exports may become very significant and befitting a Global Player.
M&M auto sales are up a huge 34% in OCT.
Bajaj Auto has reported a sales rise of 32%.
Hero Honda has a 42.7% rise.
TVS Motors has a 48% Growth.
The 3rd quarter has thus started with a big bang for the Auto Sector. We can expect excellent results from all these Auto sector companies in Q3.All auto sector shares are worth investing at current prices.
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  2. Dear reader (yug_purush@hotmail.com - from surenblog.com),

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    As you can see, I will be following up the progress in certain sectors like Auto and banking - almost every month.

    While there are several sources of info - I usually take reliable figures from the company web sites, interviews with Top managements and Industry Journals.

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    I am absolutely fascinated by the progress some of our Auto companies and Banks are making.

    TATA MOTORS is irresistible. Its future could be like that of Ford, or TOYOTA - if only Ratan TATA puts his heart and soul into it - instead of leaving totally to his efficient Managers. All that is now needed for TATA MOTORS is a new vision - as simple as that. Rest of it will be done by its efficient Managers.

    Please follow up on the coming article (Usually first week of each month) on AUTO SECTOR.