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There are always a few news that are heartening and invigorating. There are also always a lot of news which are depressing and demoralizing. Some news are – just not worth reading. Here are the Good, Bad and the Sad

1.  Excellent :TN EXTREMISTS WANTED FOR BID ON ADVANI HELD IN AP AFTER 10 HOUR OPERATIONS:-Puttur in southern AP was famous for ancient bone jointing methods. Even now, many people believe in the efficiency of these traditional Bone Jointers of Puttur. But, the proximity of Puttur to Tamilnadu makes it an ideal place for any terrorists to commit their heinous ACTS and flee easily outside Tamilnadu. The same thing happened  yesterday, when TN Police got info about the Terrorists hiding in Puttur. These Terrorists are wanted in case of attacks on several Hindu leaders, including Advani. The terrorists are posing as scrap dealers in Puttur. 3 Terrorists, Fakruddin,32, Bilal Malik,25, Panna Ismail,36 are arrested after a Huge operation involving the TN Police – helped by AP Govt. It is understood from News Reports that Islamic Terrorists Groups were regrouping and planning attacks on public figures and probably a temple as well. The terrorists at Puttur had fire arms and fought a gun battle also  before surrendering. They also used women and children as a shield against Police.  Even now, their family members, including mother, don’t believe that they can be terrorists. That shows, how Islamic terrorist groups operate – even without knowledge of their family members. In many earlier cases, a few were caught but were released for want of conclusive evidence. This is the problem with Terrorism and terrorists. If India wants to deal with Terrorism effectively, we need special Laws – and not ordinary laws and ordinary Court Processes. There will never be the so called CONCLUSIVE EVIDENCE against terrorist attacks. Pakistan is hiding behind this spacious plea even in respect of the Mumbai Blasts. But, India can’t afford to have such archaic, ineffective, Laws, which endanger India from the terrorists. I therefore suggest the following methods to deal with terrorists :

(a)           First and Foremost, we need an All India based ANTI-TERRORIST SQUAD, NOT TAKING ORDERS FROM Political bosses, but acting Independently and reporting cases and actions taken, to Parliament through an Authority like Lok Pal, a judicial or quasi Judicial authority constituted for the purpose. If some Political boss is giving orders, like – deal with Muslim terrorists softly, differently etc – we can never, ever tackle terrorism on Indian Soil. There should be an unbiased, impartial Authority to deal with terrorism, but, they should be allowed to deal with terrorism strongly and independently.

(b)           There shall be no question of the Political Authority questioning them on their day-to-day operations like encounters, operations, killing on the spot, engaging in chase and catch, proactive operations and so on. The Lok Pal like Authority shall however report the progress of anti terrorist operations to a Joint committee of the Parliament , on monthly basis, and Parliament shall have authority to debate on the reports and give any guidelines for future operations as they may deem fit, without compromising on the Independence of the Anti Terrorist Squads.

(c)           The Squads shall have all Powers for Pro-active, preventive operations, including , where necessary, ENCOUNTERS, of  terrorists. There shall be no authority for any other authority like, say, CBI, for questioning their operations. It shall be the exclusive domain of the Lok Pal like authority constituted for the purpose. Parliament can, however, review the operations and suggest any guidelines for future.

(d)           Terrorism shall preferably include the Mafia operating in Mumbai and elsewhere, Sand/coal/Iron ore  mining Mafias in different states – and any other Mafias who terrorize General Public and regularly indulge in anti social, illegal operations of any kind. Even today, two persons were murdered for reporting about illegal sand mining. This is nothing but TERRORISM. Cases of People who are regularly involved in abducting women and children and carrying out trafficking in women and children must also come under Terrorism. These are all cases where the ordinary Police are a TOTAL FAILURE in almost every state.

(e)           But, Naxalism needs another specialist devoted group – with complete freedom of Action to root out Naxalism from the country. Naxalism for this purpose shall also include the terrorist Groups in the North east and other states as well.

(f)            These are my views. Of course, some Politicians won’t agree. Did they agree easily for barring criminal Politicians from Parliament and state legislatures? No. Did they implement Lok Pal Bill? No. As Lalu told on one occasion, why will they approve of a Lok Pal, which is dangerous for themselves! 

(g)           But, Country and people must rise above Politicians and insist on such Independent Anti-Terrorist operations. India must become a country where the ordinary citizen is not only Law abiding but is also fearless in his Lawful conduct.

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