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Most of us would surely be interested in knowing the Billionaires of our Country (India ). That they are Billionaires – is itself a Huge measure of their success in life. Each of them is running Big Businesses, Industries, trade or other Highly Profitable vocations. To my knowledge, Forbes is one organization which assiduously collects details of such successful people of each country and lets us know every year. There are some marginal names always, who either drop out in an year, or, newly enter into the year.

As of now, I find that Forbes has counted 55 Billionaires in India. To my mind – one notable missing person in the List is Ratan TATA , who may be missing because, most of his fortune is in the hands of a Trust. His successor’s name is also not in the List. Possibly, for similar reasons, there may be a few other names missing from the list. 

The Erstwhile Maharajas, Nawabs and Nizams have properties that do not seem to have been valued properly by any one, at any time at all. The Tiruvanantapuram Temple rooms had lakhs of crores of rupees worth of wealth, all of which possibly belongs to the King there. The Nizam’s property is also unknown and uncounted. But, these properties are almost totally – unproductive, unknown and unused wealth. I feel, there is need to bring out their values, tax them properly and bring them to productive use in the service of the country. Many of these kingly properties are unearned properties (in my opinion) – and therefore, they must service the country in some way now.

Other notable omissions in the list are – Actors, cricketers  and....Politicians. While the wealth of Businessmen and Industrialists is reasonably - white, countable, counted and taxed – and is reasonably transparent, the wealth of others is not that Transparent – especially that of Politicians. And, they will not allow any scrutiny into their real wealth and their sources. Ask any of them – their net worth does not exceed a crore or two of Indian rupees. But, many do confess privately that they spend even 50 – 100 Crores for elections. How does this magic happen – GOK!

Coming back to the Forbes List, we see that all these people are managing huge businesses, industries and trades – and their wealth is always in the process of enriching them and enriching India too. They are the wealth creators of India and they are also the employment Generators of India. There is a Huge need to encourage them (and others aspiring to be billionaires (in white)) - to generate further wealth for themselves and for India and , further employment also for Indians. Readers interested in knowing more details about these Billionaires of India may go to the web site of Forbes and read the details there.

India must become a LAND OF OPPORTUNITY – where any Honest and Intelligent entrepreneur can become a Billionaire. 

Be he Narendra Modi or Rahul Gandhi – whoever becomes next PM, must create such an atmosphere of true economic freedom, free from political, police and other bullying and harassment - for such honest entrepreneurs. The deeply sullied atmosphere of corruption and dishonesty which today makes India not fit for such honest entrepreneurship and investment must be rooted out – to make way for the innovative efforts of our young and old entrepreneurs.  

The 55 people below have succeeded even in such a discouraging atmosphere – should not mean – that India must accept and make do with such atmosphere. We must improve the atmosphere for innovation and entrepreneurship vastly in India. Not only in publishing such lists of successful persons, in India and other countries, but also, in giving us their secrets of Success, Forbes really remains unparalleled. Forbes has also published another List of 100 Richest persons in India. But, the remaining 45 persons have net worth less than 1 Billion $. They are all aspirants to jump  from that List into this List. We congratulate all these WINNERS. We do hope 2013 will see the net worth of all these Indians going up significantly.


Rank   Name            Net Worth ($-Blns)  Age     Source
22      Mukesh Ambani       21.5              56      petrochemicals, oil & gas             
41      Lakshmi Mittal         16.5              63      steel
91      Azim Premji            11.2              68      software
116     Dilip Shangvi           9.4               58      pharmaceuticals
131     Shasi and Ravi Ruia   8.5              69,64  diversified
150     Kumar Birla             7.9               46      commodities
155     Savitri Jindal & family  7.6           63      steel
173     Sunil Mittal & Family 6.8               56      telecom
182     Shiv Nadar              6.5               68      information technology
191     Kushal Pal Singh      6.3               82      real estate
233     Anil  Ambani            5.2               54      diversified    
286     Uday Kotak              4.4               54      banking        
329     Micky Jagtiani          4                  62      retail  
346     Cyrus Poonawallah  3.9               72      biotech         
376     Adi Godrej & Family   3.6               71      Consumer goods     
376     Jamshyd Godrej & Family  3.6       64      Consumer Goods     
395     Anil Agarwal                      3.4               60      mining, metals       
412     Kalanidhi Maran       3.3               48      media
437     Goutam Adani          3.1               51      commodities, infrastructure         
554     Malvinder & Shivinder Singh  2.6   (38,40)         healthcare    
613     Subhas Chandra     2.4               62      media
613     Desh Bandhu Gupta  2.4               75      pharmaceuticals      
670     Indu Jain                 2.2               77      media
670     BrijMohanLal Munjal 2.2              90      motorcycles  
704     Ajau Kalsi                2.1               52      oil      
704     Pankaj Patel             2.1               60      pharmaceuticals      
736     Rahul Bajaj              2                  75      motorcycles  
736     Rajan Raheja & Family  2              59      diversified    
792     BenuGopal Bangur   1.9               82      cement        
831     Rishad Naoroji         1.8               62      Consumer goods     
831  Chandru Raheja          1.8               73      real estate    
931     Ajay Piramal           1.6               58      pharmaceuticals      
965  Habil Khorakiwala       1.55              71      pharmaceuticals      
965     N.R. Narayana Murthy & family 1.55  67  software       
974  Ashwin Dani               1.5               71      paints
974     K. Anji Reddy & family 1.5           72      pharmaceuticals      
974  Brij Bhushan Singal    1.5               76      steel  
974  M.A. Yusuff Ali           1.5               57      retail  
1024   Vikas Oberoi            1.45              43      real estate    
1031   Ravi Jaipuria           1.4               58      soft drinks    
1031   Mangal Prabhat Lodha  1.4           57      real estate    
1088   Senapathy Gopalakrishnan & family  1.35         58      software       
1107   Murali Divi               1.3               62      pharmaceuticals      
1107   Nandan Nilekani & Family  1.3      58      software       
1107   Ranjan Pai               1.3               40      education     
1161   Venugopal Dhoot     1.25              62      electronics    
1161   Rakesh Jhunjhunwala1.25           53      investments 
1175   Yusuf Hameid         1.2               77      pharmceuticals       
1175   Baba Kalyani           1.2               64      engineering  
1175   Mofatraj Munot         1.2               69      real estate    
1268   G.M.Rao                  1.1               63      Infrastructure
1342   Joy Alukkas             1                  57      Jewelry
1342   T.S.Kalyanaraman    1                  66      Jewelry
1342   Norav Modi              1                  42      Diamond Jewelry
1342   Jitendra Virwami      1                  47      Real estate

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