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AUTO SECTOR SALES UPTO SEP 2010 = UPDATE DT 04 10 2010 = Maruti,TATA Motors, M&M, Bajaj Auto, Hero Honda, TVS Motors, A shok Leyland

UPDATE DATED 04 10 2010

Maruti Suzuki has sold a total of 1,08,006 vehicles in September 2010. This includes 12,858 units for export.
This is the highest ever Total monthly sales by the company. Previous highest was 1,04,971 units in August 2010.
The company had sold a total of 83,306 vehicles in September 2009.
September 2010 is also the fourth time that company's monthly sales crossed 1 lakh mark. With these record numbers, the company crossed half a million sales mark in the first six months of a fiscal.
Maruti Suzuki's volume in the domestic market grew by 32.9 per cent. In the A2 segment, sales grew by 31.3 per cent while in A3 segment sales were 43.2 per cent higher, as compared to sales in September 2009. The sales growth in the C segment was 66.6 per cent over September 2009. The sales growth in B segment was 17.7% over September 2009.
Tata Motors’ total sales (including exports) of Tata commercial and passenger vehicles in September 2010 were 64,668 vehicles, a growth of 23% over 52,513 vehicles sold in September 2009. The company’s domestic sales of Tata commercial and passenger vehicles for September 2010 were 59,611 nos., a 20% growth over 49,650 nos. sold in September last year.
Cumulative sales (including exports) for the company for the fiscal are 380,113 nos., a growth of 39% over 273,491 nos. sold last year.

 M&M has reported its highest ever monthly sales at 35,177 units in September 2010,  up  23.71 % over the same month last year.
Total sales of utility vehicles which includes Scorpio, Xylo, Bolero and Pick Ups stood at16,537 units. The sales of Logan, has gone up by a whopping 1000 units, a rise of 96%, compared to the same month a year ago.
Sales of three-wheelers and Gio and Maxximo mini-trucks during September jumped by 40.90 per cent to 6,005 units from 4,262 units during the same month last year.
Mahindra Navistar light commercial vehicle sales also jumped by 40.90 percent to 6005 units compared to 4262 units during the same period last year.
Exports also jumped by 86% to 1,311 units compared to 703 units during September 2009.
The company has also entered into 2 wheeler segment already with scooters and is now introducing Motor cycles.
Bajaj Auto Ltd has reported a 26% growth in motorcycle sales at 3,14,515 units in September 2010, against 2,49.133 motorcycles in September last year. The company had achieved the highest ever motorcycle sales and Pulsar sales during the month. The Discover model launched in 2009 July has crossed the one million sales mark. Commercial vehicle sales were up 23% to 38,254 units. The total sales during September was 3,52,769 units compared to 2,80,916 in the same month last year. Exports was up 26% to 1,01,960 units from 80,681 last year same time.
Motorcycle sales from April 2010 to September” 10 was up 58% to 17,11,863 units while commercial vehicle sales was up 46% to 2,16,994 units. Total sales till September this year was up 56% to 19,28,884 units up from 12,34,389 units last year same period. Exports during this time has gone up to 6,31,231 units which is a 57% growth over last year. Exports are on course to exceed one million units this year, it said.
 Hero Honda sold 4,33,641 units during September registering a growth of 8%. In September last year, the company sold 401,290 units. This is the fifth consecutive month of 4-lakh plus sales for the company. The company is also introducing new models in the festive season.

TVS Motors total sales stood at 188,005 units in September 2010 against 143,753 units in September 2009.
Its total two-wheeler sales surged 30% to 1,84,783 units in September 2010 over September 2009. The company's domestic sales rose 25% to 1,65,418 units and exports soared 89% to 19,365 units in September 2010 over September 2009.
The company's three-wheeler sales jumped 169% to 3,222 units in September 2010 September 2009.

Ashok Leyland has reported a 90.22 per cent jump in commercial vehicle sales to 10,363 units in September.
The company had sold 54,48 units in the same month last year.
Domestic sales stood at 9,513 units in September as against 4,809 units in the same month last year, up 97.82 per cent.
Exports increased by 33.02 per cent to 850 units during the month, compared to 639 units in the year-ago period.
The company also reported a 99.08 per cent increase in total domestic sales of medium and heavy commercial vehicles to 9,474 units from 4,759 units in the same month last year.

It can be seen from the Sales figures of major automobile manufacturers up to September,2010, that the Auto Industry is in the PINK OF HEALTH, with both domestic sales and export sales rising for almost all manufacturers.
All of them are recording the Highest ever sales month after month.
Other directly connected sectors like steel, auto ancillaries etc are also therefore bound to do well in this scenario.
This shows the robustness of the Indian economy and is bound to reflect in the sales and profitability of most other sectors as well.
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