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Why did Narendra Modi think of a Sadbhavana Mission?

One can always say – Narendra Modi should have done this or that – instead of Sadbhavana Mission, the three day, Self purification fast, for unity and Harmony among the people of Gujarat essentially – and also, perhaps India in general.

But, Modi has not chosen to do any of the things – which many others, chiefly his detractors, suggest. His mind and heart have chosen the Sadbhavana Mission.

If Modi did not choose the Sadbhavana Mission – but had gone through the usual political maneuvers of all Indian Politicians – would it have been better?

After all – there was no Sadbhavana Mission or any other mission to bring together all people or any other idea that others are suggesting now – in any other state - after even worse Riots took place in those states. The current detractors of Modi are silent on all of them now, for their own reasons.

So – let us forget all of their other ideas.

Is it better that there is a Sadbhavana Mission in Gujarat now; or is it better if there is no Sadbhavana Mission at all there?

It is now, not a question whether some thing else should or should not have been there in Gujarat. It is a question whether Sadbhavana Mission being there is better for Gujarat - rather than it not being there.

I think – all said – Sadbhavana Mission being there is better for Gujarat.

The next question is – is it a Political move for Modi to become PM? 2014 is far, far away. Lots of things will happen before that. In India, every week – some thing new is happening.

Anna Hazare - is a new phenomenon. His crusade against corruption is extraordinary – but somewhat obstinate in respect of some points. Yet, his crusade is invaluable for India. He was very well supported by the Media, and also by Opposition, especially the BJP, in and out of Parliament – and a large part of Anna’s success is creditable to these two forces. India wants this movement against corruption to succeed – but also to take all right thinking people together in the fight.  What Anna and his team will plan next is anybody’s guess.

Baba Ram Devji, in my opinion, has been wronged by Government and cold shouldered by team Anna also to some extent - for no good reasons. There is a witch hunt going against him from Government side. Hopefully, he will come out of all of them in the course of time.

In my opinion, his contribution to the eradication of diseases and propagation of Yoga for health has been invaluable for those who had attended his Yoga Sibirs. His Yoga and his medicines are both very good. India needs his services on a long term basis. I wish Government takes his help in eradicating many of today’s incurable diseases. so - Baba Ram Dev – is not one to be written off.

In all Parties – there are some idealistic forces. There are also many idealistic persons outside the Political arena, doing a lot of good work. They can see beyond current day Politics. We never know, when a great motivation will strike them – and they come out on streets to influence Indian Politics. So – lots of things can happen between now and 2014.

Modi, still has miles to cross, in legal tangles in the state and other challenges. So, this Sadbhavana Mission being a stepping stone of sorts to becmong PM – is  a some what far-fetched imagination, based on the CRS report.

The third question is – about his detractors who are coming together.  Frankly, I am not impressed by their claims. There were 2 incidents – one is Godhra train carnage and the second is subsequent riots. The detractors group almost do not seem to remember the first incident at all. Their support is in respect of the second incident of riots. This partial blindness or selective amnesia – doesn’t show them in any good light at all.

Modi has told the press – take five communal incidents which happened – 4 in other congress ruled states and one in Gujarat – compare the action taken by all the 5 governments – and then tell me – whether Gujarat acted faster and better or worse. Fair enough. The Press must do it. His detractors must also be doing it. Definitely – then, criticism will be more balanced.

It does not mean – Modi should not be acting faster than he did. He should. Every Government should.

His detractors also complained about the spending on the Fast. Modi has effectively replied the point (to my mind), that constructing a huge pandal of that size costs crores. But, Ahmadabad readily has an auditorium, and it comes in less than 1/5th of the cost. So, why not? And, if it comes with an A/C already installed there – why not? It is not only cheaper – but much better – and makes good business sense. Modi’s logic looks reasonable.

His detractors had assembled the riot victims who sought to protest seeking Justice for them. Modi’s Government of course did not allow them near the Fast Venue right now – but I think, Modi will reach out to them in some way later, when the detractors disperse. In any case- if cases are there in courts – the reaching out by Modi will only be symbolic. The Law, in every case in India, takes its own course. Modi probably can’t help that too much.

Another interesting point that some people talk of is – Modi is not Gandhi. Neither is he Anna. This question seems so out of place to me. Yes. Modi is not Gandhi or Anna. Why should he be?  His mission is not the same as that of Gandhi or Anna. Gandhi succeeded in bringing Freedom. Anna is yet to succeed in any thing fully. We want him to succeed in his mission.

Modi has succeeded in development of Gujarat. Now – he has trained his focus on other aspects like Sadbhavana – chiefly, because, many people are carrying on unnecessary propaganda dividing people on communal and caste lines. His mission is to bring unity and harmony. He feels that- faster development of all sections is possible by unity and harmony only.

Having heard Modi’s speeches, and press Interviews so far – the feeling is undeniable that – considering all pros and cons – this Sadbhavana Mission is GOOD FOR GUJARAT. And, it may be good for India too.

Evidently, it is one step towards peace and Harmony and more will follow. Many from his party have said this to be so. So, let us wait further, what Modi will do for carrying the Sadbhavana Mission further. He has said that - Gujarat Government is committed to provide justice to victims

Modi has lived up to his Sadbhavana Mission in the first 2 days – he hasn’t said a word against anybody – including his worst detractors. His every word is in keeping with the spirit of Sadbhavana.

This is some thing that all his BJP colleagues and workers need to emulate. No Bad words. No abusive words. No hate campaigns. Constructive criticism is OK – but not abusive words.

Is that prescription only for BJP workers and leaders? No. It is required for all Political workers and leaders.  Let us keep the Political atmosphere in India clean. Many good things will flow out of it.

Modi or No Modi – India needs Sadbhavana in every state. That much is beyond a shadow of doubt. 

If Modi brings it in Gujarat, let us thank him and congratulate him.

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