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There are some Iron Laws of Insanity – which we all know to be true and therefore need no proof

Even as you read them with their explanation – you will instantly realize how true they are. But, please do the re-appraisals of all people around you and the one in the midst of them – in terms of these laws.
It will be a great revelation. It will be enlightening. For the first time, you will know who you are. And, who they are.

You will never be the same – after you have read these laws. These are life changing. These are game changing. So go ahead – and change your life.

This is in continuation of the great thoughts on Insanity contained in the earlier Blog Post at the URL :

1.      Law : Every Insane man looks sane, to every other equally insane man. The key word here is ‘equally’.
Explanation : Study the law; Understand the law; the law is obviously true. If you consider any person as sane and intelligent – re-appraise him in terms of this law. He is not what you consider him to be. Look closely;Observe for sufficient time; observe Impartially; Unbiasedly; with no respect or disrespect; The truth of the law becomes very evident to you. He is not what he seemed to you before. Hurraah. Now, re-appraise yourself – in terms of the law. You will find the law to be true again.
2.      Law : Every insane person looks more insane – to a more or less insane person. It does not matter whether the latter is more or less insane.
Explanation : If you have done the re-appraisal of you and others in terms of Law 1 above, you will automatically find the truth in the second Law as well. Now, the observer is not equally insane as the observed person. He is either more, or, less insane. More or less does not matter at all; but, the observed person certainly looks more insane always, to him now. Now re-appraise yourself. It helps.
3.      Law : The term men, for the purpose of these Laws, does not apply equally to women. One must add a 50 % weightage – in respect of women. Every law applies 50% more to women.
Explanation : Women are made different. But, they ape men. That makes them 50 % more than what they are. This law requires re-appraisal of women by men and men by women – and then, self–re-appraisal. It is urged that readers do the re-appraisals of others first and then self re-appraisals, after each Law.
4.   Law : All less insane men think, they are more or less sane.
Explanation :  Whatever you think you are, after due diligence, that is what you are. This too is a Law in itself. If you have re-appraised yourself in terms of first 3 laws, You aredefinitely and obviously less insane, so you will think you are more or less sane.
5.   Law : More sane and less sane make no difference.
Explanation : It is like jumping from one 100 storied Building to another (with a street in between) or from one mountain peak to another…I think, you get the point of what I am trying to tell you. Whether you jump 1% or 99% - You still fall in between and break your bones. Whether you are more sane or less sane – you are still insane. Reappraise others again. Re-appraise yourself again.
6.   Law : Some totally insane persons think they are enlightened.
Explanation : Don’t you see some of them doing totally insane things which you will never attempt. They don’t want money. They don’t want sex. They don’t want cars. They don’t want anything. Or, they at least say so. Isn’t this total insanity? Re-appraise them again. Self-re-appraise again. If at any time, you feel you are yourself enlightened, you will no more be able to do these re-appraisals.
7.   Law : The corollary is - Whoever “thinks” he is enlightened is a totally insane person.
Explanation : If you feel you are enlightened, you don’t want anything of the world. On the other hand, if you begin to – not want anything of the world – you are on the road to enlightenment.  Re-appraise others again. Re-appraise yourself again.
8.   Law : All insane persons die.
Explanation : Aren’t we insane to die voluntarily? Like all sheep jumping off the cliff – simply because the previous one has jumped! If you think or feel that you must die because others do – this law proves itself. Re-appraise others again. Re-appraise yourself again. If you have any doubts, the next law clears them.
9.   Law : Whoever dies is an insane person. Since we all die, we are all  insane.
Explanation : We die. We say, we affirm - that  we die. We don’t say someone makes us to compulsorily die. Which means, we, voluntarily, on our own free will and volition, die. What we say – is what we do. What we all say and what all of our forefathers said – is that we die. Like, we eat, we run, we die. Isn’t this insane?  Re-appraise others. Then, Self-re-appraise.
10.        Law : The corollary is – there are no sane persons.
Explanation : Since we all die; die voluntarily; say so; and think so – we are all insane and therefore, there are no sane persons. That is why most dictionaries refer to sanity as cleanliness of surroundings – not of ourself. The sanitation department is not for you – but for your surroundings.
11.        Law : All iron laws rust and disappear.
Explanation : Nothing remains the same. When insanity crosses certain levels – new laws will appear and obliterate existing laws.
12.        If there are more Laws, readers can freely supplement. Your experience helps.

Let us see some practical examples of the application of the iron Laws of Insanity  in our lives:

Ø  Love is Blind. Love is crazy. Love is insane.
Ø  Love is purely temporary and time-bound. It comes. Whatever comes – also goes.
Ø  These are all Laws of Love formulated by many others before us.
Ø  One ancient law of love in Sanskrit says – love knows no fear and no shame (Kaamaathuraanaam na bhayam na lajjaa)
Ø  An old western law ( or saying ) is - God is Love.
Ø  All these laws are true. Knowing what Love is and What God is, You can read both laws together.
Ø  Some new findings are :
Ø  Love is a time-bound virus. Like any time-bound virus - it cures itself in a time-bound manner and requires no medicine. After suffering a bout of love, you become your normal insane and happy self.
Ø  The average period of love presently - is about one year, statistically speaking. The period may come down in future, when people become more aware of its adverse effects and start to stay away from it.
Ø  Like all viral diseases, it looks like being eternally there – when you are suffering it.
Ø  You don’t need a medicine for any time-bound virus, including Love. But, you must take some medicines for its side-effects.
Ø  In countries like India, love ends with marriage – or, shortly after that. It is a peaceful end, though. The marriage continues thereafter.
Ø  In some western countries, love ends with marriage, but drags on with its severe side-effects and after-effects, until divorce. Some medicines recently discovered in the west are - become Gay, lesb etc – which replaces the virus of love with some other unknown virus.
Ø  In eastern countries – One can stay away from the virus of love – with  what is called Brahmacharyam (or celibacy).This is a less effective medicine. Love can attack any time.
Ø  When love disappears, its after-effects appear.
Ø  Even if one small virus remains in you – you will catch the disease again – some time.

Human knowledge of all viruses is still abysmally incomplete. This is true of the virus of love also. 

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