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With India launching today the 5000 KM range, AGNI – V MISSILE, which is a very significant  scientific and Technological achievement, India joins the small, Elite Club of Nations having this marvel of Advanced Technology. 

India is now acquiring the capability to launch multiple war heads from a Missile with near, if not exactly, ICBM capabilities. 

Agni-V is a  solid fuel, 3 stage Missile.

The Scientists behind this creditable effort (mainly from DRDO), the Prime Minister and the Government of India who have been a great support to this effort – all need to be congratulated, for achieving this capability.

Now that the capability is proven; (well, it is just that – our capability to make such missiles is proven; nothing more); the real operational and beneficial  part of this capability (for India) must get executed with greater precision and swiftness.

Government of India, DRDO and the Army – must now concentrate on making all out efforts – to manufacture and place at various strategic locations – a good number of these missiles – aimed at being a sufficient deterrent against any adventurous attacks on India. Money should not be a constraint for this effort.

What is the next, immediate step required?

I suggest – that the Government, the DRDO and the Army must put in place a High Powered, Highly motivated team immediately, to monitor and hasten the process of testing, removing snags if any, improving design, and manufacturing sufficient number of these Missiles and placing them at strategic locations – so that by next year, this time, we are much stronger that what we now are. 

It is to be remembered that INDIA is only responding to an existing threat, an existing situation, where INDIA  cannot but possess retaliatory capabilities.

DEMONSTRABLE STRENGTH is the only DETERRENT against irresponsible Enemies (or misdirected friends!).

India has never been an aggressor – and has no territorial or other designs against any country in the world. But that said, India does face such designs from its neighbours against itself. This is a factual situation that India must seriously acknowledge.

One wonders sometimes - if this is the result of projecting itself as a TOO SOFT STATE in the past.

India must want FRIENDLY NEIGHBOURS – on all sides, but must never tolerate terrorist or territorial designs against itself, in the name of keeping friendships. There must be clear, strong retaliatory capabilities and measures against such designs – which must be understood and recognized as such – by our neighbours.

One always wanted to see the Government – performing  efficiently and not suffering from any Policy or performance paralysis. In this Instance, Government does deserve huge congratulations. Of course, DRDO deserves much better. As earlier said – If Government can operationalize these capabilities fast – say, within an year or so - it would have done a Great service to India.

I always remember How Kennedy put one single goal before USA, put a man, an American on the moon – and how that one Goal galvanized all Industries in USA, including its agriculture, to perform with super-efficiency and make USA, leaps ahead of its competitors.
India needs a similar goal and zeal today.

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