Sunday, May 5, 2013


(Heed Netizens' call)

China is in India in many ways; In many undesirable ways at that; In many unfriendly ways at that! And all that is happening because of our own callousness and unpreparedness.

When are we going to respect India, Indians and Indian Products? If not now – it will probably never be in the foreseeable future.

Chinese Army is into Indian territory several Kilometers and India is  sickeningly slow and afraid of responding in kind. And, why is India sickeningly afraid? Because, we have not built up the armory needed to counter the Chinese challenge in the military field.  

All that was and that is required, even today, is a Bold, Quick decision permitting Indian Private sector Biggies to enter into STRATEGIC DFENCE PRODUCTION in a big way and permit them to have 50:50 FDI from friendly foreign countries like the USA, UK, France and Russia. India is often clamoring for FDI. But, this is the one and only FDI that I feel, is needed on TOPMOST PRIORITY BASIS. All other FDI is second priority. 

But, when will India recognize this simple logic. Even if China comes further forward another 100-200 KMs into our territory, India does not seem even willing to wake up to this urgent need. With this one simple decision, India can leap frog ahead of the Chinese in defence preparedness. We can manufacture even advanced Drones. Or, perhaps, weapons which even the US is yet to think of. We can do it. We have the intelligence. We have the technical expertise. What we don’t seem have is the WILL TO SUCCEED AS A NATION!

No doubt, India is producing missiles etc to some extent. Each of our Governments needs some kudos on this aspect. But, whether we are producing the Nuclear warheads that they need to carry – is another point.

I want to see the Government telling us – “Fellow Indians! Your National Honour is safe. We have the ability to destroy any attacking Nation five times over. And, we will do it – without hesitation if any nation dares to attack our territory.” Well, even if you do not tell us so directly, tell us and tell the world, that in military preparedness, we are No.1 in this part of ASIA. When are we going to say that? When? Will we always remain competing with a small-sized Pakistan and be afraid of them also?

What we don’t even think of doing, we will never do. We must first think of doing that.

That is the unfortunate fact. We want the Government – whoever is in it – to tell us this in a resounding and re-assuring way. And, all that is needed is a simple decision just stated. Building a good missile may take two years. But, permitting FDI and permitting Private sector  into strategic defence production must not take more than a week. In this, all Political Parties must come together.

I am made a little emotional into writing all this by Sri ArvindSwami, the much loved actor of Mumbai made by Maniratnam. The TOI in a News item of today, titled  “Netizens Clamour for Boycott of “Made In China” Products”” has described the efforts of Sri Swami and other netizens to counter the Chinese aggressive  Military Postures with economic boycott. I strongly and totally support Sri Swami and the other Netizens in that effort.  Every Indian must take a Pledge to avoid Chinese made articles to the maximum possible extent. For the last decade or more, I was feeling very bad about the huge incursion of Chinese made products into Indian Markets. 

Wherever you see, Chinese, Chinese, Chinese ! 

Only Chinese products are available in most Indian Markets. How is this happening? In what routes are these products coming into India, and how have these displaced all previously available Indian Products? If this level of Chinese Product and economic domination is allowed, why will India’s current account deficit not increase and why will its capital account deficit too into increase? All of our economic ills can be easily traced to this one single factor, namely, Chinese Products domination in India.

Therefore, purely on economic grounds, I would say, Boycott Made-in-China Products.

Now, on purely Nationalistic Grounds as well, I would say, Boycott Made-in-China Products.

At least, I will. I do hope, many readers also will.

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