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As every Investor in stocks and Shares knows – National stock exchange is undisputedly, the No.1 stock Exchange in India.

That is not a small credit – for the LATEST STARTER. It has gone way ahead of ALL OTHER STOCK EXCHANGES in the country, in a very short time span.

All Investors sensed the New Opportunity – a new, transparent, fast, fault-free Investing environment, free of all hassles of the Manual Exchanges all over the country. And, they shifted automatically.

NSE has a number of Market Reforms to its credit. Along with SEBI, it has revolutionized the way, stock Markets function in India.

The Days of Broker dominated opaque market environment suddenly came to an end – when NSE came on the scene, and the INVESTOR, almost overnight, became the MASTER of his fortunes, almost totally.

If INVESTORS gain or lose today – it is certainly not due to the INVESTING ENVIRONMENT at the exchange – which remains a beautiful, great facilitator.

Today, NSE is healthy and efficient and Truly world-class. Not that, no more progress is needed at NSE. A Lot more is required. As the saying goes – and, miles to go, before we sleep… So is SEBI. It also needs to do its continual reforming process. But, to the credit of NSE, it must be said that - many things were done at NSE, before even SEBI thought of them.

One such thing is INVESTOR EDUCATION.


It has a Financial Literacy Program.

It has Certification Programs of itself (NSE) and of NISM.

It also runs Post Graduate Programs -on financial Markets – full time and week-end.

As part of this Education Program, it conducts a program called NSE’s Certification in Financial Markets or NCFM. This is a online testing and certification program. The entire process of testing, assessing and reporting scores is fully automated. NSE says – “the easy accessibility as well as flexibility involved in the NCFM programme has resulted in its wider acceptance among market intermediaries, professionals and students.” It is truly so. It is a Hassle-free process all the way – and highly educative and valuable for all those connected with the Stock Market in any way.

Tests are conducted in different Modules (subjects) – for which the course Material is carefully prepared by NSE and periodically updated. This means, once you study the subject and appear for the test and pass (mostly with 60% minimum pass Mark) – you can be sure that your knowledge of the Subject is adequate as an Investor. Of course, any INVESTOR can always, and need always update himself later, as the Investing Environment is ever changing.

NSE goes one step further in respect of students who take to this education seriously and go through a number of Tests in a variety of INVESTOR EDUCATION subjects.

NSE Certified Market Professional (NCMP) certificates are issued to those candidates who have cleared NCFM modules as per the following eligibility criteria:

NCMP Level 1        3 – 4 modules
NCMP Level 2        5 – 6 modules
NCMP Level 3        7 – 8 modules
NCMP Level 4        9 - 10 modules
NCMP Level 5        - 11 or more modules

At Present Level 5 is the HIGHEST certification in NCMP. The writer of this Blog is a NSE Certified Market Professional Level 5. The score of the author is over 85% (for the Level 5 Modules) on the average. The way NSE encourages you to go from one level to the next is also marvelous. It may be automated process – but really good.

NSE conducts tests in many more modules too – and all of them are interesting and highly educative. Periodically, NSE is introducing NEW MODULES, needed by the changing environment. For an Investor (Present and Future) – NCFM Modules and NCPM Level 1-5 certifications are both a GOOD INVESTMENT.

These are good in the Job Market too. Passing of some of these Modules is made a pre-requisite for certain Jobs and some of the Market Participants must employ them as a Rule. Many more opportunities may open up in future.
Some of these Certifications are issued along with other connected Organizations.

For Instance, Commodities Module certificate is issued by NSE – but, under the seal and signature of NCDEX (National Commodity & derivatives Exchange Ltd).

The NSDL-Depository Operations Module certificate is likewise issued by NSE – but, under the seal and signature of NSDL.  If you secure over 80% in this Module, NSDL certifies you as “NSDL CERTIFIED TRAINER” . This author is a NSDL CERTIFIED TRAINER.

There are many interesting Modules that readers - I assume all of them as Investors - will be interested in. Any way, you are in the Game of Investing. It is advisable to do your investing / speculative activities –as well-informed INVESTORS/SPECULATIVE INVESTORS.

I consider speculative activities also as INVESTMENT only. It is of more short term Nature. On the other hand, every medium/ Long term Investor also requires to shuffle his INVESTMENTS periodically – as new and better investment opportunities always come up in developing markets such as India – and some Old Investments turn UNPROFITABLE or LESS PROFITABLE, due to various reasons.

Stephen R.Covey, who wrote the SEVEN HABITS OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE PEOPLE,  considers continuous Education and upgrading of one’s skills as a pre-requisite for success in any field of Human Endeavour. He calls it, “ Sharpening the Saw”. If the Saw is not sharpened periodically – can it cut the wood? No. Sharpening the saw – or, Upgrading our skills – is a periodic necessity.

It is more so – in respect of stock investments. Or any Investments – like commodity, real estate and so on.

After all what is INVESTMENT?

You are able to see Better Value in an asset - and therefore, you will go and own it  – much before others see the value in it and start seeking to own it.

There may be many Intelligent Investors like you – and then the value of your chosen asset goes up much quicker. Even then, there are too, too many laggard investors (always) who see the value in it much, much later. Therefore, You and other Intelligent Investors stand to gain hugely.


My dear readers –

Even while continuing your Investment / speculative Activities –
Kindly avail this opportunity – to educate yourself further in your chosen field of Endeavour.

This Blog will go on making many value additions in future - to the Information that it provides to you.

=Happy & Successful Investing



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