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So – now that the Assembly Elections are over and the results are out – there is a feverish questioning on why – it all so happened.

In this post, we will look at West Bengal and Tamilnadu.


Mamata Banergee has won hands down.

Of course, Congress votes have helped a lot.

Without Congress votes – whether she could have won is a point – for her to ask herself .

No – is my opinion. Any way, these are times of unavoidable coalitions.

But, Mamata is the Major player – who battled all the way;

Rather – she is the one who bowled all the way – and finally stumped the Left front, to win the match.

Congress  has its vote Bank, but will probably remain a bit player forever, as it never promotes a state level leader – the efficient Pranab Mukherjee not withstanding..

In all that happened in the Elections – what I liked most was Mamataa’s reply to CNN IBN to say some thing in Bengali – and she said a small part of a  Tagore’s song –

shakol ahamkaar aamaar, dubaao chokher jole”  - which means Oh lord, dissolve all my ego in my own tears. It sounds more beautiful and more effective – in Bengali, though.

Mamatadee ! please do keep this spirit all the way, for the rest of your life – and you will do a lot of good to Bengal.

Hopefully, with that spirit pervading Bengal – we can easily get another Tagore, another Ramakrishna, another Vivekananda from Bengal  - once again.

Mamata has also promised to co-operate with the opposition Left – for good governance.

Ironically – Left had also given what it thought was good governance. But, the “ahankaar” aspect – probably sank them. 

Hopefully, the left will learn their lessons.

In West Bengal – it was a combination of POSITIVE VOTE  for Mamata, and NEGATIVE VOTE  for the left front both.

STATISTICS : TMC Front  has won 228 seats. Left Front won 61


Miss Jayalalithaa won hands down.It was simply overwhelming.Like in all elections in the state, the people of Tamilnadu were very correct in using their vote power to - punish mis-governance.

In her response to questions – she very clearly acknowledged that 
it was a vote of anger against the DMK Government.

It was a NEGATIVE VOTE – against DMK. There can be no doubt about it.

I totally agree with her.

There was nothing much to vote for – for anybody else – except that the DMK proved too burdensome for Tamilnadu. Any body else is OK – seems to be the mood of Tamilnadu Electorate.

Miss Jayalalithaa had committed her share of mistakes when in power last time.But, DMK's mistakes far outweighed any of hers. Hopefully, both leaders of DMK and AIADMK will keep off from past mistakes now.

Every one knows about these mistakes – and talks about them in Tamilnadu - mostly in private. 

The court case involving the Kanchi Sankaracharya is a case in point.The way their case was handled by Miss Jalayalalithaa's  Government – was not Good Governance. 

This was just one example, and there were other things like that.

DMK did much better in such cases. But, 2G scam and over exposure of all family members to Powerful positions, and UNDEREXPOSURE of long time DMK seniors to such positions – probably hit the nail on the coffin, in respect of DMK. Some good work done by the likes of Stalin were swept away in the scams.


Mr.Karunanidhi’s (and those around him) main fault is his thirst for family power. His greatest asset was however, his acknowledged popularity among the poor. He could still win in future – if Miss. Jayalalithaa repeats her past mistakes.

But, that future is now left to big -  ifs and Buts.

Some questions still need to be asked and analysed by Political analysts :

(i) If Mr.Karunanidhi could keep the left and a few of erstwhile allies on his side - how would the results be? Difficult to predict.

(ii) If Mr.MK's family was outside 2G scam - how would the results be? Difficult to predict.

(iii) If Ms.JJ did not have all the allies she got - would she still have won? Difficult to predict.

But, all said - it is a great opportunity for Ms.JJ - to prove her mettle in the CM's seat conclusively and lift Tamilnadu to its glory. It is a historic opportunity (lost by MK and gained by JJ).

I would strongly urge Ms.Jayalalithaa, to tell herself – the same thing that Ms.Mamata told herself – in fact, it is necessary for all Political leaders – please dissolve all of your egos in your own tears; you do need to shed them some times, at the people’s suffering; and be more human and humane.

Please don’t use power for vengeful purposes. Accept criticism. It is good for you. It shows people care for you and like what you do – except the criticized part. In fact, seek criticism. please accept the idea that - CRITICISM DOES GOOD. We want to see more of Tamilnadu (Like West Bengal, now) on National channels - for good reasons.

If this is done – Ms.Jayalalithaa could be the best chief Minister in India.She is more able and efficient than most other CMs – as of now; 

But, Mamata in WB is a FAST LEARNER and DOWN TO EARTH. She of course needs to tackle ticklish issues like (i) Naxalites (ii) Gorkhaland and (iii) Industrial Development of WB. Her past will haunt her in all these issues. But, with some prudence, she can tackle them well.

Any way – congratulations to all winners – both Mamata and Jayalalithaa!!

=other states in next post =

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