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Corruption and Black Money are two monsters that threaten to devour India’s economy. They are deep rooted and deep seated. It would be wrong to think that some minister or top bureaucrat only can be corrupt. The man or woman at the bottommost of the ladder also can be corrupt – and in India, he too is. 

From the view point of Corruption, India can be divided into 3 categories now, like any other country – (i) The Corrupt (ii) The corruptible and (iii) the Non-corruptible. Obviously, the fight is category three against category one.

The first  Goal of the fight against Corruption is - to put in place strong systems which are deterrent enough – against people  indulging in Corruption.

The Lok Pal Bill is the one system – which can be an effective starting point for this purpose.

The Lok Pal Bill was needed 65 years ago.

It hasn’t come – and who is to blame? Will such blaming any way solve an iota of the problem?

No. It will not.

Thanks to various fortuitous circumstances, efforts of different Political Parties inside Parliament and the crusade against Corruption and Black Money by Team Anna and Baba Ram Dev –some sort of Lok Pal Bill got tabled in Parliament.

Now – the effort has to be to strengthen the Bill and get it passed.
This needs the support of the MAJORITY  of the members of Parliament.

Yes. This is the most crucial aspect of all this movement against Corruption and Black Money.

Whoever tries to build that support and pressure among MPs to support the strengthening of the Lok Pal Bill and Pass it with a GOOD MAJORITY – is doing the RIGHT THING.

This is the only way and the only sane way to go about in India’s fight against Corruption.

What is the wrong way to go about it? Abusing, denigrating, hurling unsubstantiated allegations against one or more MPs each week – leading right up to the Prime Minister -   is clearly the wrong way.

The MPs and Ministers whom some Team Anna Members are accusing are the ones whose support is needed to pass the Lok Pal Bill in Parliament. This is TOTAL LACK OF FOCUS on the Goal on the part of Team Anna Members.

Why should any MP VOTE for the Lok Pal Bill, if he is also branded as CORRUPT by Team Anna.

In this way – the Lok Pal Bill will take another 65 years to pass. 

Absolutely Nothing good will come from such bickering, denigrating, accusing, abusing – and as they call it, NAME & SHAME.

NAME & SHAME is a two way sword. YOU TOO can be named and shamed. 

If you don’t need proof for accusing - anyone born on earth can be named and shamed. 

That’s what the Government itself tried in case of Baba Ram Dev and many members of Team Anna. It was counterproductive, even for Government. It is not clear whether Government have understood and learnt the lesson.

Now, the same mistake is being committed by Team Anna members for quite some time from their side.

Calling Names and trying to shame people (especially those who need to pilot the Lok Pal Bill and vote for it) will not work. It will work in the opposite direction.

Sooner or later, the name and Shame game can start from the other side too. If NO PROOF  is required, anybody can play the game.

It is high time TEAM ANNA realizes the folly of indulging in this counterproductive, self defeating game of NAME & SHAME.

The time is for mustering the GOODWILL and SUPPORT of all MPS for the LOK PAL BILL. If someone is corrupt, Lok Pal will look into it surely. Your (our) task is only to ensure the successful passage of the Lok Pal Bill, as early as possible.

The time is also ripe for strengthening the Lok Pal Bill.

In this context, Baba Ram Devji’s words and methods need respect. What he said was right. Taking names in the campaign is NOT GOOD AT ALL  for the cause.

Team Anna must appreciate the goal orientation of these methods.

If he goes to BJP first, it was because, BJP was the one Party which also offered almost TOTAL SUPPORT even to Team Anna, to start with. But, Team Anna is frittering away the Advantage, by accusing every supporter of the cause among the Political class. 

It is now clear that Baba Ram dev is mustering support from all other Political Parties also. There are some die-hard, corrupt Politicians who will never change. Forget them. Others will support the Bill – if only Team Anna stops this self-defeating NAME & SHAME  campaign.

Yes. Team Anna has done Yeoman work in India’s fight against Corruption. It deserves praise for all that. But, this Name & Shame is not one thing deserving any praise.

Team Anna must also learn another age old lesson. Criticizing is easy. The criticized man will not change but will find all arguments to justify himself and his actions. Not only that, he will criticize you in turn. He too will find all possible arguments against you. No one wins in this BLAME GAME.

On the other hand, one must learn to praise the people. You don’t have to praise the evidently corrupt people. You don’t have to. But, there are so many NON-CORRUPTIBLE MPs who deserve praise. They are NON-CORRUPTIBLE even in the current atmosphere of CORRUPTION.

Advaniji, Sushmaji, Arun Jaitley are all NON-CORRUPTIBLE. And, so are Dr.Manmohan Singh, Pranab Mukherjee,  A.K.Antony and many others in Congress. Because they are in Government, they need to handle CAG’s views and others’ views a lot more. But, that doesn’t make them personally Corrupt.

The leftist parties by and large are free from corruption. TMC too is so.  Can’t you praise all of them for their non-corruptibility and ask them to crusade for you? Can’t you seek their support for Lok Pal Bill? Who else will support you? Kindly Stop this Name & Shame. Start Name and Praise. That is needed urgently right now. These people deserve the praise. They can support the Lok Pal Bill, if rightly approached.

I fervently appeal to Team Anna to stop the wrong tactics and adopt the right ones.

There is the second important Point that Team Anna needs to correct. Every time Team Anna members talk of JANLOK PAL BILL, they do give the impression, “my way, or the Highway”. Government also follows the same principle, “my way, or the highway”. Both sides must come down from their Positions.

Team Anna must understand that they too have accepted many suggestions from many people – and what is now before  Parliament – can never be JAN LOK PAL BILL; but, it can be a STRONG LOK PAL BILL which Parliament owns – not just Team Anna. This is extremely important. Parliament must own the Bill.

Words matter. A strong Lok Pal bill, which MPs can support, will not be a Jan Lok Pal Bill. Team Anna must learn to allow the MPs that much credit. So, talk of a strong Lok Pal Bill – not Jan Lok Pal Bill.

People want you to succeed in your Mission. But, do you want to succeed in getting a STRONG LOK PAL BILL PASSED – or would stand on some EGIO TRIPS like Name & Shame? This is what stands between you and the Goal!

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