Tuesday, October 7, 2014

I CAME, I SAW, I CONQUERED = NARENDRA MODI = Is Shivaji a National Hero or Regional Hero?



It was first Japan; then it was China; finally, it was the United States of America. It did not matter whether Modi went or Modi received. Bu, he conquered the hearts. Japan saw the Logic in befriending India and enhancing its Business and cultural ties. China saw the logic the same way, so much so that the Chinese president told his army very promptly to withdraw from LOC positions and not to unnecessarily antagonize India and its Army. Ties with India are more important. And, he is right.  Then went Narendra Modi to the USA. And, surely he conquered the hearts of people there too.

It is only the Pakistan Army and its Political establishment who are not realizing that ties with India are far more important than borderline skirmishes and faked innocence.

India wants peace but not at Gun point. Not when terror is on. Peace should not be a ruse to perpetrate terror, in the name of non-state actors or state actors. It should not a be ruse to build huge underground tunnels to export terrorists into India. It should not be a ruse to do beheading of Indian soldiers. It should not be a ruse to shell civilian population across the border. What on earth is peace, when these things are on?

But, Modi Government should deal with Internal terrorism also, effectively. Whether we find terrorist outfits in West Bengal or Tamilnadu or Kashmir, it should not matter. The Political colour of the state should not matter. Every terror act or suspected terror activity must be dealt with by the Central Government – because, such activities are never confined to a single state. They could sweep through many states or may even be international in nature. All States must co-operate with the Centre in rooting out terror. India needs peace from external terrorists and also internal terrorists.

Right now, Modi is in Maharashtra. Will he conquer the people’s hearts there too? I wish he does. Maharashtra surely needs leaders with more national outlook and less regional chauvinism.

How else do you explain the statement that a train route which will run from Mumbai to Ahmadabad is a boon only to Gujarat? Is the starting point, Mumbai a part of Gujarat?

Three cities are identified to become Smart Cities. These are Allahabad, Ajmer and Visakhapatnam. How can anyone identify them as boon to Gujarat? When Modi was CM of Gujarat, he was of course talking of chey karod Gujaratis. Now, as PM of India, he always talks of 125 karod Indians. Every move he makes and every measure he brings in are for the benefit of all regions of India.

Modi is Indian all the way now. I wish, Maharashtra votes for Modi. Maharashtrians must come out and be leaders in all spheres all over the world. That is the legacy of Chatrapati Shivaji. Shivaji is a national Hero, not merely a Maratha hero as some leaders would like Maharashtra to believe. 

55 years back, when I was in school in a small town in AP, in our Telugu text books, and not merely in History books, we have read a lot about Shivaji and what Shivaji said on the death of Tanaji (Gad ala, pan simh gelaa). We did not understand the Marathi words then. But, we all understood the context and saluted Shivaji as a National Hero. I don’t understand why some leaders want to reduce National Heroes like Shivaji into small, regional heroes.

Likewise, today, Narendra Modi is no more a Gujarati. He is Indian. Nothing less. I am sure he too will be a national Hero to be proud of. Let no one call him a mere Gujarati.

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