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TEAM ANNA vs PM’S TEAM = Where is Lok Pal Bill? = Who thinks of it any more? = PM can & must Act = Team Anna must keep to gentler words


The ANTI-CORRUPTION MOVEMENT is meandering. It is deviating too much from its Goals.

India wants a strong Lok Pal Bill. It wanted it 65 years ago in 1947. But, the Governments are unwilling/unable to pass it – and they give out all sorts of excuses for it. Governments need to be severely indicted for this lapse on their part. 

It is because of this and such other costly lapses that today, India has the uncharitable name of being ONE OF THE MOST CORRUPT NATIONS in the world. And, it is sliding down further into the corruption abyss –with every passing day.
Every important office in India is seeped and steeped in corruption. The Non-corrupt in those offices are suffocating – because of the corrupt bureaucrat-politician-Police-Rowdy combination, that invariably compels them also into the same stink of corruption. So, even the non-corrupt is compelled into corruption out of the sheer necessity of survival.

Every scam exposed by CAG, is bigger than the previous – and yet, CAG is only pointing out deviations from rules, principles and ethics – and is not indicting people behind them. But, it is becoming so obvious – that CORRUPTION is behind most losses to the Government and Public.

There are very few cases, wherein Government itself voluntarily came forward to order a thorough probe – someone like Supreme Court had to tell them sternly.

There are states which are known to be hugely corrupt – but nothing much is coming out into the OPEN in those states. CORRUPTION kingdoms are well entrenched in those states – which is very obvious – and RTI activists are just getting KILLED for merely asking for INFO.  Yet, no action is being taken against the mafia – behind those Gruesome murders.

The Question in every citizen’s mind is – will Parliament Pass a strong Lok Pal Bill or Not? – and When? Does it see any urgency in it not? Please, for God’s sake, do not go on looking at PRIVILEGES in such matters. We have a sovereign right to demand of you a CLEAN GOVERNMENT, free of corruption.  No Parliament, No legislature should invoke privileges on people in such matters. 

On one side, MPs will say that Team Anna is going against Parliamentary Privileges. But, on the other side, they display NO URGENCY to pass the LOK PAL BILL – despite scam after scam coming out from different corners. Pass it, people will praise you. But, if you don’t pass it -  people are left with no option than to agitate. They have this sovereign right to criticize you.

The Anti Corruption movement of Team Anna started off with all NOBLE IDEALS – to bring about a strong LOK PAL BILL. It was an extraordinary movement which got spontaneous support from all across India. So was the movement of Swami Ram Dev against Corruption and Black Money.

But, Government and Politicians dealt with them as nastily as they could. The cases heaped on members of Team Anna and Swami Ram Dev were clearly a witch-hunting process. The mid-night scoop on Swami Ram Dev’s sleeping supporters was particularly deplorable. So, it is but natural – that members of team Anna and Swami Ramdev feel very bad about the Government – and feel a huge TRUST DEFICIT  in dealing with it.

If only the Lok Pal Bill was passed – and some measures to bring back Black money were taken by Government with some transparency -  Government would have retained its respectability in the minds of these agitators against corruption and Black Money. Today, the frustrating feeling is – another 65 years may go – but these Politicians will never pass the Lok Pal Bill – because, a strong Lok Pal will tie down some of them in their activities.

In sheer frustration, Team Anna seems to be calling names. But, that is not necessary and not correct. Team Anna and Swami Ram Dev must refrain from naming anyone as corrupt, unless proved so. More so, they must keep the respect of the August office of the Prime Minister.

Their attention and effort must be – on getting TOTAL SUPPORT  of all MPs of all Parties to vote for the LOK PAL BILL in the Parliament. This is what the country wants. If someone is corrupt, Lok Pal will take care of them later. Get the Lok Pal Bill passed. That is MOST IMPORTANT. The country needs it. We do not need your verdict on X or Y being a corrupt person. That is the jurisdiction of the Lok Pal.

Instead, almost every member of Team Anna is destroying all support from all MPs, with their unnecessary words against all of them. BJP did offer a huge support inside and outside Parliament for the Bill. What was the need to decry them? The Prime Minister also voluntarily had offered to be within Lok Pal’s jurisdiction.

This Prime Minister may be guilty of Policy paralysis, action paralysis etc – especially in UPA II – due to various reasons – but, without an iota of doubt, he is one of the most non-corrupt persons in India. So, calling him also as corrupt, and using various undesirable epithets for him – is in clear BAD TASTE. Members of Team Anna and Team Ram Dev must concentrate in mustering his support for Lok Pal Bill – and not turn him also against it, with their uncharitable words.

Most Politicians never offer apologies – and I don’t hope for anything like that from Team Anna too. Big Egos can’t see their own mistakes. Team Anna seems to be suffering from the same malady now. It needs statesmanship to acknowledge a mistake and apologize. But, apologizing for a mistake, knowingly or unknowingly committed – is the most beautiful, healing acts on earth. It is almost divine.

That said – every Indian wants the Prime Minister to be a performing Prime Minister. He must lead. If a minister, either of Congress or of its allies is not adhering to his advice, he has every right to pull them up. If required, even publicly. Now, the allies are pulling up the Government and pulling it down.

The way, some of the allies are behaving – I feel, the call to the people should be – as far as parliament is concerned – do not vote for regional parties – do not vote for allies at all -  vote only for national parties – if you want a PERFORMING GOVERNMENT. Otherwise, you will have a paralyzed Government. That is the lesson to draw from UPA II experiment.

That said – Congress also has a lot of blame to share. Could it not prevent A.RAJA from doing what he did – despite advices from so many people? Does it have to put up with all ideas of Ms.Mamata – especially on issues like Naxalites? The same lady was supporting Naxalites and opposing all actions against them earlier – and now says – you are a Naxalite, I will not answer you! Food and Agriculture Ministry failed very badly on food Inflation front – it was almost behaving as if God is the only Food Minister for India, and he only has to act – not the Food Ministry of the Government. Ditto on some other Ministries. Why this Policy + Action Paralysis? 

A Prime Minister must not be afraid of strongly ADVICING any of his Ministers – including allies. ALLIES must understand that they must obey the Prime Minister’s advices – and not the other way round. That is the very essence of Parliamentary Democracy.

A simple thing like Land acquisition Bill is not even tabled in Parliament. That at least seems to have nothing to do with ALLIES. There is a clear lack of vision. This Bill also was needed 65 years ago. The Land owner must get sufficient compensation – not just the price of Land – to enable him to resettle after selling his land for public purpose. 

Parliament must understand that the Land owner is THE COMMON MAN; and many times, the land you are taking away is his sole life line. You will take away and give him a pittance, then, the purpose is an ANTI-PUBLIC PURPOSE, not a public purpose. Is it so difficult to see this? Mahatma had said in 1940s – think of the common man when you legislate. But, the Government is only thinking of the RICH MAN – not the common man in this case. There is a huge unnecessary confusion on the word - PUBLIC PURPOSE. 

Infrastructure, communications, food, oil, Gas, electricity are all PUBLIC PURPOSES. Whether ONGC serves it or CAIRN /RELIANCE, the nature of purpose does not change. India needs electricity, Gas, oil, roads, food, water – these are basic needs. Government may provide them by itself – or through a Private initiative, or through a PPP initiative. The nature of public purpose does not change. 

If I am in a waterless, Roadless village, does the village treat water & Road as public purpose – or only Government supplied water/Road (which may never come) as public purpose? Why this dithering? Parliament is looking at the Rich man who provides – but is not looking at the poor man who uses it and needs it! The latter is the PUBLIC. His BASIC NEED is the PUBLIC PURPOSE.

…Waiting and wailing…to see a Lok Pal Bill passed…and the end of Policy Paralysis… 

This Prime Minister can do it.. I have no doubt..he just have to talk strong enough…Want him and wish him all success in (t)his PUBLIC PURPOSE.

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