Saturday, February 9, 2013



Let us focus on Positive news More

AFJAL GURU, the terrorist, who tried to blow up the Parliament was sentenced to death long ago and was hanged in Tihar Jail the other day. In my view, this was just a routine, due process of Law which was duly carried out as per law, albeit with delays.

It did not require this much of “almost 24 Hours” continuous coverage by the Indian TV Channels and did not require this much of  News-Paper-Full coverage by the Indian news Papers. 

This, to my mind, seems a bit excessive coverage, by the India media for this or any Incident. I don’t think Gandhi’s, or  Nehru’s demise ever received this much coverage. I don’t think any Bharat Ratna’s or Padma Vibhushan’s death ever received this much coverage.

For Heaven’s sake, let us please treat an ordinary terrorist – with the scant contempt he deserves. Put him in the fifth Page last Column in your news papers or a half hour review of his case in the TV channels. Not more than that. 

Afzal Guru does not deserve more time of the Indian Mind than that.

As our Ex-president, Shri Abdul Kalam rightly said, we need to focus on much more on the positive and developmental news of India in our media. Unfortunately, only murders, rapes and such other negative incidents are receiving too much coverage. 

Reading a news paper in the morning should enliven and brighten the whole day of all Indians with a spur of positivity in our thoughts, feelings and actions. Ditto for electronic Media. 

I strongly suggest, India media must come together to develop such strong, positive media code – instead of focusing always on TRP Ratings. You must get Greater TRP ratings with more positive news.

Please Make our Day bright and happy – not dull and cynical.

Afzal Guru is gone. Good riddance. Nothing to celebrate or mourn about. 

I don’t agree with those that death sentence is to be totally abolished. It should remain for traitors and terrorists. USA may have officially abolished it. That is just on Paper. USA went hunting for its National enemies even in foreign land and exterminated them mercilessly. Such terrorists are enemies of humanity in total.  Nothing wrong in killing them before they kill many others. USA did the right thing. India has now done the right thing.

These are the rarest of the rarest of the rarest of the rare cases – where killing of the terrorist is the only way to save the rest of humanity.   

Sarve Janah Sukhinobhavanthu. May we ensure the Happiness of all.



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