Wednesday, February 6, 2013




Narendra Modi’s leadership Qualities are impeccable. In a certain way, as of today, they seem to be unmatchable for any leader of any Party in India.

Speaking to a young audience at Delhi, he proved just as much. It was a model for a motivating speech from a proven leader. I have heard such speeches from leaders in the USA. But, very rarely in India, especially from Political leaders, of any Party.

There wasn’t the slightest tinge, not a single word, that divides the people of India, especially the youth, on any ground what so ever.

There was sufficient motivation for the youth to consider themselves not inferior to anyone, anywhere in the world.

Modi was for rebranding India and asking that MADE IN INDIA be our pride throughout the world.

Modi was for looking at the Glass to be FULL – Half with Water and Half with Air. Wonderful, Mr.Modi. A huge positive way of looking at life.  

Modi stressed skill, scale and speed as the three requirements for our youth to compete on the world platform. He said, he had it listed out that about 1000 articles and services are required by every individual on earth. Which means, 1000 skills are required by our youth.

Build up skill, build up scale to serve the whole world and do it with speed. Make MADE IN INDIA a brand to be proud of anywhere in the world.

21st Century must be the century of India.

He called for Pro-People Good Governance in India.

This was his message.

Whoever said anything better from any party, for India’s future – I can’t recall.

But then, all the good work that Modi does on development Plank is being neutralized by others touting the Hindutva Plank. You can’t see a single youngster at the place where the Hinduva was being propounded again far away from Delhi.

If BJP wins it will be on Modi’s development Plank. If BJP loses, in my view, it will be on Hindutva Plank. This nation needs to be and can only be united on Development Plank – not any other. Will other leaders learn the lessons? No one knows. 

But, I don’t think Modi sides with the Hindutva lobby in any big way as part of Politics. Ram Mandir or  any Mosque or Church can’t be part of Politics. Let the Mandir come up in Ayodhya quietly, calmly, with the co-operation of all parties – away from Politics. But, we need Development, employment, self-pride among the youth of India. That's what Modi emphasized !

We need skill, scale and speed –and we needed it YESTERDAY. We can’t wait any more.

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