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The trends of Results are extremely Heartening. People have taught the right Lessons to the Congress and other abjectly communal, corrupt parties. They are being wiped out. Whether Congress and other communal parties really learn their lessons – is a different matter altogether. They may not. Or, in an unlikely event, they may .

So what worked for BJP? Nothing other than Modi. Let me be very clear on this. Not the RSS campaign. Not the Amit Shah campaign. Not any other Seemingly Big leader in BJP.  Modi and only Modi has worked this magic.

He was absolutely SECULAR. He was inclusive in all his speeches and Interviews. He was developmental in his Agenda.

All his speeches and all his Press Interviews were Master Pieces in communication. He was Centrist all the way. Neither right wing religionistic Nor Left wing anti rich,anti—this or that class.

He was absolutely reasonable to all people in all his speeches. 

But then, BJP must rally behind the Policies laid down by Modi in all his speeches.

1.   BJP must totally eschew the Mandir Agenda. No one in BJP must even speak about it. If Mandir becomes IN, BJP will be again OUT. Majority of Hindus also are averse to Mandir in Politics. Narendra Modi made this very clear in his speeches and Interviews – and some others in BJP must not spoil it. Mandir Issue is in Supreme Court. When court permits it, let a religious organization build the temple. NOT BJP. Mandir issue is the SUICIDAL INSTINCT in some sections of BJP.

2.   Modi did not campaign much at all in Tamilnadu. BJP Unit in Tamilnadu did not do much of a recruitment Drive for members. Tamilnadu BJP must go much beyond RSS – and go for recruiting members into BJP from all across the people spectrum. If only Tamilnadu BJP goes into a recruitment mode and Modi comes and delivers a few more speeches, Tamilnadu BJP will be a strong contender in Tamilnadu as well. Ditto, with Bengal and Kerala. Now, BJP must focus on the next assembly Elections.  Therefore, Modi has to bear his administrative tasks and also take on the task of strengthening BJP in all states.

3.   Leaders in BJP must strongly rally behind the Moderate, developmental agenda of Narendra Modi. Some leaders may need to subordinate their EGOS and their Hindutva agenda – to the common Indian Agenda. Narendra Modi epitomizes this approach – acceptable to 90% of the people.  But for Modi’s all-inclusive approach, moderates would have found it very difficult to support any other Hindutva approach.

4.   I personally and I think millions of Indians like me too, thank RAJNATH SINGHJI, for staunchly supporting Narendra Modi’s candidature for PRIME MINISTERSHIP, and further standing staunchly be him when some leaders were sulking. Sulking leaders do not win People’s hearts. Only the likes of Modi who go out and govern and convince people of their good Intentions – can win elections by such Huge Margins.

5.   In BJP, I certainly like many leaders like Arun Jaitley, Sushma Swaraj, Smriti Irani, Amit Shah – who are all Moderates in the mould of Narendra Modi. Amit Shah, in his recent interviews is speaking very moderately – in the language of his Boss, narendra Modi and that should be the way for all others too. Jaitley and Sushma were Great Parliamentarians and they must support Modi in his New Role as Prime Minister.

6.   For the BJP, development must be the only Priority in entire India – including Kashmir. Art.370 need not be made a contentious Issue now. Let BJP get wider acceptance in the valley too. It can happen, if Pakistan terrorists are tackled with an iron hand and the valley is assured of peace and development. That, and not Art.370, should be the IMMEDIATE PRIORITY.

7.   How to ensure very FAST DEVELOPMENT : This is the Immediate question. First priority is to ensure that coal mining picks up asnd coal gets supplied to all Electricity generation companies. Electricity Plants are ready – but no electricity is flowing from them. This is because of lack of coal and Gas and agreements with transmission PSU companies. A special, empowered Task force headed by a cabinet Minister like Jaitley or Rajnath must be made in charge of this work with a 6 month time frame. The whole of India must be ensured of electricity – much like Gujarat. This must be the top priority. Second, getting all closed iron ore and other ore mines opened and working is another priority – which can be tackled easily.  Tackling Inflation is a TOP PRIORITY, along with state Governments. Supply side measures must be taken on war footing in cases, where prices have galloped. 

8.   People like me are very, very happy that Narendra Modi is winning all the way. Leadership doesn’t depend on age, seniority in Party etc. It depends on People’s acceptance. Modi has been unequivocally accepted by People of India as their Leader and Prime Minister. Seniors in BJP need to realize this and Bless Modi.

9.   Next comes irritants like US VISA. Now, though it is too late for being Graceful,  USA must at least now see the writing on the wall. Narendra Modi is the MOST SECULAR POLITICIAN OF INDIA. He is the most progressive politician of India. USA was led by a corrupt, communal Congress into believing that 2002 was the doing of Modi. It wasn’t.1984 was the doing of Congress. But nobody in congress is punished. In 2002 riots, Modi ensured that the legal and judicial process led to the punishment of all culprits. US perceptions on this must change , lest they should look foolish and insane in the eyes of India and the world.

10.               I wish Narendra Modi all the best in leading India into a Great Position of strength, respect and friendship in the comity of all Nations.

Hail the People of India for their wisdom

Sarver Janaah Sukhino Bhavanthu

= v.vijayamohan

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