Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Thinksoft Global Services Ltd - results - Q4 & FY 14 - Oprtg Regv up 20% FOR FY 14 - EPS Rs.29.63 UP 53%




Ø  Operating revenue was Rs.184 cr as compared to Rs.161 Cr in FY 13, an increase of 20%
Ø  Total Income was Rs.196 Cr in FY 14 compared to Rs.163 cr  in FY 13.
Ø  EBITDA before non-recurring one time payment of Rs.5 Cr towards severance pay was Rs.46 Cr compared to Rs.30 cr , an increase of 52%.
Ø  EBITDA stood at Rs.41 Cr compared to Rs.30 cr in FY 13, an increase of 36%.
Ø  EBITDA Margin at 21.1% compared to 18.7% in FY 13, up 239 bps.
Ø  Basic EPS stood at Rs.29.53, an increase of 53% over the same period last year.


Ø  Operating Revenue was Rs.50 Cr as compared to Rs.51 cr in Q3 FY 14; a drop of 2% .
Ø  EBITDA before one time expense of severance Pay (Rs.5 Cr) for the quarter is Rs.11.5 cr as compared to 12.1 cr in Q3 FY 14; a drop of 4%.
Ø  EBITDA stands at Rs.6.5 Cr compared to Rs.12.1 in Q3 FY 14. EBITDA Margin stood at 13% for Q4 FY 14 as against 23.7% in Q3 FY 14.

Dr.Martin Muller, ED & CEO said, “ The company saw a strong performance during the financial year with operating revenues increasing by 20%  and net profits increasing by 55% over FY 13. The cards and Payments segment and Europe Geography have been the key drivers for growth during the year.  We believe that the Growth Momentum will continue as we ramp different segments of our business. As the period also marked the purchase of the majority of the Thinksoft shares by SQS, the first stage of Integration has been successful and we expect a positive impact on growth and mutual synergies.”

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