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The Advance Tax numbers that are coming in through  various press / media reports for the first quarter are reasonably Good.

Banking and Finance sector especially seems to have done well. Same is the case with IT sector. The payment by 100 corporates headquartered in Mumbai have jumped 14 % for the June quarter.

While the IIP is reflecting a slower growth in Q1, the interest rates are rising constantly – and both are expected to hit growth of the listed companies (and unlisted ones) to some extent. This did not happen to any considerable extent, from current indications of advance tax numbers.

Advance tax payments are considered as the barometer for a company's performance for the reporting quarter. The jump in tax collections comes after the IIP growth in April slowed to 6.3 per cent amid a rising interest rate scenario.

Below are the figures of various companies – with last year same period payment indicated in Brackets

Ø  S B I : Rs.1,100 crores in Q1 (Rs.850 crore)
Ø  R I L : Rs.900 crore (Rs.650 crores)
Ø  L I C : Rs.580 crore (Rs530 crore)
Ø  T C S : Rs.240 crore  (Rs.128 crore)
Ø  D I C G C : Deposit Insurance & Credit Guarantee Corporation  : Rs.475 crore (Rs.400 crore)
Ø  IDBI Bank : Rs180 crore(Rs81 crore)
Ø  Hindalco  :  Rs 80 crore (Rs 55 crore)
Ø  Tata Steel   : Rs 280 crore (Rs 300 crore) – some media have reported the amount as Rs.260 cr.needs confirmation.
Ø  Tata Motors   : Rs 65 crore (Rs 62 crore)
Ø  Tata Chemicals : Rs 27 crore ( Rs 29 crore)
Ø  Bank of India   : Rs165 crore (Rs158 crore)
Ø  Bank of Baroda   : Rs.250 crore (Rs.225 crore)
Ø  Dena Bank : Rs.55 crore (Rs.45 crore)
Ø  Central Bank of India  : Rs.145 crore (Rs.150 crore)
Ø  All most all the private sector lenders have paid up more in taxes this time.
Ø  ICICI Bank  :  Rs.390 crore (Rs.350 crore),
Ø  HDFC Bank : Rs.350 crore (Rs.315 crore)
Ø  Kotak Mahindra Bank  :  Rs.60 crore (Rs.45 crore)
Ø  Yes Bank  : Rs.60 crore (Rs.50 crore)
Ø  HDFC  :   Rs.250 crore (Rs.215 crore)
Ø  LIC Housing Finance : Rs.47 crore (Rs.38 crore)
Ø  Tata Motors  :  Rs.62 crore (Rs.65 crore)
Ø  Bajaj Auto   :   Rs125 crore (Rs110 crore)
Ø  M&M  : Rs.90 crore (Rs.63 crore)
Ø  Tata Chemicals  :  Rs.27 crore (Rs29 crore)
Ø  Hindalco    : Rs.80 crore (Rs.55 crore)
Ø  L&T    :   Rs175 crore (Rs130 crore)
Ø  HUL   : Rs.100 crore (Rs.75 crore)
Ø  Bharat Petroleum   :  Rs77 crore (Rs126 crore)
Ø  Hindustan Petroleum   :  Rs.62 crore (Rs.61 crore)
Ø  MRPL  : Rs.100 crore (Rs.67 crore)
Ø  ACC    :   Rs.45 crore (Rs.50 crore )
Ø  Ambuja Cements   : Rs.50 crore (Rs.65 crore)
Ø  UltraTech   :   Rs.37 crore (Rs.22 crore)
Ø  Lupin    :   Rs.18 crore (Rs.16 crore)
Ø  Voltas    :   Rs.23 crore (Rs.18 crore)
Ø  Godfray Philips :  Rs12 crore (Rs.6 crore)
Ø  Hindustan Zinc   : Rs.200 crore (Rs.100 Cr)
Ø  Infosys    :Rs.300 cr (Rs.225 Cr) expected.
Ø  Oracle Financial Services :   Rs.35 crore ( Rs.30 crore)
Ø  Aventis Pharma   : Rs. 12 crore  ( Rs. 10 crore)
Ø  Castrol India   :  Rs.40 crore (Rs. 39 crore)
Ø  Blue Dart     :   likely Rs. 4.25 crore ( Rs. 2 crore)
Ø  CRISIL :  Rs 4.9 crore (Rs. 3 crore) 
  •        Axis Bank :Rs,48 Cr(42 Cr) 
  •        Gujarat Gas Co : Rs. 23.1 cr (17 Cr) 
  •        GMDC : Rs.48.5 (31 Cr)

Readers can add numbers coming to their notice please. Any corrections may also be added through their comments.

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