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I had attended Baba Ram Devji’s week long “Yog Subir” at Hyderabad several years ago. He was highly effective in communicating yog to all educated and uneducated men, women and children who attended the Sibir. 

Let me affirm that many of the modern speakers fail – in being so effective because of the sheer difference in the commitment to the cause.

I pooh – pooh the political and other leaders who try to ridicule him.

Better become a Nationalist like him – I would urge them.

I have not seen any one who has done “Bharat Darshan” so totally (after Mahatma Gandhi) and with so much commitment and involvement,  as Baba Ram Dev Ji.

Every where, he has spread yog, health and Ayurved – in a way that no one else can even hope to repeat in future. His commitment to people is total. His contribution to people’s health is also total.

Much like Anna Hazare – Baba Ram Devji also used to talk of social issues like corruption in his Yog Sibirs for a long time. Therefore it is good that both Anna hazare and Baba Ram Devji are now fighting corruption and Black money, though from two different platforms – so very vigorously. I only wished that the civil society leaders used services of eminent people like Baba Ram devji and N.R.Narayana Murthy, who have done yeomen service to the nation in their own ways. In an earlier blog post also, I had emphasized this need.

Baba Ram Devji may use certain terminology – which may look like extreme solutions – like hanging for black money hoarders.  But, suppose some one (an Indian) has hundreds of crores in  foreign banks unknown to Government of India  – it is obviously acquired  by committing all sorts of crimes in and against the nation. If all of their crimes are brought out – they may well deserve even hanging. But, that is not the important thing. The law will punish them as they deserve.

What is important is – the needed resolve of the Nation to arrest the birth of Black money and its deposit in foreign banks – concealed from the Indian Government. All concealed money in foreign Banks obviously is illegal money. Government must declare it so – and seek their repatriation to the Government of India. Why there should be two opinions on it? Can such concealed money be legal by any stretch of imagination? This is exactly what Baba Ram Dev Ji says.

And, I strongly feel – he is very right.

If all the Black money comes back to India and further generation is stopped – our nation becomes a great nation. A lot of poverty in the nation will disappear. Baba Ram Dev Ji is very emphatic about it.  

There can’t be two opinions on – whether all Black money should be rooted out and brought back to Government treasury. It has to be.

Corruption has to be curbed totally.

Now, we have, in my opinion, a very respected, honest, upright, learned Prime minister – like Manmohan Singhji – in the Government,   and we don’t know how the future Prime ministers will be like – but right now, we have one who deserves the Post eminently, but for some of the Political shackles that are binding him.

We all vote on the basis of caste, religion, Party affiliation and so on – but – how many vote for such an eminent person like Manmohan Singh – if he is not backed by a Political Party? This is the unfortunate problem in this country – which must change.

But right now – Anna Hazare and Ram Devji are crusading for rooting out corruption and Black money – and Dr.Manmohan singh, in my opinion, may be more than willing to put in place the required legislations and efforts, with their help.

In my strong opinion – their agitations – will be greatly helping Dr. Man Mohan Singh, in bringing legislations and other measures that are close to his own heart and in silencing the detractors.

What is needed at this crucial juncture - is pressure on Government from all the people of India– and  total support to Ram Dev –Anna Hazare - ManMohan Singh combination – in achieving this Goal.  

There are some voices which are trying to distract – by ridiculing these trio. One of them says - Why a sanyasi should be doing all this?  

Sage Vishwamitra took Ram specifically to kill the Raakshasaas and taught Ram all martial arts for the purpose. Sage Vasishta supported him totally. Sages want that Dharma should be established and adharma should be rooted out – and they took all necessary initiatives for it, always, in India. Ram had then fought and killed the Raakshasaas. Let Raam Devji do it now. Or, with help from Ram Devji and Anna Hazare, let Mana Mohan Singh Ji  do it.

People of India have tolerated corruption and Black money long enough and allowed the country to come to this rot – but now is the time to speak up and support.

Let all of us speak up.  

Please do – NOW.

= yours


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  1. Ramdev is doing a right thing but he should not again change in future with his decisions. It will really hurt Indian people because they are having a lots of hope from him.