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In our Childhood, we have heard the story of the 4 Bulls and the Lion. When the 4 Bulls were together, the Lion was afraid of them. When, the 4 Lions separated and were unwilling to help each other – the Lion ate them, one by one.

At first it was just Anna Hazare and a disparate team, which was trying to fight the Government on the Lok Pal Bill. There was no great semblance of Unanimity in the civil society represented by Team Anna initially.

And Politicians were trying their best to give bad name to each member of the team Anna. We all saw that.

Then came Ram Devji with a lot of enthusiasm. He was a staunch nationalist – but not experienced enough to tackle the tricks of wily Politicians. Some of his demands were better than those of Team Anna – but some demands were impractical.

The Politicians were harping on them. We were told through media and news papers at one point of time that most of his demands were accepted by Government ! But, Now – nobody knows what happened to those accepted Demands!!

Ram Devji admittedly had greater following than Team Anna. All over India. But no one expected the midnight attack on peaceful, sleeping Satyagrahis at the Ramlila Maidan. We find a perfectly peaceful, RajBala today in a paralyzed state. We find many in injured state. We do see lathis being used on defenceless people – on many TV  channels, though, even the reporters were not awake fully at that time. Can, we, in that sort of a midnight charging, expect statesmanlike reactions from Ramdevji and his team?

This is one side of the Picture.

In the background of this – we need to assess Team Anna’s reactions. 

Politicians are bent on giving Ram Devji a Bad name – by calling him RSS.

But, did we, and, did you, Team Anna, not see Muslims, Christians, Buddhists and all other religionists on dais with RamDevji at RamLila Maidan and even earlier? We did see on TV Channels all religionists speak on the Dais. Team Anna also was there.

I do watch his yoga karyakram on TV channels daily in the morning for a few years now – and I also do the asanas and pranayam along with the instructions he gives on TV. I am yet to hear even once – one word against any religion during his Yoga Karyakrams. In fact, he used to emphasize the uniformity and equality of all religions and the need to be together. Would RSS do that? I strongly doubt that. I do not think RSS can support the extraordinary religious tolerance and liberalism of Ram Devji. Even Ram Devji’s songs and prayers are absolutely religion-neutral.

I am not a follower of Ram Devji in any sense – and I also do not agree with some of his Demands. But, I do like his method of Yoga for Health and his propagation of Ayurved – and I can vouch that his Yog and his Ayurved do work. His sincerity, in my opinion, is undoubtable. For that matter, I also do not agree with some of Team Anna’s demands too. Such differences are bound to be there in Individual Opinions.

Simply because one or two RSS workers came and sat one day at his place does not make him or his agitation an RSS sponsored one. That is the easiest way for Politicians to divide Team Anna and  RamDevji. That ploy of Politicians has obviously worked – and Team Anna has fallen for it.

In my opinion, a similar, slightly different  ploy against any other member of Team Anna would have divided Team Anna also.

Now, Team Anna should decide – if they are willing to fall prey to this divisive mindset – or, persuade RamDevji for a more practicable, moderate agenda and include him too. Don’t give an absolute Nationalist like Ram Devji a bad name. There are not many, of that caliber. It may suit some others Politicians – who do not want a strong Lok Pal Bill. 

But, it does not suit Team Anna – to keep Ram Devji out of this fight against Corruption. But, for the present, Ram devji also must focus on strong Lok Pal. Other things can be fought a few months later – and together again. If the 4 Bulls learn to stick together – they win. But, of course, Team Anna can always ask the Government – what happened to those ACCEPTED DEMANDS of Ram Devji.

This Blog had also suggested inclusion of a few members of Parliament from the Opposition in the Panel. This has not happened. Team Anna also looked heavily hesitant – to seek such more inclusive panel, which would have ensured consensus or majority even before the Bill goes to Parliament.

Now – there is always a question mark on what the opposition will say in Parliament. They have NOT BEEN formally invited to give any opinion by the Government so far. So, their opinions will come in Parliament.
Team Anna must also make efforts to seek support from all corners – and accept it gracefully from all corners.

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