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NSE Symbol    TCS & INFY

A simple comparison of the 2 heavy weights of IT services, TCS and INFOSYS  for the first quarter ending June, 2011 is made below :

Ø  TCS Net Sales from Operations at Rs.10797.02 cr (against Rs. 821,7.28 cr in Q1 FY11) is higher by 31.39% from Q1 FY11, the corresponding qtr of last year. (Higher by 6.3% QoQ)
Ø  INFY Revenues were Rs.7,485 crore for Q1FY12 (against Rs.6198 cr in Q1 FY11) is Higher by 20.8% from Q1 FY11 (Higher by 3.2% QoQ).
Ø  TCS Operating Profit at Rs.2824.92 cr (Against Rs. 2247.97 cr in Q1 FY11)– up by 25.67% YoY (QoQ growth 2%).
Ø  INFY Operating Profit for Q1 FY 12 is at Rs.1952 cr, compared to Rs.1755 cr in Q1 FY11 –up by 11.23% YoY
Ø  TCS Consolidated Net Profit       at Rs.2414.76 cr against Rs. 1906.07 cr in Q1 FY11 – is higher by 26.69% YoY.
Ø  INFY consolidated Net profit was Rs.1,722 crore for Q1FY12 against Rs.1488 cr in Q1 FY11 – is higher by 15.7% YoY
Ø  TCS Basic EPS  has gone up to Rs.12.32 in Q1 FY 12 from Rs.9.71 in Q1 FY11 – On a Face Value of Rs.1.
Ø  INFOSYS Basic EPS is Rs.30.14 for Q1FY12 against Rs.26.06 in q1 FY11 – On a Face Value of Rs.5
Ø  PAID UP EQUITY : INFOSYS : Rs.287 cr; TCS :Rs.195.72 cr
Ø  TCS New clients Added : 24
Ø  INFY New clients Added : 26
Ø  TCS PATENTS : has applied for 411 Patents including 69 during this qtr and has been granted 68 Patents.
Ø  INFOSYS PATENTS : : has applied for 381 Patents including 27 during this Qtr and has been granted 25 patents.
Ø  TCS Total Employees : 2,02,190 (Attrition rate 14.8%)
Ø  INFY TOTAL EMPLOYEES :1,33,560 (Attrition Rate :15.8%)
Ø  TCS Gross Addition of Employees : 11,988 (Net :3,576)
Ø  INFY Gross Addition :9922 (NET 2740)

In overall Comparison, TCS Justifies its Position as No.1 and Infosys, its Position as No.2 in the IT services sector. With the Board Revamp now completed, we can expect INFY to add  more momentum to its operations and jump to a higher trajectory in growth.

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