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CMC LTD - RESULTS FOR - Q3 FY 2012-13 - Q3 Revenue Growth of 8% QoQ; Net Profit Growth of 24% QoQ



Q3 Revenue Growth of 8% q-o-q;

Net Profit Growth of 24% q-o-q


Operating revenue at Rs. 492.69 crore - growth of 8% q-o-q and 24% y-o-y.

EBITDA at Rs. 82.88 crore – Growth of 9% q-o-q and 38% y-o-y.

PAT at Rs. 61.06 crore – Growth of 24% q-o-q and 48% y-o-y.


Net sales amount to Rs.261.55 cr – compared to Rs.260.52 cr in previous Qtr; and Rs.254.09 Cr in Q3 FY 12. (Consolidated figures :492.97 cr; Rs.458.64 Cr ; Rs.396.17 cr; Annual :Rs.1469.34 cr)

Total expenses amounts to Rs.210.71 cr; against rs. 210.24 cr in previous qtr and Rs.214.79 cr in Q3 FY 12. (Consolidated figures : Rs.415.17 Cr; Rs.387.64Cr; Rs. 341.64 Cr; Rs. 1266.39 Cr)

Profit from Operations amounts to Rs.51.13 cr; against Rs.50.66 cr in Previous qtr and Rs.35.63 cr in Q3 FY 12. ( Consolidated figures :Rs.77.80 Cr; Rs.71 Cr; Rs.54.53 Cr; Rs.202.95 Cr).

Profit before tax amounts to Rs.53.4 cr; against Rs.79.4 Cr in previous Qtr; and Rs.43.55 cr in Q3 FY 12. ( Consolidated : Rs. 80.06 Cr; Rs.72.14 Cr; Rs.58.46 Cr; Rs.220.4 Cr)

Net Profit stands at Rs.43.92 Cr; against Rs.64.76 cr in previous qtr and Rs.32.67 cr in Q3 FY 12. (Consolidated : Rs. 61.06 Cr: Rs.49.4 Cr; Rs.41.37 Cr; Rs.151.81 Cr)

Paid up Equity is Rs.30.3 cr,

Reserves as at 31.3.2012 was Rs.665.52 cr.

EPS stands at Rs.14.50; against Rs.21.37 in previous qtr and Rs.10.78 in Q3 FY 12; The 9 m/e FY 13 EPS is Rs.50.26; against Rs.36.3 in 9 m/e Dec,2012.Annual EPS for FY 12 was Rs.47.3)

Consoldiated EPS : Rs. 20.15 (Q3 FY13); Rs.16.30 (Q2 FY 13); Rs.13.65 (Q3 FY 12) ; For 9 me FY 13 : Rs. 55.74; For 9 me FY 12 :Rs.35.93; For FY12 total Rs. 50.10;

Consolidated results comprise consolidation of the financial results of CMC Limited and the consolidated results of its wholly owned subsidiary CMC Americas,Inc. and its subsidiary CMC eBiz, Inc. (referred to as 'the Group' )

Other Income for the quarter ended 30 September, 2012 and nine month period ended 31 December, 2012 includes Rs 2760 .00 lakhs and other income for the nine month period ended 31 December, 2011 includes Rs. 2693.90 lakhs pertaining to dividend received from its wholly owned subsidiary CMC  Americas, Inc.

Broad based growth in India and international markets; International business share at 68.3% during Q3.

Services Business share at 94.3% in Q3

26 new clients addition during the quarter across geographies

: CMC Limited announced consolidated Operating revenue of Rs. 492.69 crore in quarter ending December 31, 2012, which represents 24% growth over the corresponding period last year. The company earned profit after tax of Rs. 61.06 crore, representing growth of 48% year on year.

On a cumulative basis the Company earned operating revenue of Rs. 1403.22 crore in the first nine months of current financial year, resulting in growth of 33% over corresponding period last year.

“The Company has maintained its growth momentum led by Systems Integration and IT enabled Services. We continue to see good traction for our offerings across all business segments and geographies” said R. Ramanan, CEO and MD. “The Company added 26 clients across geographies” he added.

Ramanan also informed that the Company had net addition of 473 employees during the quarter taking the total employee count to 11,224.

“The Company was able to improve EBITDA margin by over 160 basis points year-on-year through improved business mix and operational efficiencies” said JK Gupta, CFO.
“Increased offshore business from SEZ enabled improvement of PAT margin by 200 basis points year on year” he added
Awards & Certifications:

• CMC Ltd. received the Best Business Process Excellence Program award at the Global Awards for Excellence in Quality Management and Leadership. The award was presented at the World Quality Congress held on November 22nd at Mumbai.

• The Intelligent Transport System (ITS), designed and implemented by CMC Ltd, for KSRTC in Mysore, Karnataka has won the CSI award for Excellence in IT 2012 , in the category: Transport - Air, Rail & Road -- Products, Designs & Solutions category. The award was presented at the 47th Annual Convention of CSI held on December 1, 2012 at Science City,Kolkata by Shri Ajit Singh, Union Minister for Civil Aviation, Government of India.

• CMC Ltd. has won the “Best of Breed HR Practices-2012” at an award ceremony held on Friday 30th November 2012, at Hyderabad. The award was presented to CMC team by Shri Ponnala Lakshmaiah, minister for information technology and communications-Andhra Pradesh and S Y Siddiqui, President, National HRD Network.

About CMC Limited

Incorporated in 1975, CMC is a pioneer Information Technology solutions provider in India and is a subsidiary of Tata Consultancy Services Limited, Asia’s largest software Company. Operating out of 18 offices and 180 service locations in the country, CMC employs over 11,000 people and has a wholly owned subsidiary in USA called CMC Americas, Inc.

CMC’s vision is to operate globally and bring the benefit of Information Technology to improve the productivity of its customers and the quality of its customer’s products and services. CMC combines horizontal expertise in Information Technology with its vertical experience developed by working in a wide range of Industries.

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