Thursday, January 31, 2013




Lesson.1: Never Bet  more than  50% of your wealth on a single venture. In fact, 25% is more appropriate. You will possibly need balance 50% / 75% for court cases, for new visas, pass ports etc.

Lesson.2 : You can criticize people who are weak and docile – without reason or with reason. Many films do it routinely. No Law & Order problem ever comes.

Lesson.3 : Censor Board viewing & satisfaction is not ENOUGH. Single Judge viewing and satisfaction also is not enough. Do you Know, what is enough? (I don’t).

Lesson.4 : It is easier to get offended without seeing the movie - than after it.

Lesson.5 : It is easier to fight matters in court and abide by decisions of court. Not so easy to make peace with objecting Groups, whom you can’t even count.

Lesson.6 :  Trouble shooting means – shooting trouble to areas where none existed earlier. 3 to 4 goons seem to be enough, for a  law and order Problem.

Lesson.7 : If you are too much apologetic, many assume that you are at fault. If you have the courage, and the means,  fight. Else, don’t get into the arena.
Lesson.8 : Freedom of Expression is not Free. 

Lesson.9 : Which Group ever came forward to condemn AlQueda or Taliban when they were, are and will be killing- Muslims first, others next – all in the name of religion? Which Group ever came forward when Pakistani terrorists were,  are and will be killing women, children and old people also – Muslims first, Others next - all in the name of religion? Does any reader remember any such protest?

Lesson.10 : So why Kamal Haasan should bother, if Muslim terrorists in Afghanistan and Pakistan are killing docile Muslims there in the name of religion? 

Lesson.11 : You can show any amount of sex, violence or eve-teasing in India. No Problem. Censor Boards do pass them. Each film passed becomes a precedent for more to come in the next film. Nobody bothers, if the same is replicated on the streets and in the buses in Delhi and all over the country. If Minors are becoming more and more violent and sex maniacs – nobody will attribute it to the violence and sex from Films.  From where else is the idea of violence and violent sex coming to children? 

Lesson.12 : But, if you show religious violence in Pakistan and Afghanistan – you are in trouble in India.

Lesson.12 :  Central Government must  find a final authority who can finally decide matters relating to films, Journalists, freedom of expression and so on – since  censor Board and single Judge Benches are not final authorities to hear such matters. There should be no appeal from a final authority.

When I start thinking of what lessons we must all learn from viswaroopam’s troubles, I find, the list is growing and growing. No end. I also do not know if these are the lessons Kamal Haasan or any of the readers want to learn.  As always, there will be supporters, opposers and others. But, we must finally come to a consensus opinion on what lessons we must learn.

After all, Kamal Haasan has to spend his balance Property, left if any, on his next movie. Again, ostensibly, his movie, marudanayagam seams to deal with another contentious issue like religious conversion. If that be so, he must be prepared to lose all of his property (to be earned in future) once again. 

I like his movies  and Kamal as a person too, but not his fragile guts and not his tendency to spend his total property and perhaps more than that, on such contentious movies. . But, it happens – when we don’t know whom we are up against.

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