Monday, April 26, 2010


GEOMETRIC Limited has performed better in the year ending March 2010 compared to Y/E March 2009. 

Most of the Higher Net profits seem to have however resulted from REDUCTION  in expenditure  and streamlining of operations compared to previous year, as can be seen from the table and details below.

Some of the details are placed below (with reference to company's media release etc) :

Geometric Limited
Business Highlights for FY 10

  • FY10 EPS of Rs.7.51 against Rs. 0.55 in FY09
  • Recommended dividend of 55% (including a special dividend @ 15% to mark of 15 years of incorporation), by the board of directors
  • Debt free position on a consolidated basis
  • FY10 net profits increased exponentially by 578% to INR 466.61 Mn from INR 68.83 Mn in FY09
  • FY10 operating profits increased 11.9% to INR 586.17 Mn from INR 524.04 Mn in FY09
  • FY10 revenues declined 14.5% to INR 5115.62 Mn (USD 108.12 Mn) from INR 5980.79 Mn (USD 129.47 Mn) in FY09
  • New customers addition at 37 for the fiscal
  • Recognized as an IT Innovator by Nasscom for the third year in a row

 Other Details :

  • Operating revenues of INR 1,271.71 Mn (USD 27.84 Mn) for the Q/E March 31, 2010, compared to revenues of INR 1,268.75 Mn (USD 27.13 Mn) in Q3FY10. 
  • Revenues remained flat on a Q-o-Q basis in rupee terms on account of appreciation of the rupee; but increased by 2.6% Q-o-Q in dollar terms over the previous quarter. The profit after tax was INR 118.36 Mn for the quarter, compared to INR 162.41 Mn in the previous quarter. 
  • Offshore leverage (in revenues terms) was maintained at 65%, same as the previous quarter.
  • On a yearly basis, the company has registered significant improvements in operational efficiencies with offshore leverage (in revenue terms) increasing from 56.3% in FY09 to 64.6% in FY10; and increased utilization from 87.2% in FY09 to 90.3% in FY10. 
  • The company had total employee strength of 2956 employees as of March 31, 2010, including its subsidiaries.

While the company is improving its performance, Higher performance in future depends on landing more projects in FY11.With better outlook in IT/ITes sectors for FY11, the company may pull it off. The company's progress needs watch.

Note : While efforts have been made to be accurate to the extent feasible, Readers are welcome to offer their comments,ideas,suggestions and corrections - which will be duly taken note of.

Figures : Audited-cumulative-consolidated 
DETAILS  FY2010 FY2009
Description Amount(Rs. in lakhs) Amount(Rs. in lakhs)
Net Sales 51156.2 59806.7
EmplCost 32070.7 38345.4
Depric 2315.2 2096.2
OtherExp 10740.1 18479.9
TotalExp 45126 58921.5
OthrIncm 338.1 293.6
Interest 365.8 481.9
TaxExp 40.5 408
Extraord. 21.9 -1343
Net Profit  5940.1 1631.9
Minority Interest 1274 943.6
Consolidated Net Profit  4666.1 688.3
Dividend (%) - -
F.V( Rs.) 2 2
Equity 1242.3 1242.3
Reserves - 9140.3
Basic EPS  7.51 -
Diluted EPS 7.51 -

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