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Analysis of Indian Bank results reveals the following factors :
Total Income has gone up from Rs.787919 lakhs in FY 09 to  Rs.903731 lakhs  in FY10.
At Operating profit level there us a huge jump from Rs.69067 lakhs in 3rd qtr to  Rs.87234 lakhs in the 4th Qtr. For the year as a whole, the OPT is Rs.274776 lakhs, up from Rs.224065 lakhs.
The bank has made a huge and ambitious provision for NPAs in 4th Q, to bring it to 94 percent, against the requirement of only 70 percent. The bank wants to further scale it up to 100 percent.
Else, the Net profits would have been commendably higher in 4th Qtr  than 3rd qtr.So, future qtrs will reflect even higher profitability levels.
For the year FY10, the NPT is Rs.155812 lakhs, up from Rs.124588 lakhs in FY09. If the NPA provision is normal, the NPT would have been much higher and the EPS also would be much higher.This reflects the future growing profitability of Indian bank.
Its Capital Adequacy Ratio is respectable at 12.26 and its  percentage of gross to net NPAs ratio is quite low at 0.23.
Its Return on Assets is also very good at 1.68.
So, its Annual consolidated cumulative EPS of 35.44 seems to be a good achievement, against 28.18 last year.
Going forward, the bank has good expansion program and the management has expressed good hopes and confidence for FY11 and Fy12.
So,based on these factors, Indian Bank deserves much better valuations than at present.Current P/E is a measly 5.44 for last year earnings. Even a P/E of 8 on last year EPS yields a MP of over 284. If we look at the FY11 forward earnings, Indian bank deserves much Higher valuations.


A recent report further says that :

Indian Bank is targeting to achieve total business of Rs 2, 10,000 Crore by end of 2011-12, up from Rs 1, 51,000 crore in 2009-10 which is 40 % growth. It also plans to  open around 200 branches in 2010-11. Presently, it has 1756 branches.

The bank hopes to bring its net NPA down to zero by the end of 2011-12.

Indian Bank is currently selling mutual funds and insurance products and intends to foray into insurance business through a joint venture with an insurance player, which may be either a domestic or overseas insurance firm and a public sector bank.

MY COMMENTS : Indian Bank's asset quality is obviously quite good. But, the higher provision insulates it against any eventualities. Its Growth Plan for next 2 years indicates that INDIAN BANK is a very good buy at current prices.We can see smart increases in MP with every quarterly result. 

Note : You can find a more detailed 4 year review also dated June 23rd,2010 on Indian Bank - in this Blog

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