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Kajriwal        And           Prashant Bhushan

India Against Corruption has decisively moved from being a APOLITICAL MOVEMENT headed by Anna Hazare – to a POLITICAL CAMPAIGN headed by Arvind Kejriwal, Prashant Bhushan and their associates.

They have every right to  form a POLITICAL PARTY, in support of their movement and its avowed principles. In fact, Politicians of many hues were deriding them, challenging them and poking them frequently to come into Politics, if they want to fight Corruption.

Now, their derision is well answered by Arvind Kejriwal and his associates.

But, what is Coming into Politics  – in the INDIAN CONTEXT and in the context of IAC entering into Politics?

First. IAC must form a Political party – or, join an already existing Party. IAC has chosen the first route. They declared their intention to float a NEW POLITICAL PARTY.

Second, they must have an Agenda, a manifesto – to fight ELECTIONS. Is fighting Corruption the ONE POINT AGENDA of IAC? It is probably the primary and the most urgent one. The rest of the AGENDA will surely come up before 2014. We will wait for the unfolding of this AGENDA.

Third, IAC must fight Elections as POLITICAL PARTY. Winning seats or losing is not the major criterion. IAC must try to score significant percentage of the POLLED VOTES in the constituencies where it contests. This will come-when Elections are actually Held.

IAC must form the Party, the Party’s agenda and the Party’s cadres at all levels first. Forming cadres and leaders at all levels is the first crucial test for IAC. When IAC starts gathering MASS, it will invariably gather the ILLS prevailing in all other Political parties, to a certain extent. Power and Positions are a big lure in every political organization. And, denial of the same leads to disenchantment. But, denial to many in preference to one has to happen at all levels. That is the way Political organizations are set up and how they grow.

Pending all this, Arvind Kejriwal and co have started their Political activity in Great style.  The first they have taken on is none other than Robert Vadre, the son-in-law of Sonia Gandhi. Vadre cannot but be seen as Soniaji’s son-in-law. Otherwise, why would DLF go out of the way to grant him an interest-free unsecured loan of over Rs.50 crores? Did DLF grant any such loans to anyone else – when it is itself in HUGE DEBT?

IAC has produced a whole lot of evidence against Vadre, DLF and the Haryana Government. The proof prima facie is damning enough. In case of any other person, this would have probably resulted in IMMEDIATE PROBE. But, in case of VADRE      , this has to wait. Many Ministers, without batting an eye-lid have cleared Vadre and his companies immediately. How do they know – that Vadre and his companies have not committed any error, or that DLF has not committed any irregularity in the matter? So, these assertions seem to be Political compulsions.

Earlier this year, research firm VERITAS had questioned the Business Model and accounting practices of DLF severely. Readers can see a report on this at :

Looking at the whole mass of evidence produced by IAC, the general feeling is – that a PROBE by an SIT  is in order in the matter.

At the same time, it is also felt that IAC must not resort to any illegal and forcible methods in re-connecting disconnected power connections etc.

IAC must stick to its POLITICAL AGENDA AND DO THINGS IN A MORE ORDERLY  & CREDIBLE way – than going about doing things in Haste. 

Arvind, Prashant and others in IAC must also understand that NO TWO PERSONS on earth can ever agree on anything 100 percent. There will be differences of opinions. But, if the Main Goals are same or similar, IAC must be willing to collaborate with such other leaders and people. There are many who are not only clean but are fighting against corruption and other evils in the country. Swami RamDev is one such. His contribution to people's health and values is immense. Anna Hazare is another. In Andhra Pradesh, the ex-IAS officer, Jaya prakash Narayan Of Lok Satta Party is yet another. No doubt, there will be certain differences in methods. They must not stand in the way of fighting for common Goals. 

If this flexibility is lacking, one can say, IAC is doomed to FAIL. But, if this flexibility is inculcated, IAC and all the above mentioned warriors against corruption will together succeed - making India a truly Great and vibrant nation.

This Blog wishes IAC and all the above mentioned crusaders - all success  in their efforts to create a corruption free India.

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