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ANNA HAZARE was the acknowledged leader of  INDIA AGAINST CORRUPTION.

As agitation after agitation by Anna and his Team failed to produce the desired result of an effective LOK PAL Bill, the veteran crusader began thinking of reaching out to the masses, for bringing further pressure on the Government for the Bill.

Anna’s age and frail health are not great assets for leading such mass movements persistently and consistently, though, his stature and charisma are good and sufficient.

Given the UPA’s reluctance to bring in a good Lok pal bill and the Opposition’s stalling tactics, and given the way 65 years of freedom went by without having an effective mechanism to check the rampant Political corruption, which is the main form of corruption, and is  itself the cause of bureaucratic corruption, the whole of India was watching  a Parliament, which says, only it could and should bring anti corruption measures, but it was not bringing any. 

There were almost no hopes that this UPA alliance, with its sickening permutations and combinations, of AYA RAMS, and, GAYA RAMS, will ever bring in an effective LOK PAL BILL and pass it.

These are FACTS. UPA relies on many Parties on whose heads, it has slapped “Disproportionate assets cases”, which imply corruption, causing investigation through CBI. Without their support, UPA cannot bring or pass a Lok Pal Bill. And, they will not support the Bill. If congress leaders are not facing such DA cases, it is because CBI is in its  own Hands. Will it ever therefore free the CBI from its control?

So, FORGET ABOUT LOK PAL BILL – from this UPA alliance, feel Team Anna and others fighting against Corruption. Whatever Team Anna or Swami Ram Dev do outside Parliament, they will not be able to bring a strong LOK PAL Bill inside the Parliament.

So, what next? Anna is a bewildered man. Kejriwal is an IMPATIENT MAN. Swami RamDev is a serious and angry man. In fact, many people are, though, they may not be part of the Teams of these crusaders against corruption. When will things change in India? And HOW? Things are only going from Bad to worse, not from bad to Good and better.

This is one side of the picture.

If you drive the CAT AGAINST THE WALL, it is forced to fight back. It will bare its teeth like a Tiger, threaten you and pounce on you; size is no matter. Because, it is left with no other way, it will fight its tormentor. The cat is not fault. Its tormentor is!

Merely for sitting in a TOTALLY PEACEFUL SATYAGRAH for bringing the Lok Pal Bill, the UPA turned all Government departments against Team Anna members, Swami RamDev and his aide. It ridiculed them and tried to tarnish them in every possible way. If swami RamDev’s humch was true and to be believed, there was even the possibility of a plan to do away with him on the fateful midnight crack down on the sleeping team of the Baba.

Ministers were ridiculing all the crusaders in so many ways. How many things did their spokespersons say against all these crusaders against corruption? Team Kejriwal and ultimately even Swami Ram Dev were therefore bound to HIT BACK with full force against each and every one of their tormentors. They are not made of chicken stuff to back out.

If only UPA had brought in and passed some LOK PAL BILL, with some of the important provisions of  Anna’s Bill therein, I think, it could have seized a huge initiative into its own hands and may be the current exposures against its Ministers and leaders wound not have taken place. RamDevji would not have been preparing to create solid cadres for his Bharat Swabhiman movement / Party at the current feverish Pitch. Media’s spot light is not yet on this aspect. But sooner or later, it will.

Instead of doing these right things, the UPA parties chose to drive the cat against the wall – by using all its powers against the peaceful crusaders. Now, the CAT is fighting back.

What Kejriwal is doing presently, Swami Ram Dev also can decide to do – and he can do it in greater style all over India, not just at select cities. That will happen – if UPA alliance persists with its senseless investigations against him and his aides. Kejriwal has shown the way. Now, anybody – virtually, anybody, can do it!  Soon, many may decide to do it. People in GLASS HOUSES  were throwing stones at people all around them, for no reason.  It is now time for the Glass house to be hit from all sides.

India needs Kejriwals and Swami RamDevs and Anna Hazares. We need a hundred of them today.

Indian Politics is stinking. The stink is all over the world. The stinking Politicians are ridiculing and tormenting the clean persons.

There are too, too many corrupt and criminal Politicians today. They won’t reform. They must be thrown out. There seems to be no other way. But, how will this happen?

Right now – Kejriwal is furiously exposing one politician after another. Generally, hitting on all sides is not the right tactic in any war. You need to keep some friends.

Secondly, there is no CLEANEST PERSON in this part of the world. Or, in any part of the world. Everyone will have some small blemish. That small blemish of the best of honest men can be shown through a convex lense, to tarnish them. That is the tactic, the enemies of INDIA AGAINST CORRUPTION and BHARAT SWABHIMAN are adopting. That tactic must be foiled.

A Crusader must only go after the worst offenders. A crusader must also expose those who are maligning reasonably honest persons. Then, the movement makes sense. And, makes progress. If you can’t protect the honest men, you can’t get at the worst offenders too.

It is in that context that Team Anna failed – when Swami RamDev was hounded by the UPA. It almost cold-shouldered him. As if, it was 100 percent clean and RamDev was not. One is reminded of the story of the 4 Bulls and the Lion that one studies at school.

Instead of a combined, United struggle, it immediately fell apart into Team Anna and Bharat Swabhiman – 2 separate crusading teams.

And, subsequently, Even Anna has distanced himself  from Kejriwal and others, and so did some more members of Team Anna. Now, there is no more team Anna. Will the fractured balance team remain together? The Bulls are falling apart. The Lion can pounce on each separately. And, the bulls will not come to the rescue of each other. This is the danger.  

The exposures of Ministers and leaders of different parties cannot continue for long. There are limits, pitfalls  and Potential reprisals on this path.

One cannot always be right. Sooner or later, Team Kejriwal may find themselves biting a false bait. Will they be going round courts – rather than pursuing their Political objectives. Instead of making charges against others, will they be answering others’ charges against them? 

Will applause turn into whispers?

That brings us to Swami RamDev and Anna Hazare. Swami RamDev is building solid cadres for his Political movement. Any day, anywhere in India, he can mobilize people or votes. The turnout at his Yoga cum political addresses is impressive. He shows himself up as the TRULY SECULAR, DEMOCRATIC, ECONOMIC PUNDIT – and does impress with his economic and nationalistic logic. We may have to wait for his Political entry. Surely, he will not be like the lonely wolf surrounded by lions – but will be like a lion himself, surrounded by many friendly lions.

Kejriwal’s crusade can help Baba RamDev stitch together a formidable political combination for 2014. And, Possibly Anna Hazare also will back him up by then.

Baba RamDev is demonstrably good in making good friends, while keeping away BAD FRIENDS. So is Anna Hazare to a good extent. But, Kejriwal seems good in making enemies. He must learn to make more and more GOOD FRIENDS also, if he wants to fight powerful enemies constantly.

So many permutations and combinations are foreseeable.

This said – one must also say that Anna Hazare, Swami Ram Dev, Arvind Kejriwal and most other members of these crusades are all HONEST, NATIONALISTIC, BRAVE  hearts, fighting for making INDIA great and Proud and fighting to root out corruption and Black money from this Land.

We only wish that – they come together and fight on a common agenda – even if there are other, separate agendas for each. Let there be these separate agendas also, but there must be a focused common agenda - on which platform, all of them must come together and fight against corruption and Black money; and they must also fight to protect each fighter in the Fight.

It is going to be a long battle, before a semblance of victory is achieved.

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