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Rapes are not new to India. They were there always, but their number has considerably increased in recent past due to various reasons.

We must all have been deeply concerned about these crimes - every time they happen. We were not. There was a public molestation of a woman on the streets in Guwahati. Media showed up some energy initially - and then lost track of it. Kolkata had a Gang rape inside a car. It seems nothing has moved on ground in that case so far.

There have been any number of rapes and gang rapes in Haryana. We raised some small concern. What is this? Haryana is hogging all the lime light! So, Bangalore had a few. Some other states are also coming up with one or two.

So what is special about the Delhi case. The sheer Brutality of the Gang Rapists puts any human being into a sense of horror and shame.

So, naturally, the women of Delhi took to streets. But, from day one, there were water cannons and tear gas shells showered on the peaceful protesters. But, the protests continued. The Police actions also continued. Nothing moved in the corridors of Power. They probably thought, the agitation by the Girls will dissipate and  disappear in 2-3 days. Admittedly, as we saw on TV screens, the young girls were being intimidated by the Police in many ways.

The Delhi Police did not cover itself with any glory by repeatedly beating up some of the Girls and women.

Then came AAP and Swami RamDev. Instantly, Delhi Politicians branded them as violent, this and that...Who was violent before their coming? We saw it all on TV screens. Public and Political Parties do have the right to agitate on such a National Issue.

We don’t want rapes, gang rapes and eve-teasing to go on any further. Now, Government and some other Political Pundits and even some women’s organizations are coming up with demand for changes in Law.

Changes in Law are not the immediate need. Change of heart is what is need immediately – and that comes by a sound Education system which inculcates CHARACTER and mutual respect between Boys and Girls – and a strong Public-safety mindedness in our Police. Yes, of course, that takes some time. May be a few months for a determined Political administration and a few years for a lackadaisical one.

In the mean time, eve-teasing can easily be curbed – if only SPECIAL SQUARDS of Men and women police specially picked for the purpose, go round in plain clothes – in Buses, Bus stops, colleges and other sensitive places, look for hard core eve teasers, round them up, thrash them and Jail them for a week. It can be done ALL OVER INDIA within a week. Leave it to special squads and special Courts to punish the culprits picked up by them. What the squads say shall be the only evidence needed. No further evidence shall be needed. Punishment shall be handed down by special courts instantly and it shall be 1 week in Jail. No change in Law is needed for this. All women all over India will immediately feel relieved. What can be done with a small PIN, we are trying to do with a huge, rusty, useless axe. Do this exercise for 3 months – the country will feel like a Heaven -  comparatively, that is.

Do you believe in the ability of ordinary Police to curb crime? Don’t you think, most constables may collapse with a heart attack if you ask them to run / jog for a kilometer or two. So, how will they catch any criminal? And then, if they CAN catch a criminal, will they? How many Police will not bargain with a traffic offender, for instance? Unfortunately, even for naked corruption, there is no one in India  who raises his/ her eye brows. No one says,  all are corrupt. But, have we made any attempt to stop even the naked corruption that goes on in our streets, or in Police stations? How many are good officers and how many are bad officers? Can Good officers prevent Bad officers? Is there a serious, free, fearless dialogue in Public on this?

I am not talking of Delhi Police. I am talking of Police in all States. We, as Public, have to raise serious questions on all these issues. If we think, that if we make a water-tight, stringent, fearsome, awesome law, things will go right – Please be sure that -  the Murphy law will apply there. Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong!

In India, it will. In UK it may not. In US, it may or may not. But, in India, it will.

I therefore suggest JUST 3 THINGS.

1.  Appoint Special squads to catch Eve-Teasers  and special courts to punish them. In one week, 90 % of eve-teasers will learn their lessons. There will be 90% less eve-teasing. This is the TOP, IMMEDIATE PRIORITY.

2.  Ban all Item Numbers, half naked dresses (especially by Heroines, long drawn rape scenes and eve-teasing scenes especially by Heroes – in our movies and on TV. A 24 hours x 365 days beaming of these things on various TV channels sexually provoke all Males – young and Old. They either become sexually mad and go for eve-teasing / rapes, or become sexually incompetent, if there is no outlet. There are reports that Indian Males are fast losing their sexual Potency –considerably. The Gentlemen become impotent. The rogue becomes a rapist. So, One way or the other, these nonsensical things must be banned at least from TV broadcasting.

3.  Introduce Education that teaches character, ethics, mutual respect among our boys and Girls.

Do these. The first is the easiest. The second is the next easiest. The third is the third easiest. None of them are difficult for a determined Government and Public.

All eve-teasing and rapes will diminish considerably and life will be much better for our Boys and Girls.We all want to see them Happy, mutually respectful and Friendly - and not mortally fearful or suspicious.

And, we do want to see an efficient, sensitive, honest image of our Police force. Ensuring that - lies on them only.

Beyond this comes – reduction in drinks, drugs, smoking, Internet and so on. They can be tackled after 3 months- that is, after tackling the first 3 priorities.

Sarve Janah Sukhino Bhavanthu



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