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The most heinous Gang Rape has occurred, of all places, in the country’s capital, and that too, in a Bus. Our degradation looks complete. The Nation has expressed its outrage in no uncertain terms. Parliament has expressed deep anger. Huge demonstrations are held. Home Minister has announced decision for Fast Track courts and daily hearings. MPs have demanded capital Punishment.

I concur with them as far as GANG RAPES are concerned. Even enforcement of the Islamic law in their case – of stoning them to death in full public view – may not be sufficient punishment. Well. This is our IMMEDIATE RESPONSE.

This is Good. But, this is JUST NOT SUFFICIENT.

Every crime in the Society can be traced to a root cause. Until the root cause is identified and eradicated – the effect, namely the crime, keeps on occurring and will be manifesting all over the society, periodically. The sequence is always –

CAUSE  leads to EFFECT

We must look for the causes and remove them first and fast;  Once the causes are removed, there will be no effects; which means, there will be no rapes and gang rapes.

It is like this.

There is a huge pool of stagnant, stinking water by the side of your house. Mosquitoes are breeding in large numbers there. There are millions of Mosquito eggs hatching daily in it. Many mosquitoes are swarming into your house. You use all mosquito repellents, mosquito bats and every available method in your house to kill as many mosquitoes as possible daily. This becomes your daily routine. Will you ever become free of mosquitoes by these strategies?

No way. Until the stagnant, stinking pool of water by the side of your house is dried and the source of mosquitoes is removed, your house will not be free of Mosquitoes. Is this not obvious? It is.

In respect of Mosquitoes or GANG RAPISTS, we, in India, are using the wrong method only – of tackling the effect and not the cause. Hang the Rapist! Kill the Mosquitoes! This is our loudest slogan, reverberating all over India.

By all means, we must do that. But, even as we are arresting the Gang rapists in Delhi, another group has gang-raped a woman in UP. Another may do it in Bihar. Yet another group may do it in Haryana.

All these rapists and Gang rapists are manufactured by us only, we, who are clamoring for killing them when the rapes occur.

Rapists are manufactured by us. That is the stark fact. Are we being intelligent?

We can remove tinted glasses, blinkers and screens from all vehicles and arrange CCTVs in them – so that all passersby can watch the events inside. Can we really identify the rapist with these measures before he commits the rape or gang rape? No way. Suppose a rape or gang rape in some un-tinted, un-screened vehicle is occurring - Will we act, or, will we watch? Or, worse, will we also participate?

What happened in Assam? It was not in a vehicle. It was in the MIDDLE of the road. What un-tinting, un-screening will we do for the middle of the Road molestation? Many actually saw and went indifferently. Many watched. Many participated. Why did it happen?

Are we being intelligent?

Let us make no mistake - the gang rapist or the gang-molester was in fact manufactured by us, who assemble to shout against them later.

What did we do? We will all innocently ask. Almost no child is born as rapist. He becomes a rapist only when all sorts of wrong ethics, wrong morals, wrong ideas and wrong emotions are constantly dinned into him.

He won’t become a rapist, if right ethics, right morals, right ideas and right emotions are dinned into him from childhood.

We are not doing that at all. The mother and father are the first culprits. They are watching precisely those TV serials and cinemas in which, sexual provocation is very much the theme – in presence of the Children.

Our Education is perhaps the most CHARACTERLESS EDUCATION in the world. In the name of secularism, we have removed all value-based content from text books – and introduced in them sex education, as if it is the most important thing to know at school. A Dog knows how to perform a sex act. The Ant knows. The fly knows. But, Boys and Girls supposedly need sex-education at school!

This is a land in which even sex was made into a science thousands of years ago. Will it not be enough, if a man and woman are presented with the Book of Kamasastra before the marriage? Do they need sex education from LKG to PG in different ways? In ancient India, actually, Brahmacharya was the key ingredient of all education. Such a man grows up with strong character and with reasonable control on his senses and morals.

I do know that some readers will not agree. More than that, the worst part of our education is-  not inculcating morals, respect for elders and respect for the opposite sex. So, these two wrongs do not make one right.

A still worse education occurs through our movies and TV. In each movie, we  want to see scantily dressed women as our HEROINS, we want the so called ITEM NUMBERS, we want EVE-TEASING SCENES especially by the Hero, we want hilarious and not so hilarious extra-marital affairs in movies, we even want raw sex scenes in movies, though that has not yet come in Indian movies.

Today’s heroin wears the most scanty, sexually provocative dress, participates in the most sexy  item numbers with the least possible dress, and our youth and all men and women watch these very eagerly. In some languages, every dialogue is filled with sex. It just stops short of being OBSCENE – by today’s standards. But, we have moved far ahead of yesterday’s standards on OBSCENITY. These are all causes for crimes against women.

But, that – we call as progressiveness. We are becoming modern! We now can move together in pubs, drink together in pubs, dance together in pubs, get totally drunk( to be carried by others to the home); we want to go anywhere with any one, have live-in arrangements with no mutual responsibility  and live a free, no-hold barred life.

INTOXICATING DRINKS are in-thing, without which we cannot be called modern at all. And, we know that a drunkard is freed from all inhibitions and morals. Can any woman be trusted to be safe with a drunkard man – except his wife. For some strange reason, he does not seem to be interested in his wife! This again is immoral in itself.

The last straw is DRUGS. When Rahul Gandhi recently talked about drug menace in Punjab, he was absolutely right. But, people were talking of  the percentages, instead of the menace itself and criticizing him.

Drug Menace is rampant in many college and university campuses. The drug peddlers may be powerful Politicians or their cronies. This is the only reason, why we are not able to tackle this menace. A Drug Addict can do anything – and he is much worse than a drunkard.

If we are determined to tackle these causative factors, we can easily tackle them. But, will we?

I will list out some of the causative factors briefly again.

1.    Drug Addiction
2.    Intoxicating drinks consumption (at  home or in Pubs)
3.    Scantily dressed heroines and Item numbers in Movies
4.    Eve teasing by HEROES especially
5.    VERY ELABORATE scenes of eve-teasing and ‘attempt to rape’ scenes in movies
6.    Extra marital affairs, live-in arrangements, too much exhibitionism among some women in respect of their dresses
7.    TV serials containing very loose morals – 24 hours of the day, every day
8.    Characterless education + sex-Education

Life does not run with all these causative, provocative factors smoothly always. It is not what a healthy life is all about. It is in fact what an unhealthy life is all-about.

Women’s organizations, in India must be strongly objecting to the increasing habit of women drinking in pubs at night – and that too in the company of intoxicated men-folk. We want to keep the causes and avoid the effects – which is just not possible. There is NO USE of the statutory warning at all, for these pub going women and men.

A drug addict or a drunkard man can never be trusted – not to commit a rape, if a slightest opportunity is available to him. A drug addict / drunkard woman is the easiest prey and if she is available by his side, the scene is complete.

The man’s excited hormones and his intoxication fuel his sex urge, release him from all moral obligations and make him look for opportunities for their satisfaction. So, he looks for sexual satisfaction wherever he can get it.

It may even be in a child of three years age or an elderly lady of 80 years age. It may be a young girl of 16 to 25, who is available either alone or just with her boy friend. It may be a lone, married woman in her own home, which makes her an easy target. It may also be even a woman in the midst of all her people, husband and in laws – and yet the gang rapists get in, tie up and beat up all males and rape all females. All these are happening. The scenarios are multifarious. Somebody is on the prowl for sexual satisfaction; Somebody is searching for his prey; Somebody succeeds.

The worst possible things are happening now. Even a father or brother may treat his daughter or sister as a sex object. It is happening.

But, with this entire grim scenario depicted, we must still understand, that such cases are one in a thousand. 999 males out of every 1000 are still acting sensibly despite all these provocations in the society. Likewise, 999 females are still acting in a dignified, intelligent, non-provocative manner.

But, one in a thousand on either side – is also too big a statistic, when the crimes occur. In a town containing 50,000 population, of which 25,000 are women, the statistic means, at least 25 women are subjected to some sort of sexual harassment by 25 men. That is Big News.

The statistics may be even LESS. Only one GANG RAPE has occurred in Delhi in several months. Is it 0.0001 percent of Males at fault with 0.00001 percent of females? The Delhi Police may be glad to trot out this statistic.

But, the Nation is aghast. And very rightly.

There is another sad side of all this horror story.

The other 999 males are also watching the TVs, serials, movies etc. They are also to some extent sexually excited. But they do nothing adverse – being intelligent and socially responsible enough not to do any anti-social acts. But, every cause has to have an effect. There are some other statistics in their case. The sexual Potency of Males, according to some reports, is down by over 1/3rd in the last 10 tears itself among males in India. In my view, this is at least significantly due to OVEREXPOSURE to sex provocation and under exposure to real satisfaction. Easy and lazy living methods, unhealthy eating and no exercise are also contributing factors.It looks like - one day, nature will solve the problem of RAPES completely by this method.

Marital relationships also are growing unhealthy. Some women never recognize the sex needs of their husbands. One woman is reported to have gone to court alleging RAPE by the husband! In my view, it is the height of senseless behavior on the part of the woman first, and only next by the husband. SEX can happen only when the man is sexually excited, not when the woman wants it. When the man is not sexually excited, however much the woman wants it, SEX does not happen. This is the most basic of sex lesson that woman needs to keep in mind - for a healthy marital relationship. In the olden days, sex was recommended ONLY AT NIGHT, after all others have slept. It is there in all Hindu scriptures and culture. Therefore, man and woman were both comfortable with it. This, the man and woman must both understand. Over exposure of man to sexual provocation reduces his potency and capability for actual sex.

When this is not understood by the couple, they both suffer and possibly the woman turns the sexually unsatisfied husband into seeking extra-marital relationships or even go for rapes outside home. Once the worm of sex enters a man’s head, it goes on biting his head and does not leave him so easily. That is why, even a normal man tends to commit sex crimes at times. Therefore, society must try to avoid such sexual excitement all the day through TV, cinema etc. If a husband is leaving home with all love and happiness with his wife, the chances are least that he will seek sex of any kind outside the home. I state my opinion – even if many men and women may not agree with this.

My main aim here is –  to identify the causes which ultimately reflect  in the society in various forms of crimes against women.  If we do not even touch the causes, but only deal sternly with each crime as it occurs, we will never solve the problem on a lasting basis.

If we don’t understand the undercurrents, we can never swim across the stream.

The last of my views is here :

The epic wars of Ramayana and Maha Bharata were fought, mainly to protect women’s honour and annihilate crimes against women. The Epics teach us many lessons in plain terms.

(1)  Some people quote Manu as having said “na stree swaatantryamarhati” and condemn Manu for this. The same Manu has also said that – where the women weep, there, the Gods do not smile. Rains will not come. People will not prosper. So, what is the total context and meaning of what Manu said?

(2)  There were rapists even in Ramayana and Mahabharata days. But, they were mercilessly KILLED by the men-folk of the women against whom the crime was committed. The husband, father, son, the king or any good man knowing the crime – must fight and may KILL THE PERPETRATOR of the crime. For every Ravana, there must be a Rama and a Jatayu. For every Duryodhana, there must be a Bheema and a  Krishna.

(3)  Physically, Woman needs the protection of man. This is the social fact. One man may be a rapist. But hundred men can act as her protectors. Woman has hundred strengths; but physical strength is not one of them. Women’s one great strength and weakness both - is her attractiveness to man. That is the binding force between man and woman. So man must, even at the cost of his life, protect the woman.

(4)  Indian Man, till recent times, was always willing to give up his life also to protect his women’s honour against the wicked men in the society. Woman was never treated as an object of sex or object of possession in India. The Upanishads say, Mathru Devo Bhava. Mother is the first and primary God for the man. In fact, our culture is to treat even a small girl child as Mother, and address the child also as mother. Even to this day, it prevails in many families. In those families, women continue to be respected and there are no crimes against them in those families. Unfortunately, the cultures which invaded India did not subscribe to this level of sanctity for women and therefore, our culture also is vastly diluted now. Rapes and eve-teasing are occurring more and more, because we  do not respect our culture and we do not understand it also well.

(5)  In summary, I list out the following short and long term measures –

(i)           Introducing Character-centric education

(ii)          Inculcating mutual respect between boys and Girls through Education

(iii)         Abolishing obscene dresses and obscene Item numbers in movies

(iv)         Abolishing eve-teasing scenes -by Heroes especially – in movies, which will be copied by Youth.

(v)          Encouraging students to concentrate on education and not on love affairs. When age for marriage is 21, how can love be OK before 21? In USA, child pregnancies are rampant presently. Do we need all those problems?

(vi)         Drinks and Drugs should be totally banned in school and college campuses – and there should be special squads and fast track courts - which are not susceptible to Political Pressures - to capture Drug peddlers – and get them punished.

(vii)        Buses carrying students must especially be watched. Only about 1-2% of students indulge in eve-teasing. But those who do- make life hell for all others in Buses. Special squads must check such buses, Bus stops, trains, and other sensitive places for eve-teasers and deal with them very sternly.

(viii)       Law must be amended to make HANGING  the punishment for GANG-RAPE, and life imprisonment for Gang Molestation.  For other RAPES etc, punishments can be less. But a second occasion of RAPE must involve LIFE IMPRISONMENT.

(ix)         In case of EVE TEASING ON ROADS etc, other men and women must be specifically allowed by LAW to protect the women being teased, BY ANY POSSIBLE MANNER & METHOD – and such protectors should not be rounded up by Police. If Protectors get harassed, our Law itself is the Biggest eve-teaser. Presently, that is the case.

(x)          Every complaint of eve-teasing and rape must be registered and investigated IMMEDIATELY, and in any case, on the same day of complaint. Arrests must be made if reasonable suspicion and evidence is found – however big the offender may be. I do not suggest ARRESTS  without any evidence or with negative evidence – merely because X or Y complains. India already has such ONE SIDED LAWS, which are grossly misused by some of the beneficiaries. If Police acts quickly, and conducts investigations fairly – the cases will go through due process of law – correctly. Justice will be done.

(xi)         Let us ensure that every woman is able to walk fearlessly on any street in India, even at Mid-night – in the knowledge that there are a hundred possible protectors for her at all times.


*  *  *  E N D   *  *  *

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