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Narendra Modi has won magnificently (Going by seats won) and significantly (by voter turnout, Minority reach etc) in the latest Gujarat Assembly Elections.  The final tally is as below :

Total Seats: 182 Results declared: 182

Party                               ::       Seats won
Bharatiya Janata Party       ::       115
Indian National Congress   ::         61
Gujarat Parivartan Party    ::           2
Nationalist Congress Party ::           2
Janata Dal (United)           ::           1
Independent                    ::            1

KESUBHAI FACTOR : Immediately after the Results, Narendra Modi went and met Kesubhai Patel of the GPP and took his blessings. This is significant. Kesubhai, the octogenarian leader, had broken away from BJP to form his own party, the GPP. But, the indications seem to be that, he may not be averse to an honourable re-entry into BJP - Which means, Narendra Modi’s (or BJP’s) final tally may in fact rise up to 115 + 2 = 117. There are no big ideological differences between Kesubhai and Modi; This indicates that the coming together can happen. So, what would have been the result, if Mr.Kesubhai had supported Modi in the Elections – is therefore, anybody’s Guess.

The election result is significant in many ways.

MODI draws MORE VOTERS to the BOOTHS : Modi has drawn much more voters to the Polling booths this time, than ever in the history of Gujarat. If the victory was obtained in a Low voter turnout scenario, the victory is JUST ORDINARY – and not worth much. Modi could not be considered CHARISMATIC enough even with winning a Hat trick. But, against 59.77% voter turn-out in the last Elections, the voter turn-out this time is around 71.32%. Modi Factor has clearly drawn more Gujaratis to the Polling Booths this time. This indicates that, the more the voter turnout, the better would have been  Modi’s tally. If voter turnout is low, the usual mood is – what is the point of electing any of these useless people. I won’t vote for any one. I want the RIGHT TO REJECT all these people. But when voter turnout is so high, the only possible mood is - Yes. I want to vote for HIM!

MINORITY VOTE : Modi’s wins in Muslim dominated areas is very significant. It shows that Muslims are beginning to appreciate the fact that – MODI is more secular than the other so-called secularists. He has not promised too many concessions; reservations etc to Minorities and set them up as separate VOTE BANKS. They are an integral part of Gujarat – and not in any way separate from any others in Gujarat. I think, Muslims will finally like this approach of Modi.

UNIFYING vs DIVIDING : Modi has constantly sent out his “6 crore Gujaratis” message to all the people of Gujarat. Unity of all Gujaratis has been his motto and message. He never appealed to any Particular section of people in exclusive terms. No divisive  Politics will do for him. Inclusive development is the only way of Developing all his people. This is how US Elections are fought. In US, the only point of contention this time was Middle class vs Rich. Who should get more Tax concessions? Romney felt, the RICH should, so that they increase production with more money, and that would result in more jobs automatically. Obama felt, Middle class should get, as this only raises real incomes, adequate medicare for them and real happiness of all. As it turned out, Obama won, but Romney came up well too.

HINDUTVA CARD : All lies about Modi being a POLARIZING FORCE, his being a Hindutva vadi, his being a Minority Baiter – have all been nailed and placed in coffin FOREVER, by the people of Gujarat. The fact was that -  many Hindutva vadis were annoyed with his plain speaking and Unified development Plans all the time. This is how BJP must work. RSS may support. Shiv Sena may support. But, BJP must BE SECULAR and LOOK SECULAR. The word HINDUTVA today is meaningless. The majority religion people (like me) write “HINDU”  against the column “RELIGION” in all records. Rightly or wrongly, this word has come to represent a particular religion. Then, how can other religionists buy the argument that “HINDUTVA” represents Minorities too. They genuinely cannot identify with this word. This single word creates all problems against the secular image of BJP – and must be DROPPED by it. Any other all inclusive word – like “BHARATIYATA” will find greater acceptance. This one unnecessary word keeps many parties and people – off BJP.

SADBHAVANA YATRA : The pre-election Sadbhavana Yatras did help Modi to tell people what he wants for them. No other CM seems to have done so much PR exercise to meet people whom he serves (Not governs). Like him, all other CMs must also replace words like “ I GOVERN” with the word  “I SERVE”.

EXTERNAL ACCEPTANCE : UK has very quickly recognized Modi’s popular acceptance. It has proposed to open consulates in Gujarat. In US, some politicians are still carried away by Modi baiters’ propaganda that he is a Hindutva Polarizing force and Anti-Muslim. The Election Results have clearly shown that Modi is a UNIFYING FORCE in Gujarat. In reality, Not only Modi, but the other two top leaders of BJP, Sushma Swaraj and Arun Jaitley – all the three are ABSOLUTELY SECULAR  compared to any other self styled secularists anywhere in the world. So, it is time, USA understood and appreciated this. There is simply no point in USA keeping itself Blind to this REALITY and keeping itself off from Mahatma Gandhi’s Birth state. In last 10 years of Modi’s  Rule, there were no riots or atrocities against Muslims, women, dalits or any section of Society in Gujarat. A strong Ruler like Modi is not against everyone - but is  – FOR EVERY ONE.

HUMULITY AS LEADER : Narendra Modi has exhibited more humility and magnanimity in VICTORY. In his Post Election address to people, he has clearly said - “There may have been a time when I hurt someone or when I made a mistake; I ask my 60 million Gujaratis to forgive me.” He has also said that all efforts will be made by him not to repeat such mistakes in future. For sure, his detractors will not accept this apology. Whether he apologizes or does not, they are always on the lookout for some apology to criticize him. In the process, they are reduced to an APOLOGY themselves.

VIBRANT GUJARAT 2013 : Modi has now planned, right away, his VIBRANT GUJARAT – 2013 development campaign - and is inviting all industrialists to INVEST IN GUJARAT. By all indications, All Industrialists seem eager to enter VIBRANT GUJARAT.  There will be detractors even for this, who would say, he is Pro-industrialists. But  the fact remains that today – Whoever is NOT PRO-INDUSTRIALISATION – is ANTI-PEOPLE, straight away. All Indians must understand this. In the process of Industrialization, if some land is acquired, the land losers must get SUFFICENT COMPENSATION – in respect of which, the state must not at all look miserly. This is the only pro-people stand needed. Industry only ensures Prosperity, Jobs and wealth creation. If needed, Modi can ask, 50% of jobs must be given to Gujaratis.

IS MODI “PM-MATERIAL” , POST ELECTIONS? : This is one debate, which is raging in the MEDIA –all the time. MEDIA has already declared – ALMOST – that Modi is the PM candidate of BJP for 2014 Elections. BJP does not know what to do now?

Despite all the Euphoria on his re-election and admiration for MODI, my personal opinion on this question is still an EMPHATIC NO ! In my view, No one is PM MATERIAL unless he tours the whole of India, talks to people of all states and all districts, understands all NATIONAL PROBLEMS and the POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS, and gets acceptance from the majority of people. In simpler words, he must emerge SOUL AND HEART, as a National leader – not merely as a leader of 6 crore Gujaratis, which now he is.  One would think, he may have started this process in his post election address in which he said –I am serving the country by serving Gujarat. If a Gujarati farmer is doing well, for instance, he is bailing out an Indian elsewhere who is in need of food. If a Gujarati doctor or hospital does a good job, people from Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh will have a place to go if they need medical care.” This is good for the present.

There is no doubt that there are Modi admirers now  in many states. But, to emerge as national leader, Modi must become Gandhi and do Bharat Darshan. I would think, that not only Modi but, Arun Jaitley and Sushma Swaraj must together tour the whole of India – and secure acceptance as National Leaders in India. For too long, India is suffering the lack of a true NATIONAL LEADER OF  Gandhi, Nehru stature. It is time, BJP provides 3 True National leaders. Who should be PM, the party can then decide in 2014.

CONGRESS : Congress has Great Traditions – in the past – but is faltering badly in last decade or so. Nehru was not only a National leader, but was a truly INTERNATIONAL LEADER of great stature, even when India was a Poor country. His daughter, Indira Gandhi was just a National leader. To an extent, Rajeev too had the charisma to be called a national leader. But, that is all. If Congress wants to remain a national party with national Leaders, Rahul and a few other young leaders (May be Taroor, Scindia etc) must tour the whole of India, as suggested above for the top 3 BJP leaders, talk to people, understand their problems and strike out solutions for them. They are YOUNG and, by shedding some inertia and energizing themselves to serve the country better, they can do this BHARAT DARSHAN and emerge in time as NATIONAL LEADERS.

NATIONAL LEADERS : India’s Biggest need today is – ‘National Leaders’ with mass acceptance, who can rise above the narrow Vote bank Politics – of dividing people into caste, religious or linguistic groups and seeking votes of each separately. As of today, only Narendra Modi is seen to be doing it – but he does it only in Gujarat.

India in 2014 must have such National leaders. By definition, it excludes all REGIONAL PARTIES and their Leaders. BJP and Congress, the two national Parties, must emerge much stronger by 2014 and must be able to fight Parliament elections on their own strength, with their National Leaders, leading them in Elections, with National Agenda. The AAM ADMI PARTY could also be one contender – if, at least, it unites with Annaji’s IAC and Swami RamDev’s Bharat Swabhiman.

By 2014, Congress must shed its CORRUPTION IMAGE totally and BJP must adopt a SECULAR IMAGE totally.

Then, whoever wins, it will be vibrant India - forever.

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  1. i wish west bengal had some one like him !!!!!!! i truly admire him and amazed by the progress made by Gujrat till today!