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(& who else is)

This Question is raging like Forest Fire in the Media circles, if nowhere else. Media is powerful. It creates a debate where nothing existed earlier. It continues a debate when very few are interested. It ends a debate when all are interested.

Medium has many meanings. One of them seems to be Mediocre. Go to a Hotel and ask for coffee. He asks – sugar, Sir? You say, medium. What is your Height? Medium. How are your son’s Marks at School? Medium. How do Government departments function? Medium.
All Mediums put together is - Media. Nothing Great about it. It is not a performer. Or a reformer. It is an informer. It is the medium that criticizes performers and reformers.

Another meaning is something like this – you act as a medium for some one long since dead – to come alive and speak through you. Media often talks about those who are dead and those who are as good as dead. They make them alive. They make them speak – through a medium.

And then – every Medium has a mind of its own – and presents the minds of others – through its own mind. Which means, it is subjective. Can it be objective?

Some media are openly, blatantly, aggressively partisan. Some are covertly, introvertly, peacefully – partisan. Some seem to be objective, being interested in objects like  money etc – to report, not report, under report, over report and so on. As of today, some seem to be. Tomorrow may be a different day.

There has never been a survey on who falls under which category. So, I can’t say anything about that. But, a periodical survey is needed – by anybody outside the media, to survey the media and tell us all about Media.

No one is guilty of anything, until found guilty.

Media has lots of uses. But for Media, we will never know who proposes, who supports and who opposes Modi, for what reason and without reason. No one knows who will be Congress PM, who will be BJP PM, Who will be third world (alliance, if any) PM and so on.  

Modi  has always said that – his turf is, was and will be  Gujarat. He has always thought of and talked of 6 crores of Gujaratis. The same dialogue was repeated a few thousands of times so far by Modi and it may stick to him even if and when he becomes PM.  From Red fort, err…, he may address 6 crores of Gujaratis – by habit.

But, Others speculate. Media speculates. Jethmalani speculates. Sushma swaraj speculates. Many others speculate.

Can Modi become the Prime Minister of India? Is he FIT for the Post of PM of India or not ?

Let us be clear on one thing. Not that we don’t know it already. We know.

But, for the sake of abundant clarity, let us re-emphasize that – “Becoming is not the same as Being Fit.” Some may become PMs, CMs etc, without being Fit. Some may remain Fit, without ever becoming.

He can’t be the President of the USA or PM of Britain or ISA Chief, the powerful posts in their respective countries. He can be something only in India.

Modi is by far the most popular (within Gujarat) chief Minister, loved by many, hated by many, most controversial, a good, fiery speaker, bi-partisan administrator who will not please or displease any particular section,  one who doesn’t go by Vote-bank Politics, one who doesn’t subscribe to any ideology (Not even to RSS ideology), one who likes to live a bachelor life and therefore most suited for any CORRUPTIBLE POST in public interest – and so on.

Are these the Qualifications which can make him fit for the PM Post? Definitely not.

The qualifications are – BJP or its alliance must secure majority in Parliament. None of the Alliance Partners must say NO TO MODI. These are primary qualifications.

Modi must win Gujarat elections by landslide majority. In the next 2 years run up to Parliament elections, he must remain the most charismatic BJP leader and not get into any major schemes, scams or controversies. These are even more important.

His stars must be good. That’s important too.

Most important is – the stars of ALL OTHER POTENTIAL PM CANDIDATES must be bad. India always goes by Negative voting and therefore, this factor will be the DETERMINING FACTOR. If no one else is more acceptable than Modi, Modi will be the  Prime Minister of India.

If Rahul Gandhi continues to deny himself any Post and experience till 2014 – he can be safely ruled out. But, he will be in – if and when he decides to be in. I particularly liked Rahul, when he dared the Thackerays, by going on the streets of Mumbai, when the Thackerays were in aggressive postures. I strongly felt, he was PM Material.

Mulayam Singh Yadav can be ruled out, if someone builds him THAT TEMPLE they are building and only Yadavs of UP are seen at the Temple. Even Mullas will not like the Temple. Mayawati can be safely ruled out because, she can never get along with Mamata, Jayalalithaa or Mulayam. All of them can be ruled out because none of them are acceptable to the other three.

But all of them can still join together for a month or two – to keep the communal forces out - and possibly, keep the corrupt forces in!! As I said, negative thinking and Negative voting will rule India for a long time to come. Maya is not communal, though she wants all benefits only for her communities. Ditto for Mulayam. These are self declared Non-communal Politicians. Jalaylalithaa is non-communal and keeps all communities in check.

She is Bi-paritsan in the mould of Modi. Jaya is. Others seem to be.

Modi is fighting the Electoral Battle in Gujarat. It is like the primaries in the US. Winning the primaries is important. Will he win? Congress is almost sure that Modi will win. The Media has convinced Congress to this effect. It looks like that.

Then, next 2 years will be crucial for BJP and Modi.

Who can throw a spanner into the works of BJP?

Arvind kejriwal. 

The only problem with Kejriwal is – he doesn’t finish any work he takes up with all sincerity and Magical Effect.

He didn’t finish his revenue service. It doesn’t matter; IAC and not IRS, was his real calling, we thought.

He didn’t finish with his IAC in the company of Anna. It doesn’t matter, cleaning Politics is his better purpose, we thought.

He didn’t finish his exposures on Robert Vadra – and Vadra got clean chit from the fellows accused by Kejriwal of giving favours to Vadra

He didn’t finish his accusations on Salman Kurshid – and he became external affairs minister.

He didn’t finish his accusations on BJP President Nitin Gadkari. He continues – a la Vadra and Kurshid.

Now the Aam Aadmi Political Party has come. Will he take it to its logical conclusion? Will the mango people deliver in the Banana Republic?

Unlikely. Everybody, even the full-Moon day’s brightest moon has some small spots. So, I do expect, the internal Lok Pal of the new party will be busy throwing out every leader and Comrade out of the Party, one by one or in droves – for their respective SMALL SPOTS. No one is made perfect by the God. Arvind doesn’t seem to understand that – and the Internal Lok Pal list may, some day, include Arvind too.

I don’t want the likes of Anna, Arvind and Ram Dev to fail. I want them to succeed. Together - not individually. If they come together, they are like the four Bulls which, together, can defeat any Lion. But, individually, they will fall prey to every Lion.

The paradox in India is – GOOD people will never come TOGETHER. Therefore, they never WIN.

So – back to Modi Again. Modi is a Good Man too. But, like all Good Men, he never cares to come together with others.

Will Modi be our next PM – with the solid support of the 6 crore Gujaratis he represents.

Likely.  No other leader in India seems to represent more people than him- as of today.

I strongly wish that leaders like Modi and Rahul tour the whole of India, every district in it, stay in its villages for a day or two, talk to people, know them, befriend them, and be seen as National Leaders. Even Sushma and Jaitley need to do that exercise. Arvind must do this. 

We need National leaders. And I see only these as PM Material right now.

Considering all these factors – One tends to agree with Sushma Swarajji- that Modi is PM Material.

But, as we said earlier, Being fit is not Becoming – just as Becoming is not Being Fit.

Time will decide – in 2014 - independent of whatever you and I say and feel.

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  1. It is not only the Gujarati who support Narendra Modi. He commands the highest amount of popularity as a politician in the country. If he becomes the PM then he will definitely turn out to be the best PM so far. Also, within a few years, Indians would feel proud to be Indians in reality and not as a mere slogan.

  2. Modi is popular outside Gujarat also. In fact at the moment he appears to be the most popular and most suitable candidate for the post of PM.