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ANNA HAZARE’S Fast for an effective JAN LOKPAL BILL has elicited huge response all across India, and also from Government now.

Now, the Government has decided to set up a joint drafting committee to bring out a stricter LokPal Bill to deal with corruption.

Government has proposed that - the committee will have 10 members out of which five will be ministers and the other five will be from the civil society. Anna Hazare will also be one of the members of the proposed committee. The Government has also decided to introduce the Lokpal Bill in the monsoon session of Parliament.

The convener of drafting committee will be Law Minister Veerappa Moily.

While the stand of the Government is reasonably good – it seems that this historic committee needs to have much better representation from all concerned sections - in drafting the anti-corruption Laws.

This blog suggests to all civil activists and the Government to have more wholesome representation in the committee as below :

1.  Government   : 3 members
2.  Opposition     : 2 members
3.  Judiciary        : 2 members (Present or former SC Judges)
4.  Civil Society   : 3 members
5.  Total             : 10 members

The committee can CO-OPT more members from civil society for giving suggestions to draft the proposed legislation ; and, like in the case of many other bills, call for suggestions thereon, from  press, from states and from other interested persons.

This will obviate too much discussion on the Bill in the Parliament, too many suggestions again  and too many delays in the Parliament, without in any way affecting the rights of the Parliament.

It is also necessary that this Bill should be the Model for similar bills to be adopted at State level compulsorily.

The nomination of the LokPal must be in the jurisdiction of the Judiciary, as otherwise, the whole exercise will be futile.

Looking at the monumental proportions of corruption in India – a strong, powerful LokPal is definitely a must at the centre and in the states.

We do hope, Government and Civil activists will look at this proposal seriously and make the proposed legislation a truly land mark legislation.

Yours truly

=vijayamohan .v

=Readers may see  JUSTIFICATION for expanding the drafting committee further,  in next article at the URL :

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