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Fighting Corruption, terrorism or any other social evil in India needs lots of guts, Patience and co-operation among people who want to fight them. 

Presently – except guts, it seems other factors are lacking.  

Corruption in India is of course, very wide spread and has too long history. People with impeccable morals always co-existed in India with people who are very corrupt

Why so? Because, People with impeccable morals never come together among themselves  – to fight against  corruption in the minds of others.  

Let us understand that the fight is against corruption as a phenomenon; as a practice; and to root out the same, from the minds of the corrupt people.  

I do hope that there is no WAR against the corrupt people, as such. If there is such a war, we don’t know against how many Indians are we going to wage a WAR,  and how many of us will do that?  

As Christ said – those who have not at all sinned must throw the first stone ! Is there some one like that in India – and who will certify him to be so?  

You will promptly  get a few CDs, pictures and even movies showing him talking to Judges, PMs, CMs etc about how to corrupt people in high places!  It will take ages to prove all those things fake. And, if a few can’t be proved one way or the other conclusively, you are damned! When will the fight against corruption start? All of you will be victims of the same corruption – against which you want to fight.  

Why so? Because, many among the Non-corrupt sit on high moral pedestals, refuse to climb down, even for achieving their so called lofty cause, and refuse to accept the acceptability of other people’s co-operation in the furtherance of the common cause.  

It is their cause – not everybody’s cause. Like children say – it’s my doll, I won’t allow you to touch it.  

This has been the story in India for ages – and today – is no different. 

Why so? Because of a holier-than-thou attitude in many of these good people.  Osho says in a Joke – there was a competition, among 3 monks on who amongst them was the humblest. Each of the monks claimed that he was the humblest!! 

Can we call any of them as humble? But, that is how things are among the fighters against corruption, fighters against social prejudices, fighters against terrorism and so on. It is difficult for them to come together. 

There is a principle called the 5 whys principle. 

For any thing going wrong in any thing (or in any country), ask why so? Minimum five times. Go from the effect – to its cause. Then, take that as the effect and go its cause, then, take that as the effect and go to its cause.. like that, five times, go to the fifth root cause. 

You will always find that the good man is  himself responsible for all bad things going on around him – against which he wants to wage a fight. 

He doesn’t want to play with his goodness doll – with anybody else on earth.  

That is the root problem. He won’t allow any one else to come near his goodness doll. Look at his possible arguments - 

He!! – no, he is communal. Looks like whole of his party is communal. 

Media –no, some of them are with government. Looks like all of them are with government and against us. 

Opposition – we don’t want politicians with us. Looks like the whole opposition doesn’t want this bill against corruption. 

Ruling Party – some in that party are proved corrupt; looks like all of them are corrupt. 

Governments – no, they are fighting naxalites; no, they are politicians; no they are against people. Looks like all of them are corrupt.  

People – we want all people with us; except those who are supporting the above classes of people. But,… does that  include all the people!!! 

This, to my mind seems to be the problem with many (but definitely , not all) good people. We just can’t fight corruption, or communalism, or terrorism, or casteism or any other social issues – by eliminating all people from the fight on one ground or the other. 

Gandhi’s way of fighting was and is always with “LOVE FOR ALL AND HATRED FOR NONE”. 

With hatred for all and Love for None – there can’t be a Gandhian fight on any social issue. We must constantly remind ourselves of the one Lion- four Bulls Pancha tantra story. United we win, divided we lose. 

Lok Pal Bill is just one small step in the fight against Corruption. And there are miles to go !

Let us involve all Indians in the fight against Corruption – that is the  primary issue right now. Let us find all means to root out corruption first. Other issues can wait. Hopefully, other issues may have got dissolved automatically when this issue of corruption is settled by all of us coming together!


Vijayamohan. v

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