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The Fight for a strong Lok Pal Bill is getting into trouble.  The leader can’t talk. Or, some of the followers won’t allow him to talk the way he feels.

Gandhi, to my mind, never, allowed himself to be so cajoled, or,  so disciplined by his followers into, what he should talk or should not talk.

Gandhi’s way always was

v I go my way. I am convinced. You are welcome to come my way. It’s up to you.
v I am not going to hate any one, the Muslim or the British, or the Hindu, for any thing. There shall be No hatred in my way of doing things. Every Indian is my brother or sister.
v I fight to mend the minds. Not to hate the people.

This was Gandhian ways. Not bending to every person’s whims. If I feel, what I feel is right, I will feel that – until I find I am wrong. Then, I correct. If I feel what I am doing is right, I do that, any way. Who criticizes me is unimportant to me. I hate none. Every Congress leader was annoyed with Gandhi on some occasion or other in a very serious way.

But, it is difficult to understand a Gandhi. And, it is much more difficult to be a Gandhi.

To my mind, this was and is Gandhian philosophy.

Now – I express my views on the fight for Lok Pal Bill:

No Indian, to whichever political party he belongs, to which ever state, religion or caste he belongs, is  an enemy to any of us. If any one says – “zero tolerance to corruption”, for this one limited purpose, he or she must be welcome to say that. Many people are fed up with corruption. Even the corrupt are fed up with corruption.

The country has become so small in the eyes of all other nations, because of this one phenomenon. But, Corruption is INDIVIDUALISTIC. Crime is INDIVIDUALISTIC. No party is for it. But, no party is above it.

Our Prime Minister may have tolerated corruption because of coalition compulsions. But, don’t we all accept his impeccable integrity? The ministers he has nominated also have an excellent track record.

Likewise, Vajpayeeji in BJP was always a respected figure in his and all other Parties. Many leaders in BJP are also non-corruptible and have excellent track record. Many in the communist parties live at the same economic level that they did decades ago, which is clearly indicative of their non-corruptibility. There are some very good leaders in many regional Parties too.

What is the problem if these political parties declare support to Lok Pal Bill and pledge to root out corruption today?

The members from Anna Hazare’s side nominated for the committee – are excellent. So are the members nominated from Government’s side. Though this blog had suggested inclusion of two from opposition parties and may be, two more eminent persons from outside parliament – it is fine. If a ten member committee can produce a good Lok Pal Bill and if it is acceptable to Parliament, it is perfectly fine.

But, let the civil activists and others understand that those who finally have to debate and vote for the Bill – are especially the Opposition Parties. And, they do represent a vast percentage of Indian Public. Taking their support now is the most intelligent thing and the most ethical thing to do – in my opinion. The way some people are speaking against all politicians does not augur well. It is also unethical.

The political atmosphere in the country today is no doubt so polluted that many treat each other as enemies for almost no reason. But, let us accept that there are many, many good politicians, in every political Party. They are the hope of India’s future.

Let us understand that - yesterday is over. Today is a new day. If today, people say, we support “zero tolerance to corruption” I don’t see, why they shouldn’t be saying that at all. I don’t see why the nation should not be welcoming that.

After all, where is corruption in India? Every where! Every where, there is good and bad. From the street corner to the Parliament. But, the street corner is not bad. The Parliament cannot be faulted. Are some NGOs not corrupt? The law of averages works the same everywhere.

As earlier said, there are many good people at the street corners and in the Parliament. We can’t overlook them, if we have to fight the monumental corruption in our country.

If the Chief Ministers of all states say “No Corruption from now” – will Anna Hazare welcome that – or, will he welcome that partially only, from some CMs?

I think and I hope, Anna Hazare will welcome all – even if some people do not like it. He has the support of Kiran Bedi, Swami Agnivesh, Sri Sri Ravishankar, Swami RamDevji, Sadhguru Jaggi vasudev and several illustrious figures, who are toiling daily, in memorable ways, some times (in some ways) even more than Anna Hazare, for uplifting the Indian nation in some way or other. All these people are just as much Gandhians as Anna Hazare himself is.

Now, the Drafting committee has been appointed. Let there be no more disputes. Let every Indian come in support of it. Let everybody accept everybody’s support. Let there be no disputes on that too. 

After all, India needs a strong Lok Pal Bill, which has everybody’s support. We want a strong and non-corrupt India where everybody co-exists on the basis of love and non-violence.

I wish and hope Anna Hazare will enlist the support of all Political Parties in Parliament and seek their help in passing the bill.

Love, non-violence and universal brotherhood – will win the way – not hatred.


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