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MODI, MODI & MODI - &THEN THE BJP - & Then come the Mandir Issue



& Then the Mandir Issue 

Just when the whole country was willing to Chant the Modi Mantra, some in the BJP do it again. They come up with the Mandir Slogan once again in BJP Manifesto. And then, starts a chorus of voices all across all other parties that BJP is communal, it hates minorities and so on.

Is this needed at all from BJP side? I call it sheer madness.

Modi governed Gujarat for 12 years without giving a single chance to complain – from the Minorities. Post 2002, the way he tackled communal rights was so exemplary that not a single communal incident took place after 2002 and all culprits in 2002 riots were punished in record time. No court in India found a shred of evidence against Modi. Most importantly, Modi ensured that even the highest and the lowest involved in the riots, irrespective of Party affiliations, were given stern punishments by the courts.

Then came the Sadbhavana Yatra all over Gujarat, which generated lot of Good will among minorities also for Modi Brand of Governance. No Chief Minister to my knowledge has attempted such a clean, Sadbhavana Yatra all through his state. I have been watching his speeches for a long time now – and I find, he never utters even a slightly disparaging sentence against any section of society – including the minorities. His Politics are clean, inclusive Politics. His Politics are secular Politics in reality.

There was a News Item some months ago, that Modi wanted to train Priests from all communities in Hinduism. I particularly welcome this idea, as such moves will bring all communities much closer and slowly the casteism in Hinduism will wither away smoothly and painlessly.

But then – Every Individual and every organization comes with (i) a survival Instinct and a (ii) Suicidal Instinct. This is true for every Individual and every Organization.

BJP’s survival Instinct is Modi’s Developmental Agenda and its suicidal Instinct is its RAM MANDIR AGENDA.

I am also a Great Devotee of Lord Rama. I have heard / Read Ramayana several times. I admire Lord Rama for many of his sterling qualities. Rama lived as MARYADAA PURUSHOTTAM all his life.

The one quality that characterized Rama's Life was his SOFT SPOKENNESS. Rama never uttered a Harsh word even to his bitterest enemies. There was never another Human being born on earth who was so sweet in his talking skills. He was and is the ideal on “How to Make friends and keep them forever.”

Rama always followed the ancient scriptural Direction,“ Satyam Brooyaath, Priyam Brooyaath, Na Brooyaath Satyamapriyam”.  Always speak truth; speak truth in a pleasing way; Never speak even truth in an un-pleasing way. This is the real, Hindu way.

The second quality for which Rama was so FAMOUS  was - the way he embraced every community in India – be they Vanaras, Bhallukas, Kiratas, Rakshasas, Birds, or even squirrels – there was none who did not get his love and compassion.

Rama was always fully and totally conscious that no one was born on earth as Vanara, Bhalluka or Manushya by his own choice. No one was born as  Rakshasa or Squirrel by his own choice. Among Rakshasas also, there were Great persons like Vibheeshanas.

The word Rama (or Raama, as it is pronounced) connotes the meaning “ONE WHO LOVES”. There is no question of Hatred coming in where Rama is – be it in the Mandir or be it in our hearts.

When we talk of RAM MANDIR, it is therefore essential to inculcate these Rama's qualities in us. Then only, Ram Mandir makes sense. Else, Ram Mandir will remain Bricks, mortar and an Idol.

All the Good Work that Modi, Chouhan and other BJP CMs did in development of all of their people seems to become infructious with this small, insane  sentence tucked in the Manifesto. It is by No stretch of Imagination a cultural thing. It is a religious thing.

I agree that Babar was a villain for destroying the Ram Temple in Ayodhya. Whoever destroys temples of any religion is a villain -  unless the temples are constructed in the Middle of Roads or such other Public Utility places. Then, they need relocation, for sure – to whichever religion the temple may belong. 

But when looking at Babar, can we forget Akbar who ruled people much more impartially. His thinking went beyond Islam and Hinduism both, because, he saw that all were children of the same God.

If a RAM MANDIR has to come up at the same place in Ayodhya, it can and shall be as per the guidance finally issued by the Supreme Court – and not before that comes. And, when it happens, I wish, it happens under a religious or cultural organization – and not under a Political Party. Until, all these happen, there is absolutely no point in putting this item as a ‘CULTURAL ITEM” in a Political Manifesto. 

All that this insertion has done is – (i) Any way, Mandir cannot come up because BJP Manifesto wishes for it; the Supreme Court has to deliver its final verdict on it.  (ii) All other Political Parties have now got a Huge weapon to beat the BJP with, so suddenly; and they have no other weapon other than this one so graciously offered by BJP itself. (iii) the Goodwill that was flowing from all Minorities towards Modi and BJP till Manifesto came up, is again flowing Back and they are all pointing at this communal agenda and (iv) Potentially, it could again be an embarrassing issue with foreign countries like US (including the issue of Modi Visa).

I wonder, who in BJP, feels that this Political suicide is essential in its Political Manifesto, when the BJP is on the point of winning – with the vote bank of both Majority and Minority communities? When Congress is all about to Die, BJP itself is resurrecting it by its own Political harakiri. But, that is always how survival instincts and suicidal instincts operate in every Organization.

I am a Great Modi Fan myself. I know, a BJP Government can do very well at the Centre. I also know that a BJP Government will take care of Minorities also well – provided, BJP listens to saner voices like that of Modi. 

But first, everyone in BJP must start emulating RAM, instead of talking of constructing RAM MANDIR. Be generous and affectionate towards all Minorities – in all your speeches and actions. Talking of generalized revenge etc – is so unseemly, even if it is only for vote-getting. And every one vote it gets (which is also uncertain), it takes away a hundred,have no doubts about it. It is so obvious to any one who cares to open their eyes and see.

Words matter. Such negative words can spoil BJP’s chances at the hustings. Such Negative words can spoil the atmosphere even in our homes. Our biggest home is Bharat. Such words spoil the atmosphere in Bharat, which is our combined Home. If a Masood or Akbaruddin emit Hatred, condemn them and their close supporters - and them only; keep all other people of all communities united in this condemnation also. For the sake of Ravana, it is foolish to give up Vibheeshana also. 

Truly, Hindus, Muslims and others - all fought well at Kargil. If some fool credits it to a particular community, condemn him. But, let us all salute ALL THE HEROES  from all communities. They are all Indians – nothing short of it.

To sum up – I am not born as Hindu or Muslim or Christian by my Volition. Neither are any of you. All are born as Children, as Humans. Some fellow gives that religious Label later on, to us and we start foolishly believing it. Neither you nor I can go to heaven merely by believing that we belong to a particular religion. We need to earn entry into Heaven by our Love and compassion. Constructing a Mandir will not earn it. Destruction of a mandir of any religion will surely put the destroyer in hell.

MODI can undo the damage being done as above to BJP's chances. If I were Modi -  I would assure everyone that there will be no Mujaffar nagar type of riots in UP under my rule and all of you will live together, in friendship. I will ensure impartiality towards ALL VICTIMS AND ALL PERPETRATORS BOTH. I will make my Political campaign a great Sadbhavana Yatra once again. I will restrain all of my party men from uttering anything negative towards any religion or community. I will stick to explaining my Manifesto in the best possible manner – omitting the cultural portion, which is nonsense and non-political.

There are many, many saner voices in BJP. I do hope, they, along with Modi, will make their Political campaigning a Sadbhavana Yatra.

If that happens, BJP can easily win 300+ seats. There is still time to earn people’s Good will on a much, much larger scale. Many Good things happen – when we give up a simple thing called – EGO. But, if BJP somehow fails this time to get absolute majority - it is solely due to this Insane cultural Agenda.

=Sarve Janah Sukhino Bhavanthu


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