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TIME TO CHECK TONGUES - And Bring UNITY - Modi,Rajnath must speak more on Unity



& Bring UNITY 

Many people, including me, are fascinated with Modi. I have listened to what Modi says in many of his speeches. He is extremely reasonable and straightforward. More than 12 years he ruled Gujarat as its CM, but he was not vindictive towards his political opponents or any others. 

When Congress and some others were carrying on severe Political and moral vilification campaign against him, he went on administering the state as well as he could and paid no heed to criticism. 

In principle, this is good, but, I always felt, that undue criticism must be met head-on. Just criticism must be heard and respected and thanked for – this is what Bill Gates Used to say. Even Unjust criticism must be heard – but must be countered. 

My reason for this is – before Truth can just get up and stand, untruth will go round the whole world a hundred times. It is more true in respect of India and in respect of some Political Parties and their cronies in disguise.

Speaking untruth, creating rumours, spoiling a person’s public image and such other things are precise means – by which these parties have been beating their Opponents with. And, it has worked in the past and there is no reason why it will not work in future. It will. Modi’s public Image was spoiled considerably only because of such devious tactics of others.

The only negative image on Modi is his stance on Muslims. Modi has of course amply clarified the Position in many interviews. And, his position is extremely satisfactory – in my view.

Yet, as I earlier said, Untruth has travelled round the world a thousand times. Therefore, wearing of all other caps – but not the skull cap, is unnecessarily spoiling his Image. India is a pluralistic country and Muslims are the Biggest Minority. No doubt, Modi has Governed Gujarat very impartially – and will do so in respect of India too.

But, there are other angles. In the whole world, Hindus are the most secular – and this is what I very strongly believe. Adi Sankaracharya , when he found the Saivaites and Vaishnavites quarreling – and these were the only two major religions in India at that time – he openly ridiculed both and said – Yeko devah Kesavova Sivova – Sivaya Vishnuroopaaya, Vishnurppoaaya namah Sivah. He said, God is one – call him by any name. If in Sankara’s times, the names of Allah and Yehovah were known in India – he would have included those names also in his slokas. He was one of the most broad-minded and realistic Hindus ever born in India.

India is a land of such Broad-minded people. It won’t allow a skull cap to come in between the Unity of People. 

I do think the following method must be adopted to silence this controversy.

In open meetings – Hindu and Muslim leaders, who are respectful of each other’s religion, must come forward and in presence of all, the Muslim leader must adorn the Hindu leader’s head with the skull cap and the Hindu leader must adorn the Muslim leader’s face with a beautiful Tilak. 

Will it happen? Some Moderate Muslim leaders must come forward for this also -  otherwise, the feeling that Muslims want only Hindus to be secular and they themselves won’t  want to be secular – and won’t be interested in Unity will be there in the minds of many.

Reality is that many Muslims are willing to be as secular or even more secular than any others. I have seen Muslims participating and assisting in Hindu religious festivals. Hindus participate actively in Muslim religious festivals. This already existing spirit of Unity must be carried forward – to bring people together. Even if religious heads frown, a hundred Hindus with skull cap on their heads and a hundred Muslims with Tilak on their foreheads should stage a ‘FLAG MARCH’ in their towns and forge bonds of unity. This will be a Great Message to the world at large – even if it is only symbolic. General Public want to be secular. But, initiative must come from leaders of both sides.

If a Muslim is offering a skull cap to a Hindu, he must be willing to accept a Hindu symbol from the Hindu also. And, vice versa. Personally, I wish, this process should start in some small way somewhere – just anywhere will do.

After these symbolic Gestures, or simultaneously, another process of giving less importance to symbols and more importance to real friendship should also start IMMEDIATELY at the same inter-religious meets.

Most BJP leaders have come more than HALF WAY (much more than that) towards Muslims. It is time for Muslim leaders to respond likewise, instead of harbouring unnecessary suspicions. Unity can only happen if people meet. Skull caps and Tilaks are not important for Unity. But, friendship and mutual respect is. All of us need them. India needs them. India needs to show other countries how people can remain united and how religion need not be a hurdle to humanism.

So, wherever possible, BJP leaders, like Rajnath Singh and Modi must come forward, to build these Bridges. Both of them can do it in the best possible way. They must. The unseen ICE must melt.

This said, away from religious unity, there are also other matters. Political atmosphere today is most vitiated. Many people do not follow or respect, in their speeches, the basic Rights of others. 

One leader says, I will cut up Modi! One leader says, some people should go to Pakistan. One leader says, we will Jail Vadra if we come to Power. This leader obviously doesn’t care for any due process of Law. Words such as revenge find free flow among all Parties. This is Election time and Election commission is looking at and must look at all these things. But, after Elections what? Who will discipline all these people?

The leaders should. They should do it now. Yes. Vadra’s deals are not above Board. But then, DUE PROCESS OF LAW was never there in respect of him. What Congress Government did in respect of Modi was too, too, too much beyond the DUE PROCESS OF LAW. It was vindictiveness. It was vilification. It was sheer misuse of political clout and administrative powers. 

But, Modi has very clearly said – he will never adopt vindictive attitude towards any political opponent. That is the right thing to do. He and Rajnath singhji must publicly impress on others also not to use such intemperate language at any time. This amounts to arrogance of Power – even before Power has come. The top leaders must also impress on other leaders to strive actively for religious Unity.

While BJP has mellowed a lot and will mellow a lot more under Modi and Rajnath – some Hawks are there and this is my emphasis that, these Hawks must change their ways. No one must be allowed to come in the way of UPTO GRASS ROOTS LEVEL religious Unity. Positively putting it, the very same hawks, along with a few Moderates, must be given the task of bringing such Unity and be held responsible for it.

No one is born in a particular religion, or particular caste or place by his own volition or Option. Muslim is a Muslim by an accident. Hindu is a Hindu by another accident. Ditto for Christians, Sikhs and all others. We didn’t choose our parents, sex, colour, place of birth, date of birth or anything at all. We are an accident. 

But, being good, compassionate, loving, helpful, truthful, trustful – is our personal choice. If you are not that, to whichever religion you may belong, you are not going to any heaven, nor can you live happily on earth. 

Hatred doesn’t take you to heaven. Love does. Wearing Saffron clothes or skull caps is not an insurance cover for going to heaven, or, for living happily, on earth. I heard that in a certain country, bill Boards like “ we,...., are all going to heaven. Are you missing out?” are there. Nothing can be more ridiculous than this.

Siva,Vishnu, Allah and Ehovah – whatever other names are there for the almighty must be laughing at this ridiculousness of people.

=Sarve Janaah Sukhinobhavanthu



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