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NARENDRA MODI - JASODHABEN-RAHUL-SAMAJWADI PARTY- Who respects all religions and adheres to his ?






Comparisons are never  Exact. 2 things exactly similar don’t exist. Yet, comparisons, we do make, to draw some valuable lessons for ourselves.

When Siddhartha left his beautiful wife Yasodhara and his young son, Rahul, to seek his personal salvation, surely, Yasodhara, Rahul and all members of his family would have felt terribly unhappy. But, such things do happen, when a man turns a seeker or religious or is deeply fired by a noble ideal.

The behavior of men towards women differs very widely. Brahmacharya is a widely respected Hindu religious practice, and it is intended to attain control over one’s own emotions. Some people who have very less control over their emotions - especially over their morals - become predators on women and commit eve-teasing, rapes and gang rapes.

Ravana, Duryodhana, Dussasana were all typical examples of this behavior. They were punished with Death mainly for their offending behaviour against Sita and Draupadi. Lord Rama and Lord Krishna stood as Protectors of women against such predatory behavior. This is the culture that has come to us from the most ancient times. Man is expected to be a Protector and not a predator on women. But, some men will always be there who either exhibit predatory behavior or support others’ predatory behavior.

We can’t accept the position that Boys rape women accidentally or unknowingly, as claimed by some leaders; Only Bad Boys rape and knowingly. They deserve Punishment, equal to the agony of the victim. This should be looked from the victim’s point of view.

But , as earlier said, some boys do leave families in search of greater truths of life. Marriage does not interest some of them. In fact, Hinduism advises Brahmacharya for a certain period for all Boys. For some, it happens from within. This happened in the case of Gautama.

It also happened in the case of Narendra Modi. At 17, elders married him off to Jasodhaben. But, his mind was not on married life. He went off and all that he knew was RSS; so he joined RSS. If he knew something better, he would have joined that. Yes. His leaving her would have put Jasodhaben in terrible hardship, like in the case of Yasodhara, when Siddhartha left her. 

Since then, we understand that she has been teaching children in her town - of whom a huge share is from Muslim community - and they respect her as a great, impartial, loving teacher of all students.

But, Jasodha’s loss was ultimately, Gujarat’s gain. Now, it is time for it to become India’s gain. Narendra Modi is People’s Choice for Prime Ministership. I am not a BJP/Sangh Parivar man. But, I  too want Narendra Modi as PM. There are too many reasons for it. The chief reason is Congress failed the country very badly.

Rest of BJP needs to support Modi whole-heartedly. Not because Narendra Modi needs all this. The country needs all this. India can become No.1 in the comity of all nations, in 10 years. India, of all hues, can become united like never before, under Narendra Modi. I am almost totally confident that Modi will achieve that. 

If Modi has acknowledged Jasodhaben as his wife now- and not before, it just doesn’t matter. If she too becomes his aide now, somehow, in any manner, it will also be the country’s gain. She has spent many selfless years as a teacher. Like Modi, she too is absolutely and truly secular. Whether she continues to lead her life as she does now, or she begins a new lease of life as an aide of Modi – she will continue to command our respect. We wish her all peace and happiness.

It was very pleasing to hear Modi on a TV Channel, talk about his great respect for all religions, but his passion for his own religion. His reluctance to make public shows of appeasement for any section of society is based on sound reasoning. That should not be questioned.

Congress has forgotten all value systems of Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru , Patel, Subhas Bose, Kamaraj Nadar  and other Stalwarts. It must pay the price for it. Let it sit in the opposition for 10 years – and resurrect itself into greatness once again, based on Great value systems. AAP has flattered greatly to deceive very quickly. Too many lies and too many compromises in too short a time – these cannot be forgotten easily.

Therefore I wish, like most readers, that Narendra Modi must become PM with absolute majority for BJP. BJP , on its part, should stop mouthing so called cultural issues like Mandir construction. Its foremost task is to unite all people under Modi and ensure the country’s prosperity. India has many big issues – and Mandir is not one of them. BJP can ensure Country’s progress under Narendra Modi, if it sidelines such small issues.

Rahul has run out of issues. So, he now wants to talk of Jasodhaben. He has gone down to the level of Digvijay Singh in the process. Prospects of Defeat must not make Rahul sink lower. He can come up and resurrect Congress by infusing some value systems into it.  Does Rahul ever think of Robert Vadra – and Congress’s value systems around him?

Election Commission has done well to castigate both Amit Shah and Azam Khan. UP Government has shown its brazenness in not filing FIRs against Azam Khan – and that should be enough for people of UP to throw out the regime of Samajwadi Party decisively. And now, another SP MLA, Mr. Azmi says, women must also be punished in RAPE CASES. I don’t know, if he wants raped women to be stoned – like some people did in yester-years in some countries. Boys make mistakes in raping – but raped women must be Punished ! What a Great Logic by samajwadi Party members!

There are Shahs, Azam Khans, Masoods, Akbaruddins and Azmis  in this country. They all must reform. I have little hope about others – but Amit Shah can reform. The others seem real hard core to me.

There are News and News on Modi and BJP. Congress does not know what to say and what not. At one go – it denigrates Atalji and Advanji for bringing communalism into India and simultaneously, denigrates Modi for not adhering to Atalji’s Raj Dharma!

It is as if Congress adhered to Raj Dharma during the Anti-Sikh riots. It is not that because Congress did not, Modi need not. Even though Congress utterly failed in its Raj Dharma during Anti-sikh riots, Modi did adhere to Raj Dharma and did all that could possibly be done in 2002, as is very clear now.

Some, even in BJP could have mistaken Modi in 2002; but, all of them have fully realized what Modi did and how he did adhere to Raj Dharma fully. Likewise, All courts in India found not a shred of evidence that Modi failed in his Raj Dharma. Only Narendra Modi was responsible for getting all perpetrators of the riots, which barely lasted 24 hours, to be sentenced as severely as possible and as fast as possible, even in India in which legal formalities take decades to complete. Congress did nothing of the sort till today in respect of Anti-sikh riots.

This being the case, I am amused to see a news item that 12 so-called top Indians write to a British news Paper slamming Modi for 2002 riots! Do they want Rahul or AK to be the PM and not Modi ? Modi is a proven administrator who prevented a single communal incident from happening in Gujarat after 2002. 

Under his governance, Gujarat has experienced peace and progress both. Compare the status in congress/communist/TMC/SP ruled states from 2003 to 2013. Where do the other states stand? These so called top intellectuals may be intellectuals in their chosen fields but in nothing else. And the list includes Salman Rushdie too – who has been perhaps the most WANTED MAN in many sections of the Muslim community, for reasons we all know! And he talks of  Modi being anti-muslim.

Modi is a Just and Neutral Administrator. Yes, he won’t appease Minorities especially, as Vote banks; but he will not also tolerate terrorism, rioting etc from any section, be they majority or minority. He will respect every religion and culture. He has said that very clearly in his latest TV channel talk.

So....Let us Vote for Modi!

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  1. Very refreshing and a good read for all of Modi's opponents in India as well as abroad especially the elite Indians residing in Britain and US who waste precious time spewing venomous lies about Modi and the Gujarat riots..Time to wake up friends for India has much to gain from Modi and much to lose from the Nehru dynasty...