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Secularism and communalism are two much abused words in Indian Politics. Some people are abjectly communal. Some people are strictly secular. Some people are strictly secular but are much maligned as communal - merely because, they are the greatest source of strength of the party they are in. Some people are abjectly communal but project themselves as secular. These people should be called communal and not by other names such as pseudo-secular etc. These terms are not understandable at all for common people.

The two national Parties, Congress and BJP both,  have secular and communal elements. But, BJP gets branded as communal often. Partly, BJP itself is responsible for this mess. There are a few in BJP who support the inclusion of Mandir Construction as a cultural Agenda in its Political manifesto. There are one or two such insane items in its Political Manifesto under a so called cultural agenda. Why can't BJP see that these are insane things and they reflect a strong suicidal instinct on the part of the BJP and the Sangh Parivar.

In respect of Governance, Most BJP Governments have proved themselves to be head and shoulders above their Congress rivals - even in respect of religious matters. But, Governance also involves keeping wagging loose tongues in check. 

Ms. Umabharati , even before getting elected, shoots out her tongue - to put in Jail Robert Vadra. She didn't speak of legal action, legal procedures and due process of Law - but only of putting him in Jail. Arrogance of authority must not come even before authority comes. A Saffron clad person must be much more balanced than all others in making such statements. Mr. Giriraj and a few others make highly provocative statements which are clearly indefensible. VHP's Togadia is as usual uttering whatever comes to his mouth. Most Hindus I know resent these provocative statements. BJP must issue stern instructions to these hardliners to keep their minds and tongues in check. Not only that; they must be made to make peace overtures to the same people against whom they are issuing such statements.

At the Helm, Narendra Modi, Rajnath Singh and Jaitley seem to be battling out the negative effects of these loose tongues. The recent Interviews from Modi - are Highly impressive. They reflect a real, statesmanlike attitude on the part of Narendra Modi. The interviews from Rajnath and Jaitley are also impressive. I wish to see similar interviews from Sushmaji as well.

With all this happening, yet, in my view, Narendra Modi needs much greater support from Rajnath Singh, Arun Jaitley, Sushma swaraj in countering the so called anti-muslim Image of Modi - being assiduously built by Congress and some of its supporters,to trounce the BJP. Their strategy is simple. If Modi's Image is dented, BJP suffers. It will be left friendless. Congress seems to be succeeding in this to some extent.

This is partly due to the lackadaisical support from other BJP stalwarts to Modi in battling out this Image-Damage. They should have and should - even now, come out strongly in support of Modi's secular credentials and how he will take care of Minorities much better than Congress and its cronies.

I have been following Modi's public utterances and public actions for the last 3-4 years myself. In my view, Modi has been the MOST SECULAR LEADER in India all these years up till now. I have not an iota of doubt in this.

But then, a small skull cap has been blown so much out of proportion by Congress - and they will do so - as long as Modi gives them the opportunity. There are good reasons for not wearing the skull cap. I agree. Will the Muslim leader offering him the skull cap, be ready to wear Tilak or Vibhuti if offered to himsimultaneously? This is Logic. The Muslim leader may not, though I wish both Modi and the Muslim leader must agree to do it, reflecting excellent brotherhood thereby. But, what if Modi wears the cap - even if the Muslim leader does not - if only to silence his critics? 

Some times, to do or Not to do - is not decided by logical reasoning alone but by emotional reasoning as well.

I am a strong supporter, admirer and Fan of Modi; but,I would suggest to all in BJP to look at the emotional, even if illogical reasoning, that has been taking a toll on Modi's Image and correct it neatly, Gracefully and skillfully. Small things are becoming Image builders and Image destroyers as well.

If the MOST CORRUPT  government will stage a come back again, in some disguise, BJP will have to blame itself for allowing such small, silly lapses and small Ego issues. BJP can and must correct these things - even if Election is mostly over.

BJP needs it. The Nation needs it.

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