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Now, Priyanka Vadra also is into Election Campaigning. Will she please tell us first, how her hubby is making hundreds and thousands of Crores of Rupees - so fast. It will be Great info for all Indians.

If Congress remains in Power, Vadra will continue to make 1000s of Crores. We just wish to see if Vadra can repeat his magic if BJP / NDA comes to Power. This is the problem with Congress. Congress has become synonymous with Corruption. And, it is not even apologetic about it. Other Corrupt Parties therefore want to align firmly with Congress - because, they can't make their monies with BJP. People in general must see this game plan of each Party.

But, if BJP fails to ask the right questions, and place before people the right facts about Congress, it will have to Blame itself.

In fact, even in respect of 2002 riots, the leaders of BJP - all of them - must have been much more strident and vociferous in their approach both inside Parliament and outside. Rarely did we find an article supporting Modi's governance in respect of 2002 riots from even BJP leaders.  Support should never be so feeble.

So, when lies were continuously repeated and not challenged adequately - they began to look like truths in the eyes of many people inside and outside India.  Repetition does not make lie a Truth. But, it creates beliefs that the Lies may be Truths.

Most of our religious, economic, cultural,social and physical beliefs are created more by repetition and less by knowledge of facts.

Congress was becoming the most communalist Party - after Jawahar Lal Nehru expired.  But, BJP was getting the tag and some times was proving Congress and others right by raking up the most insane issue in the world - the Ram Mandir Issue. When it is abundantly clear to anyone that Ram Mandir cannot be constructed at the disputed site - until the Supreme Court delivers its final verdict -  BJP should have kept quiet - but, as it happens, some protagonists in RSS and BJP can't see the logic and reasoning  in the Mandir Issue. Mandir isn't a cultural Issue. it is a religious Issue. It should not be part of a Political Manifesto. But, as I often felt and said in my Blog, every party has its suicidal Instinct and survival Instinct.

Until Modi came on the scene, with his clear far-sighted DEVELOPMENT AGENDA, backed by solid performance in Gujarat, BJP's suicidal instinct of Mandir related issues was greater than its survival Instincts. It would be so, in future also, unless all other leaders subordinate these so called cultural Issues to this Leader's futuristic , developmental thinking. There are many great leaders in BJP. Jaitley, Sushma, Gadkari, Rajnath, Chouhan, Raman Singh etc are all sensible, futuristic thinkers. But, there are also a few who go on harping on religious issues, thus giving bad name to BJP - quite unnecessarily.

Everybody knows that Vajpayee commanded Great respect from all - because, he cared for people more and for Mandirs less. If we have More Hospitals, More roads, more food, more schools and more happiness, temples will get constructed by people themselves automatically. 

Many times, Narendra Modi has emphasized the need for these real issues - much like Swami Vivekananda (the first Narendra). BJP need not and must not think of constructing temples.

That is where Modi is RIGHT. He is truly secular. He is truly developmental and futuristic in his outlook. He is also a true leader who would take on any sort of Terrorism head-on, so that the interests of India and its people remains safe.

But, terrorism in our country is of different hues. It can be naxalism, or Ulfa type of terrorism, or world-wide islamist-fundamentalist terrorism. All these are REAL and existing. All of them must be tackled. No religionists can say - spare our terrorists. That is foolish. India is suffering almost daily because of naxalism, and occasionally because of Islamist-funsdamentalist terrorism. Congress tackled neither - effectively.

Both of them have to be tackled by any leader with iron hand so that other peace loving people can live in peace.

This is what Rahul and Arvind Kejriwal can never do and will never do - but Only Narendra Modi can do and will do - for India.

Rahul finds fault with TATAs, Adanis etc. Kejriwal finds fault with Delhi's Power Companies, RIL and Adanis and even with Media - but, neither of them have any great reasons for their Hate - except perhaps, that they did not get adequate funding this time for elections. If Either Rahul or Kejriwal are elected to Govern the country, the next five years will see total destruction of Industry and agriculture in India - with their suspicion of everybody on earth.

Clearly, both Rahul and Kejriwal, as they are today, are UNFIT to rule the country as its Prime Ministers. But, down the line, five years later, they may improve. Who knows?

So, as of today, 2014 belongs to Modi and only Modi.

Modi is the only worthwhile Prime Ministerial Candidate India has - and I find no other Option who so ever.

So,even if a local BJP candidate is not that fit, it is sound logic to Vote for BJP and Narendra Modi and make him the PM - by voting for BJP. If Modi does not deliver on his promises, or, if some others in BJP, continue with their insane programs like Mandir as a Political issue, Rahul and Kejriwal will always be there 5 years from Now.

But, I personally believe Modi will deliver. And Narendra Modi, like in Gujarat, will richly deserve to be re-elected for a second term also at the Center - purely based on his performance - five years down the line.

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