Thursday, April 3, 2014

MODI vs BJP - Modi sprints-BJP Crawls - 300+ ACHIEVABLE - Leaders must unite - Talk vision - talk what U will do


While Narendra Modi has been sprinting faster, faster and faster towards the Goal (of winning 300+seats), the rest of BJP has not been even crawling towards this Goal. This is increasingly evident and Highly discomforting.

What is so difficult about releasing a manifesto? Manifesto is a set of promises, most of which are usually impractical and never implemented by any Party. Very rarely, a manifesto can also look like a VISION DOCUMENT, which is how it should be. That is the fact in India – and it is so even in the western countries including US. Is Obama able to implement his Manifesto? How much are the Congress and the Senate co-operating even with some of the well orchestrated, Manifesto supported Bills of Obama? Who remembers Obama’s Manifesto today? Is Obama himself looking at his Manifesto at least monthly once? But, that said, President Obama, is well responding to the situations that arise in US Economy and political situation. This is how it is always, in most of  the advanced, western countries who are much more organized than India.

But yet, a Manifesto is needed; it has become a ritual; a formality for every Political Party – to indicate the Broad thinking of the Party and candidates contesting. 

Congress always promises the Moon, the Sun and also the stars in its Manifesto. All that it could manage was taking the Rupee-Dollar Parity to Rs.66 = $ 1 during its 66 years reign. This one measure is enough to throw out the Congress from Governance at least for some years. All its Manifestos and all its Policies were a Huge Failure – as indicated by this one single measure.

 That the rupee is strengthening just before Elections is almost singularly due to the sentiment among foreign Investors that a decisive leader like Narendra Modi will head the next Government. There is nothing much that RBI or the Government did for this – except keenly watching what is happening!

Today is Friday, the 04th April,2014. Can a Manifesto not be released today? Why should it wait for the eve of the Elections, attracting the ire of the Election Commission on some sticky point that BJP may insert in some small print somewhere inside the Manifesto?

A BJP manifesto can be a tick mark against most items in the TOI MANIFESTO – and a slight improvement here and there. Add a few more Economic items if you like. A BJP Manifesto can be completed in a single Hour.

And what BJP actually does later will certainly be much better than the Manifesto.

5 Long , Dynamic Years of a country's life certainly will not and should not depend on a static document like the Manifesto.

But, almost inevitably, when the Manifesto gets released, we will find the Mandir issue, the stupidest issue possible on earth, inside it somewhere. BJP or any member of Sangh Parivar or any other Party or Organization in India can do practically nothing about it, as this is before the Highest Court of the Land – and the Court is wisely keeping it for later review – as far as I know. 

Narendra Modi never ever talks of the Mandir Issue - and most wisely too. And yet, someone in BJP or Sangh Parivar wants to lose people and allies and Votes on such a stupid issue, which is  Sub-Judice and beyond any Political party to do anything about it. All condemnation of BJP till today is on this one single issue. And, this is also not a Political issue and should not be on the Political agenda of a Political party like BJP. When the Supreme Court gives its final verdict, some religious organization will construct Ram Mandir. But, BJP especially shouldn’t make it a Political issue – because, it definitely is not a Political Issue. The one and only reason why India never ever had a viable Opposition to Congress was , is and will be this insane issue. BJP must drop this Hot Potato, or rather, the bruning Coals from its Palms – lest, its Palms should get burnt once again and again and again. This is my sincere feeling and advice to BJP.

Every Individual and every organization is said to have a suicidal instinct in itself somewhere. For BJP, it is this Mandir issue, probably thrust on it by same sangh parivar members.

All the Gains that Modi brings in by his all-inclusive, Politically and nationally WISE campaign do get frittered away by such insane issue likely to be raised in its Manifesto by some persons in BJP or its fringe groups.

A Political Party must release a Political Manifesto – which includes Political, social and economic angles – and definitely not religious angles. If this is the reason for delays, God save BJP again – despite blessing BJP with the winnable Modi factor. 

I am a Modi Fan myself. In fact, very large sections of India are now Modi fans. But, sadly, they are not yet full BJP fans. If people approve of Modi but not of BJP, BJP must understand that it must follow the leader who so closely follows people’s hearts and makes them follow him too. Let us hope BJP will release its Manifesto – and without vexatious, impractical, insane issues in it -IMMEDIATELY

Let us move on to other issues now.

In one of Modi’s Face Book pages, I had suggested that he and BJP must aim for 300+ seats. Some of his other FB fans ridiculed my idea then, as overambitious. But, now, Modi himself has adopted 300+ as the Goal. That is a true leader’s Hall mark. All other BJP leaders must also try for it. Every leader must strain every nerve of his / her to reach the 300+ mark. Apart from Modi, the campaign is still LACK-LUSTRE. We don’t see much of Sushma Swaraj, an excellent orator herself. Advaniji is nowhere, except periodically sulking against Modi, the presently chosen leader, for almost no reason. Jaswant Singh is out of BJP. Yaswant Sinha, usually an insightful orator, is also not talking of winning points in Polls and is speaking as if he is speaking in a debate in Parliament. 

When you are fighting Elections, think of People and People’s issues – not fine technicalities related to Parliamentary Debates. Arun Jaitley is campaigning well but people expect a lot more from a Great Orator like Jaitleyji. His and Sushmaji’s Parliamentary speeches are some of the Best. Now, we want to see some Great speeches from Jaitleyji and Sushmaji both. If nobody is talking about their speeches, it implies that they are not making Great speeches.

There are others like Smriti Iraniji. She too is very good but is frittering away her energies in calling Rahul for personal debate. Is that the only point in Parliamentary Elections? Where is your winning strategy? What do you promise Amethi and the country? BJP must back Smriti FULLY & TOTALLY on her promises for Amethi people. Modi, Jaitley and Sushma must speak in Amethi along with Smriti. That speech will reach the whole of India – quite naturally and will win votes and seats elsewhere too. So these troika must make mature, Great speeches at Amethi - fully backing Smriti on her promises – and showing why Rahul is no good as PM etc. Remember, many people like Rahul  too – for one simple reason that he is not a hardcore Politician and not identified as corrupt. I also agree with this opinion and it is a fact. But, Smriti is a Good, budding, promising Politician and leader and she should prove to Amethi People that their Interests will be in her heart totally for next 5 years. Instead, she seems to be frittering away her energies on small debates on TV where scoring effective points is difficult unless you have a great focus. All that gets done in TV debates is diversionary arguments by all people. The only person who wins is the TV Anchor.

I repeat, I am also a Modi Fan and I want BJP to garner a clear 300+ Seats. But, the way things are proceeding, it seems, some leaders are just waiting to see Modi (and BJP) fail and then point an accusing finger at him. This is time to Pool energies and WIN! Not fritter away energies or idle away time – and wait to fail –and point accusing fingers at each other.

India needs a Good, new Government now. As Modi said, Congress was there for 60 years. Let us Give Modi 60 months. Let him prove himself and prove that India could be No.1 in development and Unity.

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