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Are a few SMSs enough to scare away thousands of people to flee their places of stay in their own countries – to their birth state in same country?

Silly. They must ideally be reporting these SMSs instantly to the Police for investigating who is sending them. But, do we all today have the confidence in our Police System – to act on them swiftly, to locate the real culprits and to take prompt action on them? Do we?

Is this system working in other cases – like say, in the Haryana suicide case? Or the Assam Rape case? Or in countless other murder/ rape cases? Media may present a few of them for some time. Then, they also forget, We also forget.

This is the problem in India today. We all need a system, on which we have TOTAL TRUST. We all need a system, which will definitely act on Public intimation –  which, all Public must be able to trust totally – to act swiftly and also not to harass the informing public endlessly for the mere act of giving of such information. Judicial courts also must not call them often and on – at odd times to odd places and countless times – but must treat them with minimum discomfort.

People will come forward happily to face such a friendly organization – instead of hiding from them. If we don’t have such a friendly organization – Public will always be scared to give such Info – even if their life is at stake or even if the national security is at stake. We can carve out such a totally trustworthy, non-corruptible, honest, courageous, humane, nationalistic FORCE – even from the existing Police force or create a new one. The other day, I watched a New commando force formed by the Kerala Government – and it was impressive. We need such exclusive forces – and they must be given exclusive jurisdiction on such important cases.

In the absence of such totally trustable organization - this sort of scare and ensnare –as happened in the case of NE people will continue to happen. Anyone can attack a defenseless person, any time. Anyone can attack a person who FEELS defenseless (even if law is on his side). The attack need not be Physical. This is a sort of psychological bullying. And evidently, it worked.

The latest we hear on this NE scare is – that our Great friendly western Neighbor is likely to be involved. Some TV channels are presently giving such Info. The real facts will come a little late – as always. The scare was not just at Bangalore, as initially thought. It was much more wide spread. And, it was targeted at NE people. This huge rumour-mongering could be the Handiwork of our Great Neighbour – as always.

How long will India seek friendly ties with this great Neighbour? I don’t know. Very recently, news was there of an underground Tunnel across the Border. Obviously, it could be used in peace time – and also in  WAR TIME ( if and when it may happen).

Always, India Baiting and India-harassing – that seems to be the only pastime for a large number of persons with fundamentalist mindset across the Border. Even the Moderate Muslims in Pakistan are tired of these fundamentalists – but are not able to stop them at all.
Be that as it may – if we have chinks in our Armour, others will exploit them. And, Many of our Politicians of all Hues, seem hell-bent on keeping our chinks wide open always. They will never ever allow us to Unite, even when the country is submerging under the Sea. They divide us on caste, religion, region, language, race, sex, state, colour – and all other Possible excuses – but cannot find a single ground to UNITE US under a single banner, at any time. No doubt, we do have honest Politicians too – but – they are too meek and play into the hands of the unscrupulous ones.

They are also not as clear headed as Mahatma Gandhi or Jawahar Lal Nehru. Just mention to me or to yourself the Name of One single Politician of TODAY who has toured entire India like Gandhiji did even in those days of few travel facilities ! How can Nationalism come – if no leader even visits all states and all districts in the Nation and stays there for at least a few Days?

We need  National leaders (in all Parties) who treat all states as their own, who treat all people as their own, and who see poverty and injustice to all with equal consideration – and strive for the welfare of all, at all times.

Such a leader will create institutions which people can trust. Such a leader will himself be such an Institution, whom all can trust. Such a leader will be a great uniting Force.

A call from such a leader will arouse the entire Nation against any foreign forces, and will expose any one on this side siding surreptitiously with such foreign forces. We need at least one such leader in each Political Party.

The scare created by the foreign forces through their SMSs, either by themselves, or using some on our side too – must be tackled with utmost vigour. This is our FIRST, IMMEDIATE IMPERATIVE. This may be a Problem – but, this is also an OPPORTUNITY to reaffirm our Nationalistic spirit and Unity all of us from Kashmir to kanyakumari and Gujarat to Arunachal with one echoing voice.

India must face all such stupid acts of our external villains with full force and show the world how United we are.

This moment in India’s History calls for a show of Great Unity of all of us. This problem –presents before us a Great opportunity too. Do we use it or fritter away in needless Politics needs to be watched.

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